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    Weaknesses of Thai-Boxing.

    Why would you drop your right hand down to butt-level when throwing a round kick? Where I train Muay Thai, we do our round kicks with our hands up, ready to block. Also, on the topic of getting close to the opponent: If you move in close to someone, you make yourself more vulnerable to knee...
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    Muay Thai Diet?

    Your breath smells (not saying your breath personally) because of all the bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria produce all kinds of stinky wastes. There isn't much you can do about them besides regular tooth brushing, flossing (to get the food that the bacteria love to eat out from between...
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    Er, make that 5 days a week. Plus MMA on two days and No Gi Jujitsu.
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    Is $125 a month for unlimited classes per week a good deal? They teach muay thai 3 days per week.
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    Hello Everybody, my name is Bryan and I'm from New Jersey. I haven't learned a martial art yet, but I decided a few days ago to learn a martial art. My location isn't too great and there are a limited amount of nearby schools, which limits me in my choices in schools. Luckily, I found a nearby...
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    The place near me (the only close place that teaches Muay Thai) also offers an MMA class and a kickboxing class. Would they be worth taking in conjunction with Muay Thai, to better round me in a street-fight sense? MMA is good for that kind of things, right? I think I could link the classes and...
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    Two Muay Thai Questions

    I've decided I want to get into martial arts (I'm 17), but I'm still deciding on which particular art I want to learn. Muay Thai seems very interesting to me, but I have a few questions about it first. 1. I've watched a lot of videos of Muay Thai fights. Is Muay Thai strictly a sport martial...