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    Promoting Organization

    Just a general question about promotions to higher ranks by members of different organizations. I read on another forum that a senior kenpoist was promoted by and kicked into the next rank by a group of well known masters. Each of these masters all have their own associations or organizations...
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    1991 Colt

    Does anyone have a 1991 Colt .45? Just curious how they differ from the 1911? Maybe besides being smaller.
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    Basics & Techniques

    Forgive me for asking this question if it has been addressed already. I tried the search function and saw nothing related. I thought it would be an interesting topic for discussion. Since doing this exercise for numberous times, that of finding each basic movement we have listed for learning...
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    Parker or Lee

    Did anyone see the movie on AMC last night I think it was called "Bruce Lee, A Warriors Journey". I'm sure it has been aired before but it's the first time I really watched it with Kenpo eyes. I think it is on this afternoon too. During one of the early interviews they filmed, titled...
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    Parker Generation Question

    I would be curious to know if your instructor was a 1st generation BB under GM Parker and created his/her own system or version of AK, EPAK will that instructor's students be considered a 2nd generation Parker BB or just a 1st gen under the current instructor and system? Excuse my ignorance on...