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  1. DanT

    No style

    Although I understand your point, my emphasis is on Mastery of a particular art. Similar to learning the piano: yes if I only practice the piano, I won't be good at the guitar. But I'll be damn good at the piano. I'm not necessarily sure what you mean by not protecting the centre outside in...
  2. DanT

    Classical footwork and practical footwork...

    My sifu studied under Wong Shun Leung, a student of Moy Yat, and Chu Shon Tin. I have also studied under a different lineage when I was much younger.
  3. DanT

    Saving Wing Chun by Eliminating Chi Sau

    I think it could exist without the Poon Sao (bong-tan) platform (it does in other Wing Chun systems), but Chi Sao training is still the core, but could be trained using other platforms.
  4. DanT

    Super slow Siu Nim Tau (siu lam tau)

    Any 10 min+ SLT serves to develop "Yi" or mental intent. It has its place, but not during the class, where other things can be trained. For the most part, I try to keep my classes 90% partner drills (techniques, chi sao, sparring), and 10% forms, calisthenics, stretching, air techniques.
  5. DanT

    No style

    People have many reasons for training Martial Arts: - self defence - tornement fighting - mastery of an art If your goal is to master an art, then it serves no purpose to mix, it would be like mixing Jazz and Tap Dancing, or Piano and Guitar. I'm not saying you can't become an amazing fighter...
  6. DanT

    Classical footwork and practical footwork...

    Unlike other traditional styles, Wing Chuns footwork (especially when limited to the forms) is principle based. This means that the forms serve to teach basic hand techniques and footwork patterns, but in application, the practical use is unlimited. They way I was taught, Ving Tsun principles...
  7. DanT

    Would superhuman fighters view others in bullet time? How do irl quick fighers view slower ones?

    Think of it like this. When you throw a baseball to a 2 year old, you use a very slow underhand throw. If you threw the ball overhand at 90 miles an hour, you would kill them. However, a 90 mile an hour fast ball for a baseball player is not that fast. You become comfortable with the speed and...
  8. DanT

    Anti-Grappling Techniques...

    By using these techniques, you may create a flinch response, but you need to be proficient with what to do AFTER they flinch, apart from trying to scoot away and stand up, you're in big trouble. I'm not a BJJ black belt, but I do know some submission wrestling and Shaolin Grappling. What will...
  9. DanT

    What are the Best, Quick Fight Stoppers?

    Lead hook to the jaw is the most common quick fight ender and was always my go-to when people are running their mouth and escalating a situation.
  10. DanT

    Grip strength training.

    - Finger pull-ups (pull-ups but instead of grabbing with your whole hand you just hook your fingers over the bar in a "tiger claw" shape) - Finger Push-ups - Jug lifting (take an empty protein powder container and fill it with sand or rocks, lift it from the top with your fingers gripping it...
  11. DanT

    Wing Chun Stance 50/50? 30/70? 20/80? Weight on Feet?

    They all work if you know what you're doing.
  12. DanT

    Are Standing Arm Break Unsportsmanlike in MMA?

    But when I did fight, I did try and kill the opponent within the rules of the sport. I tried to kill them when I kicked them in the head, I tried to break their leg when I kicked it, I tried to snap their neck when I slammed them... you can't read someone's intent, you have two people kicking...
  13. DanT

    Are Standing Arm Break Unsportsmanlike in MMA?

    If I break an arm it's unsportsmanlike, but if I break a nose or shatter a jaw or cause a spleen to rupture it's a good punch?
  14. DanT

    Reciprocal line for reverse cap, bil, and tan.

    Yes I forgot that's what TWC calls it.
  15. DanT

    Flailing in sparring

    This usually happens when one is not looking at the opponent. You may be "gazing" in their direction, but your vision is out of focus as if you're day dreaming. You also may be flinching. If this happens to you, it takes a couple of months to fix. Continue to spar and focus on focusing your...
  16. DanT

    Reciprocal line for reverse cap, bil, and tan.

    "Right shifted YJKYM" is the stance you would find yourself when doing a turning punch with your left hand. "Biu Ma" is a front stance.
  17. DanT

    Reciprocal line for reverse cap, bil, and tan.

    Yes, from a right shifted YJKYM to a left foot forward Biu Ma.
  18. DanT

    Reciprocal line for reverse cap, bil, and tan.

    A slightly different method that I employ is twisting my hips aggressively to face the dummy as I sidestep and transition the bong into a tan.
  19. DanT

    The ever more complicated training of some lineages...

    I prefer the way we do it: Beginner Level: - 5 beginner Chi Sao attacks and corresponding defences: - Gum Da : Quan Sao - Jik Jurn : Jut Sao - Lap Da : Tan Da - Tan Da : Chum Sao - Bong Da : Jut Sao Intermediate Level: - Student must come up with 20 Initial attacks followed by two follow up...
  20. DanT

    Where have all the chunners gone...

    Question, there are moments, such as at 1:15, where you cross your legs. Is this a tactic or an error?
  21. DanT

    Where have all the chunners gone...

    I have no issue with either method. I do like timing my strikes to land slightly (milliseconds) before my foot lands (JKD method).
  22. DanT

    Where have all the chunners gone...

    I focus more on coordinating and linking my elbow with my hip. In my Wing Chun, we punch with both hip, shoulder, and elbow power. We turn the shoulders and hips when we punch (similar to boxing).
  23. DanT

    Did Bruce get it right?

    By their fruits you will know them. The above that I posted is a representation of 95% of Wing Chun. It's an issue engrained in the way the system is largely practiced. Perhaps you or I have a way of training that does not contain those issues, however that is not true for a majority of the Wing...
  24. DanT

    Tai Chi Combat Self Defense

    Whatever "authentic" means is irrelevant. OP is interested in effective training for combat, not old people martial arts. Training should be external if you want combat skills. "Internal" Chi power is all nonsense.
  25. DanT

    Tai Chi Combat Self Defense

    True Tai Chi combat training involves more sparring and conditioning than anything else. Do your forms after you sparred 20 rounds and ran 5 miles and see how you feel.
  26. DanT

    Wing Chun and mma.

    In the end, all you need are a couple of punches and kicks, some throws and submissions, be in excellent shape, and be courageous, and you'll be fine. Oftentimes, Martial Arts over complicate things.
  27. DanT

    Wing Chun Reform

    Hours of talk, no action, no students, no Kung Fu.
  28. DanT

    Would Wing Chun synergize or clash with Hapkido

    I train in various styles but I make no attempt to mix them. Both me and my teacher have made certain "adaptations" to our Wing Chun in order to fix it. The other styles I train do not have the same issues that typical Wing Chun does. You would benefit more from studying under a great Wing Chun...
  29. DanT

    Self-Taught Martial Artist

    Post the video and I shall analyze it for you if you wish.
  30. DanT

    Traditional Bajiquan martial art

    I agree, Longfist is the foundation of most Northern Systems. It is a simple, hard style that most can pick up pretty easily and can be applied into combat easily.