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    Post-training Cuppa VS. Post-training Beer

    Which do you prefer?
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    Japanese Jiu Jitsu Forum

    This forum is dedicated to Traditional Japanese Jujutsu (sometimes spelled differently), anyone who either wants to find out more, anyone who is a practitioner, a sensei or anyone who is just interested in the history of the art. Please ask and answer questions, share your thoughts and feelings...
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    Kung-Fu Panda - Yes or No?

    If yes, did you prefer 1 or 2? Personally I thought the second one was a bit of a let down.
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    Martial Art Debates

    Other than 'Traditional Martial Arts vs Mixed Martial Arts' and 'Chinese Martial Arts vs Japanese Martial Arts', what other (common?) martial art-related debates are there?
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    Which Belt Gave You the Biggest Sense of Achievement (Except for Black Belt+)

    Just out of interest, excluding black belt or anything after black belt, which belt did you feel the most achievement when you earned it? Did you get more of a buzz the higher belt you went up or was it your first ever belt? :)
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    Martial Arts on CV Hobbies

    Hey, I'm going to write my CV this weekend and under 'Hobbies and Interests' I'm going to put 'Ju-Jitsu' because that's the martial art that I do but how could I expand on that? It shows that I like to keep myself in good health. I like to socialise and meet new people? Any ideas are welcome...
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    Getting Better at Martial Arts = More Enjoyment?

    Would you say that martial arts are something you tend to enjoy more, the better you are? Like if you think back to when you first started at white belt (or equivalent) and then now, do you enjoy it now because you know how to do more techniques and are better?
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    Taking a Student as Your Martial Arts Apprentice

    My dream (and I know it 99% won't happen but as I said, it's a dream) is to later on in life, become a sensei of martial arts and move to Japan and own a dojo. I was wondering (and please excuse my ignorance), you know in Kung-Fu films where the Sifu takes a particular liking to one student and...
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    Brown Belts Seem To Be Cocky

    In my Ju-Jitsu class I find that the higher ranked belts (not the high ranked Dans, mostly the brown belts) seem to not want to train with lower belts, they are cocky and quite frankly they think they're much better than they actually are. Do you have this problem where you train?
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    Professor Robert Clark

    Hey everyone, my Dad gave me Professor Robert Clark's White Belt to Green Belt Jiu Jitsu book but now I am wanting the next one, Blue Belt to Brown Belt. The only problem is, there's nowhere near me that sells it and I've looked online and I can't seem to find it online for any less than about...
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    Shaolin Temple

    How much does it cost to visit the Shaolin Temple and how do you organise it?
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    What drink do you take to training?

    What's the best drink to take to training; water, Lucozade? Why?
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    At what age are you at your best in martial arts?

    My Sensei is a 10th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and he's almost 67 and, although he knows incredible amount of martial arts, he's not at his peak of fitness (he's fit but with his age his strength is decreasing etc) so it got me wondering, say if someone started martial arts when they were 15 and trained...
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    This may be a stupid question but it's one I genuinely don't know the answer to (although I can guess it will probably be "no.") but - Are there any dojos in the UK?
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    I feel uncomfortable training?

    At the Ju-Jitsu club that I go to, the belt order goes thusly: White (unranked) Yellow (takes at least 3 months to earn) Orange (takes at least 3 months to earn from previous belt) Green (takes at least 3 months to earn from previous belt) Blue (takes at least 3 months to earn from previous...
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    Bare feet and full gi VS martial arts trainers and t-shirt

    I've started Ju-Jitsu at a new club and at my old club everyone wore a full gi, their belt and bare feet (as I do at my new club and so do a couple of others) but there are quite a few people, mostly brown belts where I now train who just wear full-contact trousers, martial arts trainers and a...
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    Gi preferences

    Just out of interest - Do you prefer wearing a white or a black gi, or even a blue gi? Maybe you think that students should have to earn a certain coloured gi? Whatever you prefer, say why! :-)
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    Sticky posts

    What does it mean if a thread is 'sticky'?
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    Awesome video of 5th Dan Ju-Jitsu grading

    I've just found this video on YouTube and found it really impressive so I thought I would post it on MartialTalk and share it with all the fellow martial artists out there. Enjoy! :-)...
  20. Grasshopper22

    The enjoyment of martial arts

    Just out of interest, which 3 things do you enjoy most about training? For me it is learning self-defence, maintaining health and fitness and meeting new people on a weekly basis. Everyone's different, I just want to know which 3 aspects of training you most value :-)
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    Ju-Jitsu practitioners (preferably black belt+) I need your help!

    It may vary between different styles of Ju-Jitsu but can someone please make a list from white belt to black belt in Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu with the criteria you have to learn to earn each belt. I don't mean the name of every technique, just something like 'kata' or 'practical'. If you wish to...
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    Your thoughts on being a MA instructor

    My Dad is a 3rd Dan in Ju-Jitsu and is thinking of opening his own club up (the same style of Ju-Jitsu, just somewhere else to train) but in my eyes he isn't a high enough rank to be an instructor. What are your opinions?
  23. Grasshopper22

    Yin yang

    Which way round is the yin yang supposed to go? I always thought it was so that the thickest black part was at the bottom right hand side and the thickest white was at the top left hand side. Is that wrong?
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    What does 'Mushi Mushi' mean?

    What does 'Mushi Mushi' mean? Because it says it when you hover your cursor over the above icon.
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    The true meaning of the black belt

    I know now that earning your black belt is really just the beginning of your training as the black belt is a symbol to show that you have mastered all the basics but I used to think that a black belt was the ultimate achievement and that there should be no need for all the Dans but now I know...
  26. Grasshopper22

    Good online martial arts games

    Does anyone know of any decent martial arts games to play online? Thanks :D
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    Yin yang tattoo including all 4 elements

    One of my passions is art and I work in a tattoo studio, not tattooing, just doing designs, and I was thinking about when I'm old enough ton get tattoos of my own and I decided I'd like a fire and water yin yang. I'd have a realy detailed, realistic dragon breathing the fire side(but I'm not...
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    Missing gradings?

    I've missed 2 gradings now out of 3 (I've done them eventually but I've missed the, the first time) due to a wedding which was in York so I had to stay overnight and I was genuinely really ill the other time. Do you think my sensei thinks I'm trying to avoid the gradings? Although because I've...
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    Martial Arts novel

    One of my passions is writing and I was thinking of writing a novel about a guy who gets forced into doing a martial art when he's 13 as it's the family tradition and at first he doesn't think he'll like it but he ends up being a master and so on. Yes it's clich矇 but I want to write it. Any...
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    Martial Talk Yellow Belt

    How many posts/thanks/rep power do you need to be a MartialTalk yellow belt?