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    Help With Rear Chicken Kicks

    I view the Rear Chicken Kicks as a great way to illustrate how you can maximize backup mass with a rear heel kick. Really puts it into perspective how effective that can be with a crossing in rear heel kick. I agree to take it out of the air, however. :)
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    What's the difference?

    I've never seen that particular patch you speak of...however I have black belt ranks in a style that's a blend of shorinji kempo and a couple other systems as well as kenpo. They're nothing even close in application. From conversations with several people who have been around for the better...
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    Oh geez. Good luck Marlon. :)
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    Tracy History Question...

    You also won't find mention of Dan Farmer, who is a former Rokudan with the Tracy system.
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    IKCA Karate Connection.

    There are techs in the IKCA system that are close analogs of an existing Parker technique, however the vast majority have a piece from tech x, a piece from tech y, etc. Mr. Sullivan did not agree with the motion kenpo philosophy and felt that 15 or 16 moves in a tech would be damn near...
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    SKK Half Moon.......why?

    No fair. You were probably there with the other dinosaurs when he first said it.
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    WOW. This might be the shortest post on record for Doc.
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    First technique

    *Grin.* Lookin forward to it. ;)
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    First technique

    No way - cause some of you dinosaurs have already hit the tar pits.
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    First technique

    A student who studied primarily under Mr. Parker who is still actively involved with EPAK in any of it's various flavors, or a Parker kenpo 50's-90's offshoot. :)
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    First technique

    Odd trivia thought. Who do you know who is still active in a Parker derived system who was pre-II? Geez that'd be a fun list.
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    First technique

    I teach DS concepts for both - altho I do mention there are lineages which reserve DS for a lapel grab and use Sword of Doom as a similar albeit different technique to use against a right punch. The very very first kenpo technique I was ever taught I forgot a long time ago cause that particular...
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    To quote another of Doc's boys..."I'm not Doc, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night." And another quote to a similar question I posed... "It depends." There are extentions taught in the brown levels to orange, blue, and green belt techniques that are prearranged, and...
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    I like the layout - now I have a resource I can look at to compare techs. Good stuff. Bravo.
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    How Mr. Parker taught forms

    SOCK is Mr. Parker's 2nd (I think) book. Secrets Of Chinese Karate = SOCK.
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    kempo and taiji

    While I wouldn't consider myself high ranked - I have practiced t'ai chi for about seven years now. It's movements are included within just about every aspect of the kenpo I practice and teach.
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    teaching Chow related forms

    I teach forms broken down by individual movements before teaching and refining the transitions between the movements. Everyone picks up things a bit different, so the trick for me is finding the best avenue to convey the purpose for the movement being processed.
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    Best Parker/EPAK school in Silicon Valley

    GEEZ. I wasn't looking for one but dang...thanks a TON for the vote of confidence Dave! Honestly speechless here. I think I might know what you felt like when Doc gave you props recently on KT. ;)
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    Any opinions - best Amer. Kenpo in Silicon Valley?

    SCKK is probably your best bet. The organization is headed by John Sepulveda and he used to run that facility before he had some health problems and turned it over to a senior student.
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    How did black gi's become standard for kenpo?

    As I've been told by SGM Chuck Sullivan and by Doc Chap'el, the switch to black was merely a practicality choice. Black uniforms don't show dirt if you lean up against the wall.
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    How long was yur black belt test?

    Yasashii Do Shodan: Wasn't told I was testing - I gave an hour long demonstration of various forms and principles and was surprise promoted following the demonstration. Yasashii Do Nidan: About an hour long formal test, informally tested during class for the prior month. Yasashii Do Sandan &...
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    Good heavy bag stand for kicking.

    I use the karateconnection's "Ultraman Dummy". Best striking device I've ever owned.
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    Once a black belt...

    I do the same. If I have a new student who is a black somewhere else start with me, I give them a belt that always has a black stripe down the center. Serves several purposes: 1) Lets everyone else know they have prior training - again good for multiple reasons. 2) Shows their own respect for...
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    Congratulations to Hanshi Charles Martin!

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    Best Parker/EPAK school in Silicon Valley

    You found the top recommendation in Santa Clara for American Kenpo.