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    Newb on the Board

    I have not posted much here recently, yet after reading this I must chime in. I too trained under Sensei Randy Wozin, from 80' to 86' I was ranked a 1st Kyu in O.K.K.A. in 84' yet I never was issued a rank of Sho Dan in certificate form but later he put a Black Belt on me after another colleague...
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    Do A Full Background Check On Yourself

    I recently tried to run a background check on myself and right after I submitted it, I was contacted by men wearing black suits and raybans demanding to know "Who The Hell Are You Asking About Jimi?... Well? What Do You have To Say For Yourself? How Dare You Try To Pry Into The Life Of &...
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    The Vanishing Flame: Burma - Connecticut screening

    Respects, Love the partial footage I was able to see in the trailer. I appreciate the offer to be on the vanishing flame list and I will PM you my email. I trust you are busy with this and other event prep so no need to hassle with anything, just so you will have my other more frequent...
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    Why Silat?

    I Know What I Know If You Know What I Mean, lol, Hi Infinite Hope all is well, all is well that ends well, ...well?
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    The Vanishing Flame: Burma - Connecticut screening

    Blackdiamondcobra...Vin... It has been a little while since we corresponded here. The Film looks like great stuff man. It seems that I can not attend, nor can Jon, but he has told me that he has cooresponded with you about it. Although we clashed on topic a good while back about the vid on...
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    Bouncers and Drunk people

    In my opinion, the 1st vid was an example of some ego bravado all around. The whole situation took way too long to settle/resolve. I noticed a star on the sidewalk, so I imagine it may have been in Hollywoods walk of fame district. Both the drunk and bouncers seemed to act up for show, even...
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    Blocking vs. Evasion?

    My opinion is that some peoples perception of what is evasion tends to differ. Boxers do not only consider bobbing or weaving evasions, but stepping, turning and swaying are evasions. Not only does evasion understanding and practice differ from art to art , but from teacher to teacher. I have...
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    The brawling roundhouse...

    I agree. Good boxing training and other arts as well will instill in a practioner with the sence of when, how & where a punch (attack) may be coming from. While as a teen I also trained w/ an Amateur Boxing Fed. Coach who was also a Black Belt in an Okinawan system of Karate & was friend w/...
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    Bo Staff

    Whose terminology do you want to use? lol. Burmese it is Dhot (Pronounced like Homer Simpson Doh with a T, lol) It means stick, but it covers a fist sized stick like a Kubaton or pocket stick, it covers short stick which is a little shorter than the typ Escrima stick, covers Baton like LEO...
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    Hey Bro, need to talk to you

    Hey Bro, need to talk to you
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    picking a bag

    Banana Bag, Banana Bag, Banana Bag, did I mention I like the BANANA BAG. lol. I have found that I have my preference for bags but a lot of it depends on your environment to suspend and area to train with-in. I have also found that sometimes you work with what you have access to, so look into...
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    Filipino Panantukan?

    AriesKai, lol, my apologies for any percieved trolling or flaming issue you feel. Let me re-express my opinion if you will indulge me. I never questioned your yrs in or arts of study and their practicality. You asked about practicality/effectiveness of Panatukan based on your opinion of what I...
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    Why not the KungFu Kid....

    I understand too, but american audiences would not recognize Wu Shu by name. Kung Fu Kid would be appropriate but I think producers wanted to cash in on the recognizability of the title KARATE KID. Thaty will get Moms to spend money on kids at movies alright. Love the fact they got Jackie, and...
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    Filipino Panantukan?

