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  1. donna

    Free Rice

    Had a bit of fun with this site, just thought I would share:)
  2. donna

    Fake Myspace Page warning

    This warning was just aired on one of our local Morning Shows on TV. Please check the address bar before you log in to your myspace account as over 70,000 login details have been found on this site. There are more details on the blogsite...
  3. donna

    How do YOU teach someone to Spar

    What are the minimum skills you teach a beginner before you let them begin sparring? Once they know those skills , how do you teach them sparring? or do you just throw them in the deep end and let them learn as they go? I am looking into a new club to join, and I only have my old club (which...
  4. donna

    Womans Dream

    Loved this, if only it were true:)
  5. donna

    What conditions cancel training?

    Training has been cancelled this week due to a run of very hot weather. It is 44.3C (or around 112F) here at the moment and our dojo has no aircon, so for safety reasons we are not training. What conditions, hot or cold would it take for your school to cancel training?.
  6. donna

    Problem kicking in air

    I have a real problem doing kicking drills in the air. I cant get any height and it hurts my hips(especially the roundhouse kicks). I have no problem when I have a target to hit, like the heavy bag or dummy, but I just cant seem to relax my hips enough when I have no target. Has anyone any ideas...
  7. donna

    Kids are Quick

    Kids are Quick TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America. MARIA: Here it is. TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America? CLASS: Maria. ____________________________________ TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on...
  8. donna

    Science Quiz

    Hope someone hasnt already posted this.
  9. donna

    Amazing Father and Son

    This article moved me so much. I just wanted to share.
  10. donna

    Heel Spurs or Plantar Fascilitis

    As a sufferer, I am always on the lookout for information and I found this web site that has a lot of good information. Has anyone tried taping techniques? did they work for you?
  11. donna

    How do you treat your bruises?

    I tend to bruise easily. Most times if I know I have bruised myself ,I use ice then over the next few days ,gentle massage. Do any of you have any better treatments that help to prevent a bad bruise or help it to fade quicker?
  12. donna

    tradition of wearing your new blackbelt for 24 hours

    In our system, when you earn your brown belt, and again when you earn your black belt, you are required to wear it for 24 hours before you take it off for the first time. This is all inclusive for showering, work, sleep, etc.. you are not supposed to take it off. It is supposed to represent how...
  13. donna

    What would You Do?

    What would you do if you suddenly found yourself with nowhere to train. For example if your dojo closed and you lived in an isolated place with no alternatives?
  14. donna

    Extremes of temperature when Training

    Further to the topic of summer uniforms, what extremes of temperature does your Dojo have. Ours varies from around 4 degrees Celcius in winter , that was the coldest I can recall, to frequent days around 45 degrees in summer. Only on rare occasions if people start to feel dizzy are we allowed to...
  15. donna

    How can I help my Son

    My 14 yr old Son received his brown belt in December.He worked really hard for it and I am so proud of him. When classes started again after the Christmas break he said he didnt want to train at our dojo any more. I thought he maybe just needed a break so I didnt push the issue. He still trains...
  16. donna

    robot wrestling

    Gotta love these little fellows:ultracool
  17. donna

    The Ultimate Martial Art :) Love this:)
  18. donna

    Hi from Western Australia

    Hi my name is Donna and I am studying Zen Do Kai here in Kalgoorlie Western Australia. I am currently a blue belt. I am a late starter having begun martial arts last year as a 44th birthday present to myself. My boys gave me my gi as a present. I have 4 boys and a daughter. I am enjoying...