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  1. TigerWoman

    You know you're from Minnesota when...

    Came across this list about the uniqueness of M'sota. Feel free to add your variation on your state. TW You know you're from Minnesota when.... The weather is usually 80% of your conversation. When you say "down south" you're referring to Iowa. Snow tires came standard on your car...
  2. TigerWoman

    What is your Real Age-Take the Test!

    This is a detailed test of your overall health and fitness level. It told me to cut back my exercise. I'm walking two dogs daily, 4 kickboxing classes and 3 TKD classes -- I suppose. What cardio, what strength, what flexibility etc. is not combined so it looks like TKD cardio/strength...
  3. TigerWoman

    Real Butter or Margerine?

    My mom has lived to 88 on real butter, tons of it. Maybe its just genetics, though. Most of my life I have eaten margerine, the last few years, its been "I Can't Believe its not Butter" in the spray or soft tub. Or Smart Balance which has canola oil in it, but doesn't taste as good. Okay...
  4. TigerWoman

    Dog training-obedience, agility anyone do it?

    I had my first occasion to go with my 8 mo. toy poodle pup, Ninja to obedience today. First week of 24, then hopefully to agility. So right away he barks and growls at the amiable Rottweiler next chair, then the hyper beagle, then finally attacks Precious Peaches, on the other side. Peaches...
  5. TigerWoman

    Human Trafficking in Minnesota?

    Full Article ------------------------------------------------------ I guess this is not an old problem, as slavery for labor, sex or marriage has been around for a long time but this involves immigrants from repressed societies, often people who just want to get into the U.S. then find...
  6. TigerWoman

    California Agricultural/Seat belt trap?

    Last week while in LA, my hubby got stopped at ticket trap, under the guise of an agricultural check. He was in a long line of cars being pulled over randomly. The cop apologized since he was out of town, but the original intent was not for agricultural products as no questions about that was...
  7. TigerWoman

    Its Not Cold-It is Severe Cool

    That's what the TV weatherman just said. Its -9 now, in not so sunny Minnesota going down to 20-25簞 below, air temp, tonight with a wind chill of -40. Can't go out without a face mask and a car that keeps on running regardless. I shoveled snow at noon instead of going to TKD and came in six...
  8. TigerWoman

    Black Belt Instructor class?

    Because Taekwondo has a different instruction method, I ask this to only practicing TKD black belts, please: (1) How many of you have actual black belt classes just for learning how to teach? I'm not talking about classes to become a better technician, better sparrer etc. but how to become a...
  9. TigerWoman

    Losing new posts!

    I keep losing new posts when I do a search especially when I first come online. Just had 40 new ones and I punch it to bring it up and it says nothing there. There should have been. Then it resets to zero. Haven't wanted to complain about it but it seems to happen alot for me. I try to find...
  10. TigerWoman

    Heart Attack!

    I'm posting this from a TKD thread that so everybody would see: My thoughts and prayers are with you, Terry, get well soon! TW
  11. TigerWoman

    Anyone can find your house on the web

    It came to my attention tonight that by googling your complete phone number 000-000-0000 that you can see the name listed and there is a map to get right to your address. There is also a form to fill out to stop this. Check it out if you don't know about this already. This is for real. TW
  12. TigerWoman

    Christmas Trivia Quiz

    How well do you know Christmas trivia facts: Quiz #1 continuing on... Quiz #2 TW
  13. TigerWoman

    Holiday Traditions?

    Well, my "kids" aren't kids anymore but now wish I had instituted more holiday traditions. I make cookies, bake different breads for gifts, adopted another family for a while, pick a few names off the giving tree, get together with friends or family, do stockings, tree, dinner, but nothing too...
  14. TigerWoman

    2005 New Year Training Resolutions!

    Here's your chance to start the new year with a plan: Here's mine: (1) I going to up my cardio, someway, somehow 30 min. x 3/week (2) Learn new stuff via tapes, books, etc. (3) Diet again, sigh! At least ten lbs. again Try for just three...its doable. TW
  15. TigerWoman

    Vacation Days

    During the year, our dojang is closed during Labor Day, 4th of July-whole week and the next week, week of the county fair, Memorial Day, 2 days of Thanksgiving, two weeks of Christmas/New Year's. Also closed the following Monday after tournaments which there are three. Then there is the...
  16. TigerWoman

    Kenpo School in Phoenix?

