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    The Formal Head Turn in Kata

    YES kata does teach much more. But that would take a rather long post or thread to explain that. But if you really look at kata you are not fighting anyone. You are learning and training solo moves along with mind and body. Where even the head turns have a meaning and use in real life. You hear...
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    The Formal Head Turn in Kata

    Kata teaches you to turn left and right. Teaches you to hear then see then do. Kata has put together self defence applications For solo training. But KATA never teaches you to fight or fight more then one person. If you look at any kata you see that only you are performing not fighting. Bunki...
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    JKD vs. MMA

    We have gone from JKD MMA to bashing countries. Why would you insult america When no one has insulted your country. And then to get thanked for what you said by another person from your country. I would think If someone bashed your country and its people you would think that was rude. So do...
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    JKD vs. MMA

    Clearly this debate can go on forever. Ones input is there belief. Bruce did help many change there views on how one can train. And how one trains is there choice and there life. An open door can come from justtrying If Bruce helped people so be it Just as is MMA helping people so be it. Why...
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    What is Jeet Kune Do...

    JKD the core of its trainings Lets call that JUN FAN// That being the place to start. putting this with that and calling it JKD is not the way. You must first train the core discard or add to make it your own. And when adding one should discard. But with NO training in what was developed by...
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    July 20th a moment to remember

    Today in 1973 Bruce passed from this life. Take a moment to remember his life. He was just 32 at the time But in those 32 years he lived, really lived. July 20 1973 he left a legacy not to be forgotten in the martial art world
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    six years searching....wjm

    Story has been told for many years. Why search for the truth if you can not believe what you have already heard. Besides it would change nothing. Bruce is gone , He can not tell what happened the past is the past move to your own future
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    What is Jeet Kune Do...

    Perhaps one of the most recalled person, relating to wing chun is BRUCE. But yes Bruce indeed changed forever his wing chun. To fit in he added modified boxing, from Ali. He explored kicking and made his changes. he explored fencing and made his change. IS WAS wing chun the root. Sure But as any...
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    JKD vs. Wing Chun

    I do not need to train in a Wing chun School. You may very well enjoy Wing chun. BUT no art is complete. IF this was so then only 1 way would be the truth. Bruce did not complete His wing Chun training. BUT that does not limit his ability. And yes francis Fong Must of felt JKD had something to...
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    JKD vs. Wing Chun

    One have you ever trained JKD. Jkd is an expression. exceprts from wing chun. fencing and western boxing. Remember the cup of tea. Perhaps yours is over filled to see beyond Wing Chun.
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    JKD vs. Wing Chun

    It becomes easy to say this and that. JKD or Wing chun, has no set goal to prove. The person is more important then a name. What that person does is his way. What a person was able to do at a certion time does not mean that the person did not become much better. Bruces name is used in many...
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    Should JKD Have A Curriculum

    Many thoughts can be agreed on. But As you said you dropped waht you found not useful for you. NOW what is useful for you may not be as useful when taught to others. JKD has its structure Then letting go for each persons development Has no way. Just as you looked back on silat and found a way...
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    Should JKD Have A Curriculum

    Jeet kune do Has its methods towards Learnig. BUT each person also has there own JKD. Meaning as you develop what becomes your own Your JKD is what you developed in doing. Then if going further into other aspects of different Approachments You borrow what you need. BUT then should drop what you...
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    Reality of Moves

    What you see as others fight Or spar Is what they do. Now when you are the one in front of the same person . Be it fight or spar. You will do only what you do. A person throws a lead you respond. Thats simple. never parry if you can hit never trap if you can hit parry to hit trap to hit. Slip...
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    Bruce Lee

    First you will find JKD did have a structure in its learning Each pahse as Bruce progressed had a way of learning. sure Bruce taught one person one way and another some other way. GIVING thew person the needed tools and understanding that person could use . JKD is an expression of your...
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    Peter was an avid fencer and Bruce changed and fit in the needed idea he took from his understanding of the uses he found in fencing. Though the A fencing concepts may not be so directly seen as it has been made to fit in it is a part of the development of JKD As is western boxing and wing chun...
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    the Shotokan in JKD.

    Bruce worked with several people over the years. He also had an extensive library of books. But JKD was founded more on western boxing. fencing and wing Chun. While looking at other arts or working with other people Some would been to better understand the strengths and how JKD could be used on...
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    Why does someone start their own style?

    Each person who trains in any M/A will have there own style. You come first as you learn. The key style of your learning is a structured base of training. But you have you own way. Now instructing a M/A And calling it something new. It must have a valid foundation But in the true end There is no...
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    how complex is the straight lead?

    By putting the hip into the strike along with the falling step You gain power. You Must not sat it up just let the hand lead the body as you strike. Its best to be showed rather then read it and try to understand it. Dempsy saw the falling step as a way of adding power and reducing telagraphic...
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    Lack of Foundation?

    About every style you speak of , at one time was a mix. No person can train just by style as you may. A person must see into the style or training and take from it what they find to be there need. All ways, ARTS, offer alot of different aspects no bvody needs or can use all these aspects. JKD...
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    Lack of Foundation?

    JKD is say a modern approach to non classical Gung Fu. Any art the person must find there own use ,There freedom or they are just a robot to what they have tried to learn. Structure sure JKD has a set base to its learning and understanding. But agin if the person does not take there own...
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    Inquiry about medicinal herbs

    At this point you do not want to inhibit or over do your meds. Your doctor should know what you take for your kidneys. 40% is getting very reduced as to function. You do not want to see this reduced. Onion raw onion helps as a duretic. Vingar As a flush. I would say with your kidney function as...
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    How long have you been training?

    going on 35 years, BUT still understanding more and more.
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    Tournament Noob

    Your instructor should help work with the students for this. Plus you need to find out the rules. such as stop for points or continuing spar ect. Make sure you have the required gear.
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    Beggining Weapon Fighting

    A weapon is an extened form of your arm and hand. As you improve your hand skills your weapon skills can follow. Your instructor was wise enough to expect you to demonstrate further skill training prior to starting you even with the bo staff.
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    Red is the New Black

    Belts are important to many, then mean little to others. Soke, head founder it is but a title that some desire Martial arts evolve new styles come and go. I guess more important is did you learn something that was helpful to you. Bruce was in his twenties when he came up with JKD, under twenty...
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    The Art or The Person

    Style or art Does not win the fight. The person best able to use what they do that time that day does. BJJ came along at a forgotten time. Why forgoten. stand up kick bozing had gained the lime light and ground training was not being as looked into. Now you just a short time spent with clench...
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    What is it all about ? Self Defense

    If a person does not have the key to relly fight They can know alot and never be able to use it. Heart to fight must be a key tool. The more you know is not the better. each person is different each fight is different. Find the tools that best meeets your needs train those hard fight hard and...
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    black belt attitude

    People when they have made blackbelt at times have to ponder. Ask there self are they a blackbelt. What makes them a black belt. Just as people drop in and out of a class. Some so near testing for balck belt they even just stop never to be seen agin. It was told to me that a person will hold...
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    Bruce Lee.. Overrated?

    The debate over Bruce can go on for ever. It has for many years. In real time. His Art call it Jun fan or JKD does work can help even improve others in a different art by relistict training. Its better to look into Jun fan or JKd train it at least for a while then make up your mind. Bruce by his...