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  1. Shawn

    A little Savate...

    Video clip of myself and my instructor doing a few kicking combinations from Savate - Professor Salem Assli is the voice naming the techniques. I'm the shorter/fatter guy. Shawn
  2. Shawn

    Professor Salem Assli Toronto Seminar Feb 2008 - Jun Fan / Kali / Savate

    Professor Salem Assli Toronto Seminar 2008 Location: Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai ( 610 Queen Street West (Queen & Bathurst) Toronto, Ontario Canada Hosted By: Trinity Jun Fan & Kali ( Times / Dates: Saturday Feb 3rd 5pm to 10pm & Sunday Feb 4th 3pm to 8pm...
  3. Shawn

    Salem Assli - JKD/Savate Seminar Feb 10th & 11th - Downtown Toronto,ON,Canada

    Trinity Martial Arts is hosting Professor Salem Assli for a two day seminar on Savate/JKD/Kali & Silat. Details can be found at Be well, Shawn
  4. Shawn

    Jun Fan & Kali in Toronto, ON, Canada

    Trinity Jun Fan & Kali is now open in downtown Toronto. We are located at 393 King Street West, inside Venice Fitness. Check out for more information.