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    Systema blogs

    Heck. let me self promote as well. :) Enjoy.
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    Can I claim self-defense if.......

    A court trial is a contest. Plain and simple. I understand you might find that offensive, you may not want to admit that but at the end of the day it is a contest, not unlike a sporting event. It simply uses atributes other than physical skills, but at the end of the day it is a contest with the...
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    Can I claim self-defense if.......

    You are making a huge assumption that there are no witnesses, that is not in the original post nor overly likely. Unless it is a truly random act the state has a good chance of proving motive. While this is not proof it is a step in that direction. I recall a case in Georgia several years back...
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    Can I claim self-defense if.......

    WC_Iun spelled it out fairly well. The original concept was the person started the fight. Hence they will be held accountable for the outcome. The state will argue that the person killed was attempting to protect himself against an aggressor. The aggressor was not required to defend himself, he...
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    Can I claim self-defense if.......

    Pretty sure the correct legal phrase is toast. Burnt crispy toast! If you got lots of money you can buy a different outcome a high percentage of the time, otherwise......bring the jelly. MJ
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    Full vs. Part Time Teachers

    I am 'part-time' to this thread and did not read anything but the original post. I agree it is all relative to the teacher. In theory I could easily build a case for either and yet in reality it is based on the individual teacher. Disclaimer: I teach on the side, it is not my source of income...
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    Martin Wheeler demonstrating some Systema

    Hands are for offense.
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    June 2011 Pramek-Matt Powell update

    Steve, Are you looking for comments or simply advertising? MJ
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    Systema in Indiana and my first trip to Toronto

    Al, Please PM me the info on when you will be in NC. Thanks. Mark J. PS. Still think you might be a Borg. :)
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    Things to hit!

    Supra, My suggestion is neither. Treat yourself to an art that allows / encourages contact. Striking bags, dummies (that don't breath), boards, pads, etc is of limited use. Every year I get a significant number of 10, 15+ year martial artist come to one class and are amazed that they actually...
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    Kevin Secours

    Perhaps your posts are honest perhaps not. Having seen posts exactly as yours used as 'marketing' for many, many years on forums I have strong doubts. I note how you now talk about things being personal, which was clearly not what I wrote about, an attempted deflection. The first time...
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    Kevin Secours

    Nobodyspecial, How long have you posted on forums? I ask this because your posts come across very insincere and smacks for fraudulence. Your very first post is provactive in nature and most likely self serving. Since you choose to remain anonymous it is highly likely that you are far closer to...
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    Does PO (Kung fu panda) use SYSTEMA?

    There is a Japanese comic book with Mikhail as the main character. Big Dennis received a copy from his in-laws and showed it to me the last time we where together. The Mikhail character wears the white gloves from the picture on 'Beyond the Physical'. Sonny is going to be in a video game soon.
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    Yuri Talalaev Systema Tucson

    As stated by others Yuri is very good and I wish I lived closer. No matter how many days a week you train the learning is mostly done in the homework. For those that simply 'attend' class it does not really matter how many days a week they train, they progress slowly. For those that are active...
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    The Russian System Guidebook By Vladimir Vasiliev

    The Guide Book has been out of print for several years. Unless HQ found a box of them recently they have been out of them for years. I sold my last copy 2 or 3 years ago. Continuously scanning Ebay is probably your best bet. There have been rumors of a re-write for this book but I do not have...
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    Systema School Question

    Xue, Sorry I do not know Roger Thompson, nor does his picture look familar. He is not listed on Vladimir's site as an instructor, although he could be an instructor in training. I recommend calling Vladimir and Valerie to ask them as well as talking to Roger to acertain his training history in...
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    Should "psychic" be refered to as "psychological?"

    From Oxford American Dictionary: psychic adj. 1. of the soul or mind. 2. concerned with processes that seem to be outside physical or natural laws, having or involving extrasensory perception or occult powers. n. a person apparently sussceptible to psychic influences, a medium. Notice the...
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    Starov vs. Kadochnikov, is this going too far?

    Milos, You did not miss anything of importance. Frankly I have no idea why anyone would have even bothered to post such a ......... A complete waste of band width and utter nonsense. MJ
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    Mat Shoes -- Your Recommendations

    Gordon, Start by asking Emmanuel what he will allow on his mats. As I recall he has some nice Zebra or Swain tatami mats so he probably has some do's and don'ts to keep his mats in good shape. When mats are not a concern I recommend training in all sorts of different foot wear. We train on an...
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    Fight Club

    Gordon, Welcome to the family. I hope to meet you in May when I am up for Vlad's seminar. We are coming in a few days early and will catch a couple of Manny's classes. Take care and enjoy, Mark J.
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    Systema Camp 08

    It is not hard to get hands on experience. Vlad is in Austin, Texas next weekend. I understand there will be a good deal of knife training at the seminar. I hope to see you there. MJ
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    I believe that is an old and out of date website. Arkadiy passed away a few years ago. Below are the Systema locations in the Chicago area listed on Vladimir's site: Illinois A Academy of Self Defense Instructor(s):Ray Pohl3753 W 95th St.Evergreen Park, ILUnited StatesPhone:(708)...
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    What is it about Systema?

    What is it that drew me to Systema? A first person experience with Vladimir that blew my mind. Plus his amazing use of 'the wave' shape that is very similar to the shape I trained at the time in a different art. Vladimir was using this shape in methods and ways I had never seen, plus he was...
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    What is Systema? Systema Self Defense Mega clip

    Jarrod, Thanks for the good points of discussion. Some things to consider, Systema does not train pressure point knock outs. Hence what you are seeing is not what you think you are seeing. Systema strikes go 'into' the body and take a heavy toll. For those that do not know what I mean by 'into'...
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    Systema Training In Tennessee

    Harold, In my opinion the next purchase should be the breathing book and possibly the dvd. Then perhaps 'Contact, Impact & Control' or 'Summit of the Masters'. Emmanuel also has an excellent video out called 'Training at Fightclub'. After that I suggest purchasing the dvd's that you are most...
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    Systema Training In Tennessee

    Not that I am aware of. If you wish to train you will have to do it like so many have. Find some like minded people, attend as many seminars, Vladimir and other instructors as possible and visit Toronto once a year or more. Take notes, keep an open mind, watch lots of video, explore every option...
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    shoes good for both martial arts training and everything else?

    Learn to work (train) in all the different shoes you own and then you don't have to worry. Due to my job I often wear dress shoes. I keep a pair of J&M wing tips down on the floor and occassionally wear them just to get the feel. On occassion I also wear my hiking boots, sandals, and casual...
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    Best Judo Books

    Kodokan Judo is a great one. Another favorite is "Judo and Aikido" by Kenji Tomiki. The first 60 pages or so contain a great discussion on posture, walking, balance, etc. Not so much a discussion for the sport player but more for the martial artist/self defense. Good stuff. The problem with this...
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    Kote Gaeshi

    No, not pushing into the arm. Visualize the hand, uke's, as a ball with the wrist on one side of the ball and the knuckles as the other end of a ball and a very finite point in the palm is the center of the ball. Now the ball is rotated around the center so the center point does not move in...
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    Kote Gaeshi

    Kinda hard to do the topic justice via a forum but I'll give it a go. When doing the lock in a three dimensional circular motion the knees of uke, particularly the knee on the same side as the wrist being locked, comes forward and down very harshly. (There is more than just the knee but too...