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    I have some stuff from youtube

    I wanted to post some youtube stuff. I wanted to know if it is ok and if anything I do is wrong so I can fix any mistakes. It is all about helping others in some kind of idea or concept as in falling down from a bully, kick ideas, what if bully is thrown you down and going to hit you how to...
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    Interview and Ideas for Self Defense

    This is the first interview with good instruction from Body Guard about Time and Distance info. Please let me know so can find more people to work with on finding good self defense Thanks Ty Hatfield
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    Hello and well meet

    Just wanted to say hello, Im a 3rd Dan Ju-Jitsu, 3rd Dan in Hapkido, 1st Dan Judo, 1st Dan in Kenpo, 2 years of Sambo, 19 years training Ju-Jitsu, 36 years Wrestling. Im a All-American, National Freestyle and greco champion, and 2 time high school state champion. I work with many kinds of...