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  1. bydand

    Best day/s you ever had in To-Shin Do?

    Siting here tonight thinking of the years that have gone by, and the different people I have had the chance to train with in To-Shin Do now. I remember when we made the switch in 1996 to To-Shin Do at the Dojo I started my training, and it was still in it's infancy. Brett Varnum and John...
  2. bydand

    Anybody get to Discovery 2008?

    Just wondering if anybody made it to the Discovery 2008 seminar in Portland, Maine. Right in my backyard almost and I was WAY too busy to make it. Just wondering what the highlights were from somebody who was able to be there.
  3. bydand

    spotty rep

    Just tried to rep MACaver and got a message I couldn't rep that post. It was a post made today if that makes a difference. But just repped somebody else in another thread without a problem. Any thoughts? BTW, I do like the reset. Kind of ids-heartening to see less than 100 rep points and...
  4. bydand

    To-Shin Do Practitioners! Mark your calanders

    Just noticed on their website. Portland, Maines' Quest Center has announced their Discovery dates for this year. Mark March 1st and 2nd for Discovery 2008! If you haven't been to one, try to make it. If you have been to one already, I'll see you there because I know you want to return. It...
  5. bydand


    Well it is beginning to smell a bit like West Texas in Washburn today. I broke out the smoker and picked up a big ol' Beef Brisket. Did the rub this morning early and put on the Hickory wood right after. By noon it was ready for the meat, and should be ready for Supper tomorrow evening...
  6. bydand

    Another one "In the Bag"

    Well yet another Halloween has come and gone. Looking at The Ruffians tonight I was reminded that I only have a few more years of going out with them. I was heartened to see a LOT of teenagers dressed up and out trick-or-treating tonight. When I say teens, I mean 15,16,17 year-olds dressed to...
  7. bydand

    Unfettered Mind.

    Anybody ever read the book, "The Unfettered Mind." I had brushed through it a few... OK many years back, but just sat down last night and really started to read it. It is quite good. Just like any translation there is a whole section at the beginning of who and why did this translation, but...
  8. bydand

    Holy sore legs Batman!

    OK, I thought mt legs are in pretty good shape. I mean I climb ladders most days, all day. Last night I got to play Uke (Japanese for "punching bag" or at least it should be) for almost 3 hours straight. Even after all the training I've done over the years, my legs feel like they are going to...
  9. bydand

    Teacher Problems... Again

    Most of you know that I support teachers in our public schools 99.99% of the time. Again this year my oldest boys have drawn a couple that I am really having a hard time with (a couple of years ago I was bumping heads with one of their teachers as well, but that is the exception and not...
  10. bydand

    What's next?

    I just ran across this on another forum. Somebody is convinced that the WiFi network is evil and the WiFi signal is making everybody sick. She posted this link and I foolishly followed it thinking WTF why not see what the crazy half is thinking. Man talk about taking the little tinfoil hat to...
  11. bydand

    Your Car.

    Just ran across this on another site and thought it was cute. Didn't have any of my vehicles but I can just imagine.
  12. bydand


    OK, sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands. After viewing this video I understand I have nowhere near as much idle time as some people. Pretty cool though!
  13. bydand

    Outdoor/Camp food

    The new section and knowledge base of fellow outdoor enthusiasts caused me to wonder how you think of your food and eating while out in the boonies. Is it a major consideration and one you put lots of thoughts into, or just something you have to do once in a while when you are out there? Along...
  14. bydand

    Hyphenated Names

    This was just sent to me and I about shot a diet Iced Tea out my nose. When NOT to hyphenate your last name:
  15. bydand

    Bad Joke thread.

    I thought there was a thread already with bad jokes, but tried a search and it didn't turn up. So here is a place to post those groaners that are bad, but still hold a shred of comedy, or are just so darn bad you have to share. I'll start with one my dear wife drug home today. Why don't...
  16. bydand

    Have you lost your mind?

