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  1. Chronuss

    How to be Politically Correct...

    How to speak about men and be Politically Correct: He does not have a BEER GUT - He has developed a LIQUID GRAIN STORAGE FACILITY He is not a BAD DANCER - He is OVERLY CAUCASIAN He does not GET LOST ALL THE TIME - He INVESTIGATES ALTERNATIVE DESTINATIONS He is not a CRADLE ROBBER - He prefers...
  2. Chronuss

    Top 10 Things Men Know about Women...

    Here it is guys...we've compiled a list of the top most must-know facts about people of the female persausion in no particular order...make use of them wisely... The top ten things men know about women...
  3. Chronuss


    not really a birthday, but I also didn't want to start a new thread for it either, if I'm wrong, anyone can correct me, but it's been fourteen years since the passing of SGM Parker, hopefully he's still training with his maker. Salute. :asian:
  4. Chronuss

    A rose is a rose by any other name...

    okay, okay...forget about Billy Shakespeare, it just got you to look. :wink1: for some reason unbeknownst to, every knows my name....and I hardly know anyones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (minus the people I've met and train with :) ) so, if you're willing, please leave your name not only for me, but...
  5. Chronuss

    Eh...what the hell...

    guess I'll put one of these on here too....even though I've been on MT for a little over two years...still don't know too many people. I'm one of Seig and KenpoTess' students, met a few people, Lamont(aka Blindside) Mr. Conatser(aka DCGoldendragon), Dot(aka KenpoDot), Rich Parsons(self...
  6. Chronuss

    Response to Mr. Ryer's "On The Mat..."

    okay, the Position Recognition topic's a bit over my head; however, the clip on applying Star Block Set had some pretty spiffy ideas in it. we've had some experience of applying the blocks with a partner while in a horse stance staying stationary, but incorporating foot maneuvers seems like a...
  7. Chronuss

    Insults From Small Children..... father was heckling my little cousin last night...and out of the blue in a dead pan voice: "Uncle Charlie, you're like a dictionary, full of words and don't know nothin'!" my father, being crazy country man that he is, thought this was damned hysterical...granted it came from a ten...
  8. Chronuss

    RADAR can't pick this import up...

    ...shoulda left it like this...and when a cop pulled me over...I woulda at least known cause he didn't get me with RADAR...:rofl:
  9. Chronuss

    Yo Farnsworth!!!!

    you gonna make it to the seminar this time so we can grub on some crab legs and teriyakied feline...? :D
  10. Chronuss

    The Shield

    anyone else watch this on FX? this show is like watch it don't want it to, just gotta wait til March for the new season...:D
  11. Chronuss

    First drink, eh?

    so the first drinks on the does that mean if no one else wants their free drink, can I have them...? ;)
  12. Chronuss

    Bar & Grill Combined Quizzes

    ...I'm on a quiz kick...:D
  13. Chronuss

    Bar & Grill (Combined Quizzes)

    ...Which of the Greek Gods are you......?
  14. Chronuss

    Help with Essay.

    I have a research persausive essay in my english class due. I have asked my teacher if I could write it on self defense; however, it has to be in third person... she instructed me that I could about myself in third person and about concepts and perceptions of self defense...but I do not know...
  15. Chronuss

    Help on Squating Sacrifice.

    Here is Squating Sacrifice from the IKKO belt curriculum: SQUATTING SACRIFICE (read bear hug - arms free) 1. With opponent applying rear bear hug (arms free) and with feet together, step to your right (to 3 o'clock) with your right foot into a horse, as both of your elbows strike down to...