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  1. satans.barber

    Kenpo iPod Mini

    Free laser engraving, couldn't resist :)
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    SGM Parker clip: Kill the Golden Goose

    Hi guys, For those who haven't had a chance to see this film, here is a clip of one of SGM Parker's fight scenes: Video is 10Mb big and uses DivX video codec and MP3 audio codec. Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late, I started...
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    A new site for Dr. Chap矇l?

    Evening all :wavey: In another thread someone gave a link to Dr. Chap矇l's site which I hadn't seen before, and was complaining about pop-ups. I went to have a look at the site and although there was obviously a wealth of knowledge there to read and head scratch over, it seemed a little hard...
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    Multiple instructos, how do you handle disputes?

    For those of you that teach as part of a team (like me), how do you handle the situations that occur when you disagree on a technique or move, as in how it should be taught an executed? Say a fellow instructor is teaching, and you're watching or helping, and you basically think 'that's wrong...
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    Mike Pick tactical knife

    Hey, Is there a photo on-line anywhere of Mike Pick's knife, the 'Pick Combat Knife'? There's some discussion on kenponet about it and I wanted to have a look at one, but there doesn't seem to be a photo on Mr. Pick's website ( and Google isn't helping either :(...
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    get your black belt at home courses...

    Came accross this whilst looking for some street fight videos, it's a bit weird! That black belt must have come off eBay surely... Ian.
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    Knife Making Documentary

    There was a link to this documentary on, it's a 25 minute program about a British knife maker, taking you through the process of creating a knife from steel stock through to the finished product. It's interesting stuff. It's got Dutch subtitles but the only commentary is the...
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    Is MT struggling for bandwidth?

    Hi, I've noticed in the last few weeks that MT pages seem to be loading really slowly at most times of the day. I'm on a 576kbit DSL line but even when I'm not accessing or downloading anything else, MT pages are only loading at 5-10Kb/sec which seems really slow, especially when there's lots...
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    Shaolin Kenpo

    Hey, a friend of mine has asked if I want to go along to a 'Shaolin Kenpo' school with him tommorrow, and I was just wondering what to expect? We're both used to EPAK/kickboxing, I guess it's nothing to do with EPAK whatsoever, will it be more like kung fu? I just feel like I should get a...
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    stick length for EPAK

    Hi, I was wondering, is there an official (or pseudo official) way of working out how long a stick should ideally be for American Kenpo (defence), or alternatively a fixed measurement? When I made my pair of sticks I looked around for a reference and found an escrima site that said...
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    what's on your desk?

    Shamelessly stolen from someone's blog: Write a random phrase from each of the following: 1. nearest book to you 2. nearest cd insert 3. nearest piece of paper that you wrote on 4. nearest piece that was written to you 5. something on your desk
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    Well, although I saw this coming a mile off, my instructor has finally quit the martial arts for good tonight. For the second time in 12 months I (and 2 others) were asked to either take over the running of the club immediately, or the club closes immediately. Only this time, it's not...
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    Kenpo Karate Advert

    Hey, I've encoded this for your viewing pleasure (DivX from if you don't have it); it's an old advert from the 70's (I think) with Ed Parker and some of the old Kenpo gang on it. It's the '...and I'm Ed Parker, I teach karate!' one...
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    Repeated Devestation

    Hi, I've been working through the techniques that I need for 1st Dan, and the only one I'm really struggling with is Repeated Devestation, which I'm having to try and learn off a tape that Sensei Cawood made years ago (my instructor has "forgotton" all his 1st dan techniques and I haven't...
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    Knife Films

    I was trying to think of films where a knife (not a sword, that's too easy!) plays a prominent part, i.e. it's integral to the story or helps define one of the main characters. See what you can add to this list: * Crocodile Dundee (Mick Dundee's Aussie Bowie) * The Hunted (Benecio and...
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    Driving across America

    So, anyone ever done any of these routes? : Me and a friend are thinking about saving up and coming back to America (see, test of a good holiday that, would you go back...we are!) and maybe driving one of these over 2-3 weeks (lot of stops and visiting...
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    Reminder: give your training hall a sweep!

    I didn't get chance to sweep up the community centre floor before training tonight, and , consequently, I've just spent 20 minutes digging a shard of glass out of the bottom of my big toe! :( Remember, if you train with bare feet always have a sweep up before you get going! Ian.
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    'Bear and the Ram' naming conventions

    With regards to 'Bear and the Ram', where does the Ram come from :confused: From previous experience, all of the Ram techniques that I know indicate a tackle of some kind, yet in this case the person acting as the ram is doing a right punch..? Why is it not called 'Bear and the Mace' for...
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    Heavanly, ascending fingers...

    Until this week, we used to do Heavanly Ascent completely wrong - instead of making a thrusting wedge with the hands up between the opponent's arms, we would strike forwards into the opponent's stomach/sternum with both hands. Now, I knew this wasn't the wap EPAK'ers did it, but so many of our...
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    sword and hammer, left hand action

    I was taking some students though Sword and Hammer the other night, and for some reason I wasn't sure what I should be doing with my left hand... As the grab comes on, I seem to countergrab with my left hand as I let the handsword go in, then change this to a check as I do the hammerfist (in...
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    black belt grading in 1 hour

    I feel really, really, really sick with nerves....this isn't going to be fun :( Ian.
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    a nerve in your head that twangs

    OK, odd thread title I know! Sometimes, when I make a sudden, jerking movement from a still position, something twangs in my head, under my scalp. I don't know if this is a nerve or what, but it goes from my temple round above my left ear and towards the back of my head, and I can feel it...
  23. satans.barber

    Anyone got a cool knife?

    I got a Hibben Negotiator 2 the other week which I'm very pleased with, anyone else got any knives they want to post a pic of? I put some pics here, they're too large to attatch to the forum: Ian.
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    Watching myself on video...for the second time!

    OK, after authoring such depressing threads as 'Watching myself on video...for the first time' and closely following with 'Teaching is turning me into a feeble wreck' (groans inwardly) I'm now feeling a little more positive :D We had the camera back out on Friday (well, actually a different...
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    Teaching is turning me into a feeble wreck

    After posting a video of myself last week doing really awfully exeuted techniques, I was determined to try and jump back into training some more and and get some practice in. So last night was sparring night - ugh :mad: Rather than stand at the side dolling out advice and shouting 'GET...
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    Cleaning kit...what's all this then! And other questions!

    Hey, So, my Paul Chen PPK and cleaning kit arrived, yay! Of course, being daft the first thing I did was rest the blade on my hand and test the sharpness with my thumb, oops! I guess that's not such a good idea with it not being stainless steel, nasty skin oils and wot-not? So I opened up...
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    Watching myself on video for the first time...

    Well, that didn't do my self-confidence any good! What an odd way to spend 45 minutes... I so obviously don't have an instructor at the moment! I look positively sloppy, that's me doing too much teaching and not enough practice, and having no-one to really pick up on my own faults. Gonna...
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    Bruce Lee Anniversary

    I'm sure many people are aware that today is the 30th anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee. I contemplated typing out a fairly long tribute, but I don't think there's really any cause....I'm sure many people here have had the same entertainment, insight and knowledge from Mr. Lee's legacy of...
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    yay, I graduated!

    That's it, I've officially left University today having had my graduation ceremony! Ammusing pictures of me in a silly gown to be had here! : Ian.