    That seems to be the question of the day around the Gordon household. I just cannot figure out why. Could be the little tyke I added to the household this afternoon. The Ruffians named him Buddy and are already right in love with him. Can you tell he has already had a workout, I think the...
  17. bydand

    Where I was this week-end

    Here are a couple of photos that were taken this week-end at my brothers wedding. Just a couple of different types of photos I thought were cool and not your typical photos. Of course I have to add one more traditional one of them during the wedding itself. But even that isn't real common...
  18. bydand


    I'll admit it, my attitude hasn't been the best of late around here. Been thinking of why I cannot stand to open a thread with To-Shin-Do anywhere in the title, and have came to the conclusion that while I have always been a bit reserved, others are not. I have never been one to shout to the...
  19. bydand

    MA's + non-MA's?

    Last night I went out for the first time in a LONG time. Laura was working and I had my Mother watch the Ruffians so I could go out to my Brothers bachelor party. I just had a couple of Pepsi's all night and overall it was a blast. Just as a note to others, mixing rednecks, alcohol, and...
  20. bydand

    Today was a good day!

    Here is a couple of photos from this afternoon. Took the Ruffians out shooting and this is the oldest, Nick. He was a trooper! I took out a mix of handguns and rifles and the little turkey had tried every one of them by the time we packed up to head home. The one with the rifle was just...
  21. bydand

    Weight Loss? HELP!

    Ok where to start? I need to lose some weight and get back in shape. Just have a bunch of questions for all of you out there on MT. I am not a real big fan of diets, I have seen them fail far too often, but do need to drop about 40 pounds. What is the best way of dropping some extra baggage...
  22. bydand

    The Pink Envelope.

    One Sunday, in counting the money in the weekly offering, the pastor of the Martial Talk Church/Pub & Grub found a pink envelope containing $1,000. It happened again the next week. The following Sunday, he watched as the offering was collected and saw a little old lady put the distinctive...
  23. bydand

    No Clue!

    Right, as if I'm going to actually admit that :). I am referring to the card trick done in this link it was sent to me tonight and I had to pass it along. Personally I think the guy is a bit grating, and the insulting type of act only worked for Don Rickles, everybody after him just looked...
  24. bydand

    Movies you would like to see made?

    Just thinking today about some of the many books I had read over the years and which ones would make a good movie. That of course led to the old movies I've seen and would like to see an updated version. What got me thinking about the movies was running across "The Bad News Bears" on one of...
  25. bydand

    Old Farmer

    An old hillbilly farmer had a wife who nagged him unmercifully. From morning till night (and sometimes later), she was always complaining about something. The only time he got any relief was when he was out plowing with his old mule, and he tried to plow a lot. One day, when he was out...
  26. bydand

    Another "rep" question :banghead:

    Having just made the mistake of giving some knucklehead a good rep when I meant to ding the post made, is there any way of going back and changing the rep you just handed out? Not that I would normally do that, just a question because I have also gave out rep to somebody when I hit the wrong...
  27. bydand

    Out of Town!

    Hi all, just wanted to say Bye for a bit. :wavey: I'm taking the family on vacation tomorrow morning and will be away from the computer, phone, TV, work, etc... for a few weeks. That means I'll not be able to post here, or bother anybody on MT for a bit. We are headed back "home" to West...
  28. bydand

    Good Ad for Micky D's

    I was just sent this and had to share. I got a good laugh.
  29. bydand

    Adherence to "curriculum"?

    Something in a couple of other threads over the past few months have got me wondering. Just how close to the lay-out and "order" do your individual schools stick. I have talked to some students whose schools are straight down the line and hardly anything "extra" is introduced until way...
  30. bydand

    Nice Day

    Headed out of the house this morning at 4 AM with my 2 oldest boys to pick up a friend and his son to go fishing. We headed downstate a bit to a beautiful little lake named Mattawamkeag Lake looking for Pickerel and Bass. There are about 25 or 30 houses and cottages around the lake so it can...