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  1. DngrRuss

    New attack on NeoCons

    Okay, it's been awhile since I've posted. I have not inflamed anyone's sensibilities lately, so i thought I would start a new thread to annoy the right:soapbox: So, I came across this video and thought I would post it for a bit of lively discussion.
  2. DngrRuss

    The rising threat of the Quakers!

    I guess you could say that peace is a threat to the Pentagon.
  3. DngrRuss

    Marble Facade Falls on the Steps of the Supreme Court

    I saw in the news that a marble chunk fell off the facade of the Supreme Court building this morning. Early reports from structural engineers seem to indicate that it may be because the Supreme Court is starting to lean too far to the right.... A little levity for the morning.
  4. DngrRuss

    Is the GOP finally coming around?

    I do not support the politics behind this war. I do support the troops 100%. I think that the govt. and the pentagon has hamstringed themselves and are fumbling this war. Up to now, if one did not support the war effort and the policies behind it, one might be called a traitor or the...
  5. DngrRuss

    Bill O'Reilly needs to think before he speaks

    Did anyone happen to catch Bill O'Reilly on his FOX News show the other night when he dared to lecture Sen. John McCain on the merits of torture? McCain stated that torture of POWs simply does not work to acheive the intelligence goals desired. He has also been very critical of the...
  6. DngrRuss

    Biden/McCain '08?

    I happened to see Sen. Joe Biden (D-CT) on the Daily Show the other night and he was making noises about running for President in '08. Biden, a moderate Dem, seems like a good choice for the party. Then he said that he was in talks with his good friend Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) about being his...
  7. DngrRuss

    Honest Self Examination

    Okay- this is either gonna be fun and informative, or really dull and shut down. As some of you may know, I am an independant. I think that Republicans are basically decent people; their leadership are greedy, Draconian overlords who have figured out that if they keep the far right nutcases...
  8. DngrRuss


    A zoo gets a new gorila, Maisey, for their great apes display. Maisey proves to be extremely popular and she attracts many visitors to the zoo just to see her. After awhile, Maisey starts to exhibit some surly behavior. A short time later, her behavior becomes more and more aggressive...
  9. DngrRuss

    Hello from a lurker

    Hello all. I have been lurking around for a short time and thought I would post an intro. I am a member of several MA sites and post from time to time, but read a lot of threads. I look forward to diving into some spirited discussion or debate here on this site as well.