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  1. MTguy

    A book I wrote

    I've mainly been discussing muay thai on here but I'd like to take a minute to self promote. That's not the reason I'm here. Although it took me a long thoughtful process to write it. I haven't promoted it at all. I've published 3 books and had one printed by St. Martins press. It's not...
  2. MTguy

    Attn Drop Bear.

    here is a fight between two Muay Thai fighters who engage in quite a bit of clinching and watch the ref. Especially if the clinch is against the ropes.
  3. MTguy

    Looking for conversation on Muay Thai, Boxing, etc.

    Hello, I discovered this site and unlike others, it seems quite civil. I have other interests but I've posted alot already but most of the threads in General Martial arts seem old. What is the best forum and most active?
  4. MTguy

    Muay Thai and Boxing

    Many many people find Muay Thai to be an incomplete stand up martial art. IMO, besides MMA, it's the most complete striking system on the planet. I've done martial arts since I was 12. I have coached MMA fighters, one of which fought in the UFC twice and 7 times overseas, 3 countries, etc. I am...
  5. MTguy

    The explosion of Muay Thai and kickboxing in the last 15 years...

    Suprisingly in the last 10-12 years, Muay Thai has even spread at a good level to Vietnam. I had trained and fought from the late 90's. yes I'm almost 49!! I think part of it is really the West travelling in droves to south east Asia, Thailand to Train. I went in 2000. A long time a go for a...