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  1. IWishToLearn

    Married as of 6:20PM yesterday!

    First photos are up on my myspace. Note - not on honeymoon yet - planned for October. ;) Steve & Neida Zalazowski 6/16/08
  2. IWishToLearn

    Gei Kisai Kata Writeup

    Gei Kisai as taught in Yasashii Do Martial Arts Writeup 穢2008 Zalazowski 1. Begin in Yoi. 2. Move L foot to LFC stance simultaneously moving hands to reading book position, L hand in front of R. 3. Simultaneously drive both hands into double upper X block as you begin to move L leg to 9:00...
  3. IWishToLearn

    Belt Display Holders help wanted :)

    I'm looking for a belt display that could conceivably be mounted on a wall under a portrait or three. It needs to be clear - acrylic, glass, plastic, whatever. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. IWishToLearn

    Ed Parker Tribute footage being relaunched.

    The Ed Parker Historical Memorial Tribute website started and folded in 2006/2007 by Chuck Sullivan & Vic Le Roux is relaunching in a slightly modified form effective today. Link on the IKCA website.
  5. IWishToLearn

    Anyone ever ordered anything from them?
  6. IWishToLearn

    Post from KN by Tony Cogliandro: Kallai Griffin has passed away.

    I would like to break that news that Grandmaster Kallai Griffin of Springfield, Massachusetts passed away on Friday evening. Master Griffin was a big part of the new England Kenpo scene creating some of the finest fighting Black Belts this area has known. Master Griffin was promoted to 7th and...
  7. IWishToLearn

    Doc: Question re: measurement of angles on feet

    Working on footwork you started me on with a couple of my boys. Natural -> Rear Bow -> NB/PAM ->RB ->Forward Bow-> Natural. Question was raised: Why do we measure the angles of the feet in transitional forward bow on the outside of the feet. I went back to the video and reviewed the...
  8. IWishToLearn

    IKKA History - Open

    In viewing various diplomas that have been posted around the net, I've seen 3 people listed as President of the IKKA - Ed Parker, Dave Hebler, and Leilani Parker. Anyone have a listing of who held what IKKA Positions and from when to when? Curiosity rears it's head again, I spose. :)
  9. IWishToLearn down?

    Tried the contact email, tried the phone #. Can't seem to find anywhere to register or contact for assistance. Anyone had experience using the site & might know what's up?
  10. IWishToLearn

    Pasadena Homecoming DVD's

    Anyone know where I might find a copy? I've been in contact with the gentleman that used to sell them, but the last message I got from him stating they were out of stock was two months ago, but he was having computer problems and had no ETA on a fix or restocking. Thanks for any help :). Oh -...
  11. IWishToLearn

    Techniques that don't fit the person?

    Question for the seniors - There are some techniques that just wouldn't be overly valid for people to learn due to disparities in size - like some of the techniques with full nelsons for very short people vs. a very large person, etc. (Just an example - I know there are more.) So, how do you...
  12. IWishToLearn

    What happened to the AKSC?

    It went defunct, I know, but why? It seemed like a fantastic group of people.
  13. IWishToLearn

    Why the order of the belt colors?

    Anybody who was around when the colored system was instituted - why did Mr. Parker choose to put Purple after Orange instead of the generally accepted place between blue and brown? Just wanted to be different?
  14. IWishToLearn

    Historical Question - Open

    Optional Curriculum? I've had several pleasant discussions with Professor Conatser regarding the development of Kenpo over the years as well as Dr. Chap'el. I'm wondering how much "optional" material there is that has not been made very much aware. Several sites list the "official" requirements...
  15. IWishToLearn

    Looking for Kenpo History & Traditions DVD

    I purchased Larry Tatum's Histry & Traditions DVD as part of the When Kenpo Strikes series, but it's more of an interview of Larry's career in the arts. What I'm looking for is a DVD with historical background information of the development of Kenpo from a historical perspective. I don't really...
  16. IWishToLearn

    Anyone have a video for Gei Kisai (any version)?