    Many drills for skill and instruction are to profile the techniques for others to learn. Even the cleanest skills of a Pro Boxer will train & demo well, but the fight itself is a live animal that can get ugly as well as dangerous and we do not invite it into our demos for the sake of instruction...
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    Black Belt--krabikrabong article

    I believe that thru Guro Dans Association w/ the TBA Ajarn Chai and his son training Krabi Krabong in the west, Dan has some position thru their group. I do not think anyone is saying that Dan rules all Krabi Krabong in the west. Maybe some miscommunication or second hand info. if that is...
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    Kata video

    I have not worked thru those forms for over 20 yrs, OMG. Your Pyung Ahn sets, we called Pinans. Same forms heartbeat for hearbeat. I love this. My 1st Instructor Sensei Randy Wozin was a TKD Black Belt tho his 1st systems involved TSD,MDK as well as Okinawan Isshin Ryu Black Belts and others...
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    lethway knockout

    Thanks Blackdiamondcobra, I always thought it (Strikes after a takedown) a good aspect of Bama Lethwei relative to its battlefield history. With Modern Sporting rules being a safety to an extent for the longevity of athlete fighters some of the real battlefield/life or death self defense...
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    lethway knockout

    I agree Blackdiamondcobra, it is very impressive to see such tough fighters working with such serious body weapons as , hands, feet, knees, elbows & headbutts hell even thows/takedowns and enduring enough damage to give a beaten fighter the chance to recover (2 or 3 times) and continue the bout...
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    staff length

    I have seen in the FMA, their staff is usually just under head height, kinda short for a staff IMHO. I have seen early in the ABA (Modern Bando mind you) that the long stick (Dhot) staff was typ about the height of he practitioner if not 2-3 inches longer, and this was for the 4 winds, 4...
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    Should I be addressed as Sifu?

    PEACE then bro, I am glad to see that good attitude in you. I hope you can forgive the way i posted to see your character. I respect the earned titles you have and hope that someday you kung fu sifu sees fit you allow you to earn the title Sifu within his system. Train well, be safe and have a...
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    Should I be addressed as Sifu?

    Please take the following post lightly as i am playing DEVILS ADVOCATE so to speak. If you are of the rank of Sibok in Kajukenbo, the use that rank title when in Kaju, when you are of rank in Krav the go by that ranks title when in Krav. If in your instructors kung fu class he says you are not...
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    lethway knockout

    BTW many older fights had two refs within the ring as well, and I believe some still do. I am sure if you look into some resources you will see.
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    having trouble with Heavy bag

    grado has sound advice, if there is a solid masonry wall or a wooden stud wall that is solid enough you can purchase a typ. heavy bag wall mount support bracket. Then ensure whoever attaches the mount bracket to the wall does a good job of installation. Years ago at the community college my...
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    lethway knockout

    I was under the impression that lethwei matches had a 3 knockout rule, 3 chances, just what i have been told. not trying to to disbute you Blackdiamond
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    Nunchaku and Tabak Toyok

    I do not know about KY, but anyone deep into the Inosanto cirriculum should have some insight, if not a contact w/ Guro Dan who brought the Tabak Toyok to the forefront of western martial artists
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    Korean karate?

    I can understand if someone believes Mcbuzzys statement that Hapkido is ,for lack of a better term, (BORN) of Aikido is incorrect. Aikido may very well have little to do with Hapkido in a lineage sence. With so many Korean Arts nowwa days insisting that their art is Korean alone, I see this...
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    Burmese weapons arsenal

    That is very insightful. I enjoyed that read, thank you. especially for the link.
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    Burmese weapons arsenal

    Seeing a Mae Sawk (Again forgive spelling please) cousin weapon in Cambodia, that is so cool. My own sensitivity aside, that is very (Explilative deleted - lol) cool, and thanks for responding when it was me who simply re-asserted the original posters question. I imagine that when Burma took...
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    Burmese weapons arsenal

    I respect your offered insights Blackdiamondcobra, and I see I contributed to the threads derailment from the thread topic Burmese Weapon Arsenal.(Though my too personal feelings are I am not alone in the guilt for that but this is mute) To that I ask , as the original poster questioned, what...
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    Burmese weapons arsenal

    Blackdiamondcobra, I again say I respect your research and do not wish to be at odds with you. I may very well be too thin skined in relation to your retort, but can you honestly say that both of your retorts are not of a scolding corrective tone? Please re-read. Anyone who has looked into...