    Anyone have any advice on a Kenpo school in Phoenix? Not for me, but daughter is looking for a class situation. Or Taekwondo? Don't want the McDojang type of either so if you don't know of a reputable one, no response needed. Thanks!~TW
  17. TigerWoman

    Minimum Standards for Taekwondo

    I'm not a master but feel there should be minimum standards to pass a black belt test. Some categories would be: 1) Flexibility - I think everybody can gain this, if worked on. The ability to kick to head level at least is important in TKD. 2) Upper body strength - regular pushups...
  18. TigerWoman

    Pre-Thanksgiving Workouts?

    Just wondered how many of you do a marathon session prior to Thanksgiving? or Christmas? where you eat alot? My instructor has gotten real predictable after 8 some years that he always has us do 6000 front kicks. It takes a whole hour of mindless standing in front and kicking a bag. You have...
  19. TigerWoman

    Blinders Needed

    After seeing a older student BB who just came back to our school and demonstrated really great form, graded by the panel at 9.5 at a tournament, I go early to a black belt class to see a BB test early in progress on Saturday. My master put the three testing for first dan in the back with...
  20. TigerWoman

    Couldn't find the server

    Last night, I decided to go back on MT, it was about 10:30 and my bookmark failed to pull up the server. Kept getting the message (over an hour) that it couldn't find the MT server. I also tried to do it from a web address but it was the same. This has happened intermittently since you got the...
  21. TigerWoman

    Retinal detachment

    My son got an eye injury from a direct football in the eye. He had thought it landed on his side temple but the doc said it was probaby dead on. He sees a web and spots, rather large when in lower light. His retina was not detached but still has a possiblity-something about the gel shrinking...
  22. TigerWoman

    What does everyone like to do in your state?

    Well, in Minnesota, soon we all will be watching the color as they say...the leaves change. People like to drive up north or south depending how late you got your start for your drive to see the color. Although we had a early frost in AUGUST which killed alot of crops and will cause alot of...
  23. TigerWoman

    Yells in forms

    Okay, my instructor and I are having a discussion about yells. We used to do a kiap that sounded like a sharp aihhh. He started teaching everyone to say pow. Yup, it sounds to be like the Pow! Bang! Bap! in days of Batman cartoons. He says this is a Korean word. But I have put in all...
  24. TigerWoman

    Have You Smoked/Used Tobacco?

    I have a friend who is also a black belt who is undergoing a crisis right now with major heart surgery. This is her second go-around. She was a smoking fiend all her life and after the first heart surgery, she said she gave it up but... Most of know that martial arts and smoking aren't...
  25. TigerWoman

    Smoking Poll Wrong-Help?

    First time making a poll. Didn't realize that names would be public onthe poll if I check that box. Couldn't undo it? Can the powers that be undo it? TW In Health Forum
  26. TigerWoman

    CONGRATS to a new Moderator!!

    To Flatlander: Let me be the first, since I am, to congratulate you on your risen position, oh high say of the ether net. See what all that talking gets you into? You will be a good moderator, you will, be good won't you? The best, TW :-partyon:
  27. TigerWoman

    Lost Reputation Points????

    I noticed I had a gray box instead of the two green ones from yesterday after the update shuffle. Did I do something bad? TW
  28. TigerWoman

    Kung Fu-High Fees Normal?

    My daughter (midnightninja), college age, just joined a Kung Fu school. She's a 1st dan in TKD and nearly got to 2nd. But at this new KF school, she just got notified that she should go into "leadership training" or offered it already. That entails 500. upfront, plus 200. a month for 36...
  29. TigerWoman

    Breaking Requirements for Testing Change

    What would you think if the breaking requirements that you were required to do changed for new people testing for 2nd dan? Considering that you had to practice/train alot to reach the previous requirements and they remain the same for you: required knife/concrete, double jump multiple break-...
  30. TigerWoman

    Ki/Chi Energy?

    This was brought up in another thread. I have heard/read about ki but we don't practice any kind of meditation in our dojang. However, I very much believe I have witnessed a presence of an unusual level of this power/energy in certain individuals particularly my master/instructor. Its not about...