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  1. Narges

    Team kata and its difficulties

    More than a month ago, my best friend (we can call her Z) told me that sensei wants to put her in a team with anothr girl called N. But a team needs three members and they still hadn't found the third person. There were a few options but they weren't sure who to select. I really liked to be part...
  2. Narges

    The Rivalry and Bunkai Practice

    I've had a pretty good week starting from Sunday. On Sunday (2nd January) my Sensei was in a good mood. She anounced that she is going to take a test from all of us and then divide us into different groups and separate classes based on the results of the test. The test will include technique and...
  3. Narges

    Memoirs From My Karate Journey

    Memoirs From My Karate Journey
  4. Narges

    Managing the Class

    My Sensei did not come to the Dojo yesterday. She had gone to Tehran for a seminar on refereeing. Our 'Sempai' was a 9 year old black belt and quite incapable of managing the class, so it was up to me and my friend (who is a brown belt and 23 years old) to do so. We had 7 orange belts, 2 purple...