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  1. Hyoho


    Watching Ngannou vs Overeem yesterday. Why dont more people attempt stamps on the feet? Seems to me be a very valid action. If your opponent cant stand up any more with broken toes it's all over.
  2. Hyoho

    Something wrong with the group software?

    I though it was me but others now keep getting double posts. I click on an icon and get redirected by adware and malware to other places. I have malwarebytes installed. No problems with my PC and it only happens when I log on here.
  3. Hyoho

    An interesting realistic read about M.A.

    Martial arts and the cycle of ******** - Charlie's Diary Martial arts and the cycle of ******** By Tricia Sullivan Hello, everyone. Charlie has kindly invited me to post here because I am a science fiction writer. But for the next four guest posts I'm going to be talking about fighting...
  4. Hyoho

    Shoto Renmei

    Can someone give me some unbiased info please. There is a group wanting to rent dojo space.