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    Latest Karate Combat "Anger Wat"

    The sci-fi theater stuff is probably the dumbest thing I've ever seen in a combat sports competition. Literally cheesier than Stargate Atlantis. Somebody needs to start telling Bas Rutten "no." The fights were...not bad. The second was really enjoyable to me because it felt so much like a...
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    New car shopping: compact, premium, fun-to-drive, $30k

    Hey all, the Civic Si that I've been driving for ten years is getting long in the tooth and not holding together particularly well anymore. Next year for my birthday I'm gonna get myself a new car. I'm looking for a C-segment car (compact by US terminology, midsize by UK terminology). I want...
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    I'm Jewish. I just found a bunch of Nazi stuff in my late father in law's things. Now what?

    Not in terms of emotions. He's dead, we were never that close, it is what it is. But in practical terms. I really don't want to own a Nazi coat, Nazi hat, Nazi knives, or a Nazi medal. I don't want to go the pawn shop route and make the day of some neo-Nazi searching for Nazi memorabilia. But...
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    Bellator 213 promo video for Machida

    The dude has a makiwara in his gym! Plus obligatory kata footage, including some group kata training with his training partners.
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    Talk to me about Savate

    If you'll indulge some idle curiosity... Besides the obvious difference of shoes, are there meaningful rule differences between Savate and more popular styles of kickboxing? Has Savate every really gained popularity outside of France? If not, why not? What's your candid opinion of the sport?
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    Kukkiwon demo team: the local timber industry is feeling better already

    I always loved a good TKD demo with theatrical board-breaks, and this easily tops everything I've seen before. These folks don't seem to follow the same rules of gravity that I contend with. If you haven't seen it circulating yet, it's well worth the 20 minutes to watch.
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    With Olympus, full-contact Karate Combat finds its legs

    The organizers have uploaded the full 75 minute event to YouTube: I know there was a previous thread about Karate Combat when it was first announced and they had their first event, but this is different enough and significant enough for it to deserve its own thread in my opinion. Thoughts...
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    Karate Combat Genesis 2018

    Anyone else keeping an eye on this? Apparently some folks have put together a full-contact rule set oriented toward karateka, and the first event featured a bunch of established WKF karateka as competitors and Bas Rutten as a commentator. Good production values too. I'm skeptical that this...
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    e-hogus and punching

    Hi everyone, as a brief introduction, I did TKD through college, spent the past six years dabbling in Shotokan karate and Yang taijiquan, and may return to TKD in the near future. My question is this: could e-hogus increase the frequency of body-punching instead of clinching in WTF TKD? My...
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    For the Shotokan folks--adding full-contact to Shotokan?

    With MMA becoming increasingly popular, and with Lyoto Machida being (for some, including me) Shotokan's new poster-boy, are any other Shotokan karateka interested in incorporating more (or for that matter any) full-contact continuous kumite training into Shotokan? I'm not trying to replace...