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  1. Danny T

    Anyone attend the WC get together in Lakeland FL this past weekend?

    Wow...was in St Petersburg and only about 60 miles away. This is the first I hear of it.
  2. Danny T

    Fighting strategy

    Can't speak for 'all' WC guys but this one does use if the situation warrants. Yes to both again, if the situation warrants. Not certain what you mean by "uniform" stance. (matched leads?) Doesn't matter the lead as much as range and angles do.
  3. Danny T

    Comment by 'Danny T' in 'The Knee Sagas'

    I've had both total replacements, been 4 years now. Life is good and my knees are pain free. Still training.
  4. Danny T

    Fighting strategy

    Strategy is the overall goal or what you want to accomplish. So if your overall goal is to open the opponent's guard that is the strategy. The action you do to accomplish that is the tactics. Create an opening in the opponent's guard and attack into the opening is the strategy. Using one hand to...
  5. Danny T

    Keeping students in the age of Covid

    My Zoom classes are designed for practitioners to work footwork, form, and drilling movements without a partner. I usually have a student with me who is able to perform the drills as the 'spotlight' person. I will instruct and show the footwork/drills to be practiced and then I spotlight the...
  6. Danny T

    Keeping students in the age of Covid

    There are a lot of components to consider. As where you are located and the culture toward training at this time and the challenges of covid. I closed for the original 2 weeks last year in the guise of "lowering the curve". Started training again and have been doing regular classes since. I am...
  7. Danny T

    Are You a Complete martial artist?

    'Complete'? Hmmm. Is there anyway one can be complete? I thing not. There is always something that needs to be refined, bettered, or due to injuries, age, and other factors one's abilities change. Complete truly is not a possibility. I'm with Tony on this...'well rounded' is what I continually...
  8. Danny T

    Is Wing Chun being used the wrong way in fighting?

    My format: Warm ups and exercises related to the movements to be utilized. Moments drills - footwork or ground depending on the material being covered. 2 person drills working as a feeder for the other or vice versa. These are interactive drills with both sides learning. Higher speed drilling...
  9. Danny T

    which plastic tube is the best to build a non wooden dummy?

    While I prefer wood dummies made of PVC Schedule 80 can do well. The thing is dummies aren't for hitting hard on but for fine tuning positioning in relation to the dummy and proper vectoring. So if you aren't going to be pounding on the arms or the dummy PVC can be a good economical option 'IF'...
  10. Danny T

    Let's talk dummy

    Personally knowing the dummy form has little as to fighting. There is no sense of timing an attack, force, or speed within an attack. However, using the form on the dummy is of high valuable as a fine tuner for one's positioning of the arms, elbow, footwork, body positioning in relation to the...
  11. Danny T

    Wing Chun's Central Concept

    ^^^^^^^^^ THIS! Most of what is taught in Pole and knives in WC is not just for pole and knives but empty hands as well. It just isn't taught until then and is utilize within everything you should have learned in other parts of the system.
  12. Danny T

    Why did my ITF instructor give me EKF gloves?

    So why the question if you know this to be the reason.
  13. Danny T

    Why did my ITF instructor give me EKF gloves?

    Here's a novel suggestion...ask your instructor.
  14. Danny T

    Thoughts on "pop locks"

    I've always used and teach locks to be performed with an explosive 'snap' action. It's usually done with far more control in training to prevent injuries.
  15. Danny T

    Has anyone had this happen before?

    Yep. Get several a month. It's a scam. They are working on getting info on you and then will say they want to send the money via to your C/C directly. All the peripheral is to get info on you and to make you feel they are serious and can afford your services.
  16. Danny T

    The Siu Baat Qua foot Work Form

    Thank you for sharing. Of what was shown; I learned not from Forms but through footwork drills and partner drills.
  17. Danny T

    Cross legs

    Depends. In the first video no one is close enough to sweep. In the second video Yellow should be off balancing White with the step to make countering more difficult.
  18. Danny T

    We've discussed targeting the biceps and forearms in a fight. But what about the funny bone?

    Yes! No! Maybe! As with all actions the situation is important. If the range is correct, you having something as a fist load (a knife, a flashlight, a stick or like object) striking the funny bone can be time purchasing action. The thing is, there are several other better suited targets...
  19. Danny T

    What's the furthest you're willing to drive to attend a MA school?

    Back in the early 90s I drove approx. 130 miles once a week for 13 months to attend a Pekiti-Tirsia Kali class. Was the only kali instructor around at that time. 2001-2003 drove approx 240 miles once a month to train catch wrestling.
  20. Danny T

    Any effective boxing drills you know of?

    Yes...I know several. start with these: J-C-H J-J-C C-H-C H-C-H C-H-U H-U-H Jab Cross Hook Uppercut
  21. Danny T

    Run away from no-mask people

    There is a lot of false and misinformation about Covid-19 and there is still a lot unknown. There is a lot that is known and it is now beginning to shown that even people who wear masks are testing positive with Covid-19 and the death rate is far less than what was originally expected. Yesterday...
  22. Danny T

    Any thoughts on a short clip of me shadow boxing?

    I suggest you work on the fundamentals of your structure, footwork, and punching. Your movement appears to be moving for the sake of moving and no real understanding of the intent of it. Your footwork, body movement, weight distribution, striking movement all need to be done in coordination with...
  23. Danny T

    Thanks MT

    What! There is no Santa Claus?!! What is this world coming to!
  24. Danny T

    Look... Can't we all just agree that PUNCHING POWER is just a matter of upper-body strength?

    Uh; No we can't. There is more to punching power than just upper-body strength. You want to argue this, ask for other's thoughts and then you say save your arguments that strength does not equal power. Huh!??? So you don't want to argue nor do you what other's thoughts...unless they agree with...
  25. Danny T

    The stance, Gee Kim Yeung Ma

    It more of an understanding on how to use what you have learned about and with the fundamental structure of the YJKYM stance in movement. Stance is but a fleeting endeavor. It is but an instance or a snap shot in time. One's movement should be balanced such that the stance is available for the...
  26. Danny T

    Bad Chi Sao has ruined WC as a fighting art!

    Uhh... No, I disagree, you are incorrect with this. Your lack of wing chun knowledge creates incorrect opinions.
  27. Danny T

    Is Judo newaza not introduced until yellow belt?

    For some schools. I know of several that only teach the competition techniques. There are several techniques as well as atemi waza that isn't allowed in competition but is a part of Judo that isn't taught some schools.
  28. Danny T

    Is Judo newaza not introduced until yellow belt?

    It may well be that at some Judo schools the individual instructor/s don't introduce newaza until 6 months. There are many Judo schools today that don't teach atemi waza.
  29. Danny T

    Source for training staff wasters

    Frank's Cane and Rush
  30. Danny T

    A question about pro fighters who HIT HARD.

    Some simply have talent. Some have natural strength. Some have natural athleticism. Some have higher levels of intelligence. Some have good coaches who can bring, through hard work and good coaching, someone not as talented as another to high levels. Most all world class have both talent and...