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    T K D

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    Kenpo in TN?

    I wanted to ask if any one knows of any Kenpo schools or Kenpo instructors in Tennessee? Preferably in the middle Tennessee area. I am talking about any system of Kenpo. Thanks alot.
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    Kenpo in Port Arthur or Nacogdoches TX?

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good Kenpo School/Instructor in Port Arthur and Nacogdoches TX? Looking for one for a buddy. Thanks.
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    How much do you charge?

    I wanted to ask you school owners/instructors, how much do you charge? Do you have a contract requirement? How much a month do you charge? Do you have testing fees? If so, how much and why? Thinking of opening a school and looking for a little info. Thank you.
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    What is a practical weapon?

    I wanted to ask what people thought were practical weapons to train with? My point is that a lot of people spend a lot of time training with weapons they will never use in self defense. Such as a sword, nunchacku, sai, three section staff, etc. To me, a practical weapon to train with would more...
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    Want to hear from the Tracy people.

    I want to ask the Tracy people about that system. I have done a little research but not a lot. Does the Tracy system have names to the techs like EPAK? I studied a hybrid system of kenpo that I have come to realize is very different from EPAK. We have 11 techs to the yellow belt. The first being...
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    Brown Belt Degrees?

    I wanted to ask you EPAK guys about the brown belt degrees. Some of you know I come from a hybrid kenpo system where we didn't have degrees to the brown. I was wondering is 1st degree brown lower than 3rd degree and does 1st degree have 3 stripes, 2nd degree 2 stripes, and 3rd degree have 1...
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    What to teach during "Free Trial Lesson"?

    For you school owners/operators and/or instructors, if you offer free trial lesson(s), what do you normally teach during that time? If you only offer one free lesson, what do go through at that time. If you offer a free trial week, what do you teach during that time? Just trying to get a little...
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    Joe Rogan's TKD comment

    Did anyone here watch the UFC Saturday night? If so, did you hear Joe Rogan's comment about TKD. There was a fighter (can't remember the name) who stated he was a TKD stylist. When the fighter was coming into the ring, Joe Rogan stated "i can't believe anyone still claims that system....I used...
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    Any Kenpoist in TN?

    I wanted to ask if there were any kenpoist on this forum located in TN? I am in desperate need of a training partner. If you know some one, then let me know.
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    What system of kenpo is Chuck Lidell?

    I was watching the UFC New Year's Eve special and I noticed (for the first time) that Chuck Lidell has a Kenpo tattoo on his arm. Anyone know what system he studies/studied?
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    Any body here train in the "Lion's Den"?

    Just wondering.:asian:
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    What to start with?

    I was wondering of the people here that teach, what do you start with when teaching a new student? Do you start with the basics and the importance of the basics or do you usually start with a technique or two to "get their attention"? If you start with a technique or two, which one(s) do you...
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    Why a certain Association?

    I wanted to ask every one that belongs to an Organization or Association what do you belong to and why? What I mean by why is, why an organization or association and why did you pick that particular one. What (in your own eyes) do they have/bring to you, that the others don't. Also, what is...
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    IKCA Kenpo?

    Do Mr Sullivan and Mr LeRoux have a "hard site" school? Do they teach EPAK or have they change it to form their own system? Do they accept people into the IKCA that they themselves have not promoted, or do you have be promoted through their video series?
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    Anyone know this instructor?

    I was looking at this website and noticed they have a school listed that is close to me. I was wondering if anyone knows them? If so, how can I get in touch with them? I tried email and the telephone number listed, but had no results...
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    Tracy Kenpo vs. EPAK

    I'm sure this has been talked about before, but I couldn't find it. I've never seen nor trained with any Tracy Kenpoist, so I have this question. How different is Tracy Kenpo from EPAK? What are the major differences? Technique names, the technique itself, etc.?
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    Kenpo Distance Learning?

    I know this has been talked about a lot on this site, and I'm sure it has probably been addressed some where else, I just couldn't find it. So I want to ask the question: 1) What does everyone think about Distance Learning Kenpo through video tape? Is it good or bad, agree with it or disagree...
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    Martial Arts and the Military

    I want to know how many of you are in the military and how much trouble does that cause to your martial arts training. As in moving around and having to leave your school, or deployments.
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    Movies featuring Kenpo

    What movies feature Kenpo? How many are out there?
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    TSD vs. TKD

    How close is TSD to TKD? I have a very close friend who holds a Shodan in TSD and he doesn't really know, he has never trained in nor knows any TKD stylist. Am I comparing apples to oranges here?
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    First technique

    I wanted to ask everyone what was the first technique you learned upon beginning your Kenpo training. I would really like to hear from the senior guys (just interested in what Mr Parker liked to teach first), but everyone please respond. Mine was 5 Swords. Thanks
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    T K D

    I wanted to ask you TKD guys about your system. I am a Kenpoist, and haven't had any exposure to TKD. 1) Are there techniques in the system such as in Kenpo. Are they the requirements for belt promotions? If so, how many on average per belt? 2) Are sets such as kicking, blocking, punching...