    Trying to figure out which of these two my teacher used as Gei Kisai for his system. :)
  17. IWishToLearn

    Grandmaster Bong Soo Han, RIP

    Grandmaster Bong Soo Han 1931-2007. Rest in Peace. Link to site with information:
  18. IWishToLearn

    Looking for original IKKA Crest Patches

    I have a wholesale account with Tigerclaw who has the IKKA licensing - but the patches they offer for the IKKA ones are crap. I think I remember hearing somewhere that Dave Mondo can get a high quality replica? Anyone have any suggestions about good quality replicas I might be able to purchase...
  19. IWishToLearn

    Kata Writeups

    Background information: I use the clock principle to give a point of reference. From the starting position the clock stays the same. Straight ahead is 12:00 (North), directly behind is 6:00 (South), 90 degrees left is 9:00 (West), and 90 degrees right is 3:00 (East). LFS = Left Front Stance...
  20. IWishToLearn

    Anyone find IKKA newsletters available online?

    I'm a history I thought I'd like to read some of these if they were available. Mr. Lamkin has bits and pieces of several on his website. I'm looking for complete newsletters. Here we go :)
  21. IWishToLearn

    Anyone heard of this style?

    Style of close quarters military jujitsu - pronounced like "sheen-oh" -jitsu. I believe it's spelled Chinojitsu. Just trying to locate a reference.
  22. IWishToLearn

    Help! (Can't find list of Parker 7th Dans.)

    K - I searched MT and I'm brain fried atm so I'm probably not using the right search criteria. Here's the list I can recall - can anyone correct or add anything I missed please? :) Chuck Sullivan Dave Hebler Ron Chap'el Larry Tatum Joe Palanzo Tom Kelly Steve Labounty Huk Planas Bob White Frank...
  23. IWishToLearn

    Where do you have your patches made?

    Looking for recommendations on high quality custom patchmakers :)
  24. IWishToLearn

    When did the Tracys get their Black Belts?

    I've read this several different ways - Ibrao, Flores, Montgomery, Sullivan, Tracys Beeder, Flores, Montgomery, Sullivan, Tracys Ibrao, Flores, Montgomery, Beeder, Sullivan, Tracys Beeder, Flores, Montgomery, Tracys, Sullivan Any of these close?
  25. IWishToLearn

    Historical question - open

    Dr. Chapel mentioned last time I got to go visit him that Tom Kelly was responsible for the original idea of the 5" bar for 5th Dan. My curiosity was the why & how it was decided on red for the stripe colors?
  26. IWishToLearn

    IKKA Black Belt Registry?

    Someone told me to ask on these forums to find out if there is such a registry around that will validate the claim of an individual to be an IKKA Black Belt. Answers?
  27. IWishToLearn

    Zen Bei Bototu Kai Federation? (sp)

    Trying to find out where this group is from. I've found a reference to Richard Kim as founder from San Francisco. However I've also been told it's from Kyoto, Japan. I've only been able to find a net link to the San Francisco group. Any help confirming or detracting from the existence of a Kyoto...
  28. IWishToLearn

    Good News/Bad News

    Dr. Chapel, Good news: The kicking tips you gave me did eventually take the strain off my back. Bad news: Now I have to find something else to bug you about ;-). Thanks again!
  29. IWishToLearn

    Originator of the Kenpo Forms?

    How many were created directly by SGM Parker and which other ones were modified or created by someone else under Parker's direction? The only one I can speak to knowledge of is the Staff set developed by GM Sullivan. What about the rest of them?
  30. IWishToLearn

    *Shakes Fist at Bode*

    Dude I made it down to Dr. Chapel's kicking pad again over this past be exact. Unfortunately you weren't there...Dr. Chapel said something bout you being off writing for or making movies or something or other. I'd hoped to thank you in person for sending me the package a...