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    DIY Wrist Roller

    I couldn't find one of these for sale anywhere so I decided to make my own. Used - 1 x 40mm PVC pipe 1 x 38 - 50mm hose clamp Aprox 1.5m of rope 1 x 0.5 kg weight Pretty self explanitory really. There are probably better ways to do it but I'm lazy and unskilled. So there you have it, your...
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    Self Defence Website Info Needed

    Hi, I hate spam, and I hate people talking **** and making money from scams off martial arts. Recently some **** spammed my mates muay thai website. The spammers website is The book he is selling is complete **** and full of contradictions and misinformation - I tried...
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    How To Increase Energy Levels?

    Well, as the title says, how do I do it? I'm training muay thai twice daily (about 4 hours) and running 10 kms every day. I get one day a week off which is Sunday. Training is leaving me exhausted after every session. I searched the internet for a while but most of the information I got is...
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    How Do You Train With Someone You Hate

    I train twice a day 6 days a week. Sometimes (with increasing regularity), some massive bloke (Mr X) has been attending as well. Because I train in Muay Thai, usually I'm training alone, on the pads or with the bag, but twice now I've had to spar Mr X. The first time, was grappling, and he...
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    Can someone recommend some good gyms in burma that instruct in this style? I've been watching some of the fights on youtube, they are completely crazy. Thanks, Neil
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    Thailand Training Blog Online

    Recently I quit my job and moved to Thailand to train in muay thai at Sasiprapa in Bangkok for one year. I'm keeping an online blog at I'm happy to answer any questions there or help anyone thinking of doing the same. Chok dee!