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  2. Akashiro Tamaya

    Open Letter of Apology - Akashiro Tamaya

    To Owners. Moderator and esteemed members of MT. The Mayoral post have created a response that many found repulsive and unwarranted attack to his reputation, I humbly apologized to all and those whom I may have offended in such manner. I also deeply apologized toward Mr. Bruce Calkins, Had...
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    Soke Sandai Mayoral & The Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu

    Greeting Soke Mayoral: As a martial art enthusiast who loves reading about traditional martial arts, I find your art of Shizenki Ryu Bujutsu quiet interesting. I am sure, Althought I will not speak on these forum members behalf , I am sure they would loved to be enlightened of this "Koryu"...
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    Bruce on this Thread: You quote; I was in The USMC for my 4 years and worked with the USMC Self Defense School on Parris Island 80-84 Can you tell us more about this ?
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    Hello Bruce, Just curious as to who these group called: Can you invite some of your peers over this forum for some friendly inquiry ? My curiosity would be that, under what Authority does the founder have to be able to give Sokeship ranks as well as...
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    BRUCE CALKINS - SHODAI SOKE of Fusho-Satori-Ryu

    Bruce, I am posting this on a separate thread because there are some unaswered post that you may have forgotten its existence: This thread does need your attention: Fusho-Satori-Ryu You know Bruce, So far you have been...
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    Hello Mr. Calkin I am just curious as to what makes Fusho-Satori-Ryu unique and the foundation in which your art is based upon. In other words, If I were a student searching for a new school and I came upon yours and a, let just pretend for the sake of my curiousity...a Kenpo School...
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    8th Dan Hapkido

    This site claims a master with a 8th Dan rank in Hapkido. There are no other intent other than to see if anyone see's this gentleperson rank has any legitimacy or not. I found this looking...
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    Holy Guacamole !!!!

    Do you guys know this site ! Glad I am not him !!!!
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    Korean Terms

    Can anyone tell me what the korean terms for Hard Study: Hard Way: The Japanese calls it "Shugyo" I'd like to know what the Korean Term would. Advance thanks to those who response to my inquiry.