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  1. hardheadjarhead

    Letter to a Red-Stater.

    Letter to a Red-Stater. What follows is a letter I wrote to my niece's husband, Jack, who lives in Georgia. He'd accused Obama of socialism (as have some here), and I attempted to refute this at length. Steve Scott Punahou, '75 Indiana University, '79. --------------- Jack, Let's look at...
  2. hardheadjarhead

    Colin Powell Endorses Obama

    George W. Bush's former Secretary of State endorses Obama: Regards, Steve
  3. hardheadjarhead

    McCain and Taxes.

    An interesting article on John McCain's chief economic advisor. He says McCain will raise taxes: It isn't particularly sparing of Obama, either. The question really boils down to WHO will they raise the...
  4. hardheadjarhead

    When an idiot robs a convenience store...

    Words fail. Maniacal giggling, however, suffices. The latter escaped me, I confess. Synopsis of video: Idiot goes to rob a store. Idiot can't get past the security glass. Idiot gets locked INSIDE the store. Then, he asks somewhat politely (it seems) to be let out. Spider. Fly. Parlor...
  5. hardheadjarhead

    Wade Steffey

    This is late in being posted, but I was away from M.T. for some time. Forgive me for posting it now. On January 18th, Purdue freshman Wade Steffey turned up missing. A search was initiated, and he was nowhere to be found. Some here may be familiar with the story, as it made the national...
  6. hardheadjarhead

    The Amazing James Hydrick...debunked.

    I don't know if anybody on M.T. has posted this before, but I thought I'd cover it, just in case. James Hydrick, kung fu "expert" and possessor of psychic powers, gets nailed by James Randi on "What's My Line." This is so embarrassing. Regards, Steve
  7. hardheadjarhead

    Springfield XD

    Anybody have one? Opinions? I've carried a Glock...never much cared for the trigger pull. Sounds like a ninety dollar Springfield custom job in this would be what I want. Everything I've read says it shoots like a dream, and the .45 version fits small hands. Let me know. Regards...
  8. hardheadjarhead

    The New Atheism.

    In the last three years there have been a number of books written by atheists that have topped the charts: Sam Harris (who got the ball rolling) with his End of Faith and subsequent Letter to a Christian Nation. Noted biologist Richard Dawkins and his The God Delusion. Daniel Dennett...
  9. hardheadjarhead

    Split from host forum - Chuck Anzalone

    Got a question for Chuck... Is this you? Regards, Steve
  10. hardheadjarhead

    All The President's Lies: Why weren't we ready for 9-11?

    A damning report leveling responsibility for the 9-11 attacks. I don't doubt some here will turn it off as soon as they recognize the reporter. Theirs is a world of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil...not, leastwise, when it comes to this administration. Regards, Steve
  11. hardheadjarhead

    Who Killed The Electric Car?

    I saw this last weekend: A fairly good Wiki review: We have the technology now to produce affordable electric cars that will go over 300 miles on a single...
  12. hardheadjarhead

    Jesus Camp.

    A new documentary that's coming out: Regards, Steve
  13. hardheadjarhead

    Why the 9-11 conspiracies won't go away...

    The movie "Loose Change" started out as a fictional screenplay. I'd argue it remained that way...,9171,1531304-1,00.html Regards, Steve
  14. hardheadjarhead

    This is funny. I think.

    Chinese kung fu training. The West is doomed. Fast forward through the interview...unless you speak Mandarin. Regards, Steve
  15. hardheadjarhead

    Okay...Martial arts from Hell.

    Perhaps some of this stuff belongs in "The Great Debate." Who is the fat guy in the cammie pants throwing "chi balls?" Regards, Steve
  16. hardheadjarhead

    It's easy to be tough, tough to be smart: Martial artdemos we ought not try at home.

    Secondary thread title: "Supposedly fun things I'll never do again." This is Malaysian silat, I believe. Note, please, that the instructor is walking with a cane. Note too how during the final stunt the guy actually manages to come up to a kneeling fighting posture. Sort of...
  17. hardheadjarhead

    Clinton outperformed Bush? Say it isn't so!!!

    Goodness. I thought we brought integrity back to the White House...doesn't that count for SOMETHING!!! And...and...this! Damn those naysayer pollsters! The President doesn't pay attention to the polls. If only his...
  18. hardheadjarhead

    Hell has frozen over...

    Life is surreal at times. Regards, Steve
  19. hardheadjarhead

    Protesters at military funerals...

    Oh my...I find myself applauding Sean Hannity. Never thought I'd do that. The Catholics here might take a bit of umbrage at their web site: Regards, Steve
  20. hardheadjarhead

    Iraq War Will Cost 2 Trillion (with a "t") dollars. We're spending $4.5 billion a month, according to a Marine spokesperson. Gee. Regards, Steve
  21. hardheadjarhead

    Religious conservatives oppose cervical cancer vaccine...say it might cause sex.

    This is just...insane. "Some people have raised the issue of whether this vaccine may be sending an overall message to teen-agers that, 'We expect you to be sexually active,' " said Reginald Finger, a...
  22. hardheadjarhead

    A shortage of strippes in Canada?

    Oh, Canada! You're outsourcing your strippers? The article says women from Eastern Europe come over here and are exploited...methinks that they come here for the money and the hopes of getting out of Eastern Europe. I'm...
  23. hardheadjarhead

    Bush backs down on wage cuts in Katrina aftermath.

    Pro-labor Republicans and Democrats get Bush to reinstate wage protections, cite the use of undocumented workers in reconstruction efforts: Regards, Steve
  24. hardheadjarhead

    51% of Americans have yet to evolve. Regards, Steve
  25. hardheadjarhead

    Report: 92 Percent Of Souls In Hell There On Drug Charges

    Original source, the Onion: Regards, Steve
  26. hardheadjarhead

    The Diamond Sutra

    Not that most of you can read it, but there is a really cool version of the Diamond Sutra at this site: Regards, Steve
  27. hardheadjarhead

    The Fifteen All-time Butt-kicking Babes of Hollywood.

    Tara Sultana. Oh yesssss...,6115,611882_1_0_,00.html Regards, Steve