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  1. lady fighter

    Student/Instructor relationships

    Since my Instructor was my father.. yes my MA school is an extended family too!! :D higher ranking students are like family and we share our joys and sorrows together like a family!! I agree that if a dojang does not have this "family type" bond then it would not be a very good place to be...
  2. lady fighter

    So disappointed...

    Is it possible that he completed his Instructor Certification with another Organization and thought it would be "ok" to transfer it over. (p.s. I understand that there usually are NO transfering over between Organizations, but maybe he thought so)
  3. lady fighter

    The Last Person.....

  4. lady fighter

    n00b from DC

    Hello & Welcome!
  5. lady fighter

    In the Newspaper Again

    Congrats to your student!
  6. lady fighter

    Increasing Flexibility ?

    Flexibility has alot to do with your individual training! If you are only stretching during class time, well there is your problem!! You need to stretch EVERYDAY and make sure you are warm by doing jumping jacks, and push ups and shadow boxing.. etc, prior to stretching.. once you are done...
  7. lady fighter

    Don't ax' me, bro!

    I did too.. but found this story to be much more fun.. :D
  8. lady fighter

    My Mom does NOT have cancer.

    Glad to hear that your mother is doing well!!
  9. lady fighter


    We have a costume party at our Martial Arts school every year.. the kids love it!! I'm not sure what I'll be dressing up as this year-(my costumes were miss placed when I moved earlier this year) last year I was a fortune teller and the year before, a gipsy-pirate %-} My boyfriend (another...
  10. lady fighter

    Class or Practice?

    Though I try to explain to students that they should "practice" at home and "learn" in the Dojang.. Our sessions usually consit of both Practice and Class! I teach 3 to 4 days a week (depending on outside contract programs) I train atleast 2 days a week (wish I had more time)
  11. lady fighter

    TKD Dobaks

    We use cross tie jackets.. all students under 4th dan wear full white uniforms (white pants and club t-shirt during summer months) 4th Dan and higher are permitted to wear black stripes on white pants or to wear solid black pants! Our school is currently looking into Competition uniforms for...
  12. lady fighter

    how many laps does your belt do?

    We use double wrap belts, as do most martial arts schools, org.s etc.
  13. lady fighter

    Newbie to the site!

    Hello Everyone!! I'm new to the site, but have enjoyed reading/posting so far! Humm.. a little about me! Well, I am the mother of a very bright and outgoing little boy!! I've been training in Martial Arts since I was about 3 or 4 yrs. old. I am a third generation Instructor. My father (my...
  14. lady fighter

    Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit

    To my students, I've always tried to explain Perseverance = To Never Give Up!! Always do your best to overcome obstacles! Indomitable Spirit = To have Unbreakable Spirit!! Never allow anyone or anything to Break your Spirit!