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  1. satans.barber

    Kenpo iPod Mini

    Free laser engraving, couldn't resist :)
  2. satans.barber

    shawn of the dead

    British humour is lost on you lot isn't it :) Ian.
  3. satans.barber

    Mayors Ed Parker Kenpo Karate Ring?

    Now that's what I call bling! :) Ian.
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    SGM Parker clip: Kill the Golden Goose

    Wow, have I caused all this arguing!? I named it wrong, I'm sorry! I didn't do it out of disrespect it was just a simple mistake. I only put it there so people could see SGM Parker in action in film, wasn't meant to be a film studies thread or anything... Ian.
  5. satans.barber

    SGM Parker clip: Kill the Golden Goose

    Oops, this is my mistake! The clip is indeed from a pink panther film (not sure which one). I looked on IMDB but I've obviously done it while I was half asleep or something as I though the 'Mr. Chong' character was from Kill The Golden Goose. I'll do some press-ups or something as...
  6. satans.barber

    SGM Parker clip: Kill the Golden Goose

    Anyone who an't play the video needs to download the *latest* DivX codec, if you have an out of date one it may not work. Just grab teh newest one (free one is fine) from and it should play fine. Ian.
  7. satans.barber

    SGM Parker clip: Kill the Golden Goose

    Hi guys, For those who haven't had a chance to see this film, here is a clip of one of SGM Parker's fight scenes: Video is 10Mb big and uses DivX video codec and MP3 audio codec. Sorry I've been a bit quiet of late, I started...
  8. satans.barber

    Can you ever repay your instructor

    As an instructor myself, all I could ever ask for would be a little thanks and a little respect, both of which are easy to give (though oftentimes harder to give sincerely...). So yes, I think you can. Ian.
  9. satans.barber

    Lock Flow

    Perhaps this could be a topic for a future On the Mat clip so we could see it on video? Josh? Ian.
  10. satans.barber

    Disturbing Movies

    I found Saving Private Ryan disturbing at the start (Normandy landings section) because I don't think I'd ever seen a film that portrayed war that accurately before, and I really felt like I was crawling about in that sand with them and about to die (kudos to Speilberg). Clockwork Orange is...
  11. satans.barber

    Will Tracy Kenpo History Articles Link (AWESOME!)

    Was he? My mistake then, I though he'd trained under SGM Parker. He's a talented guy, both in the ring and on screen, kudos. Ian.
  12. satans.barber

    Will Tracy Kenpo History Articles Link (AWESOME!)

    I stopped reading when I got to the bit about how 'American Kenpo obviously doesn't work because it's never produced a World class fighter', um, Benny Urquidez held 6 World championships didn't he? Ian.
  13. satans.barber

    Site Move complete..... :) Ian.
  14. satans.barber

    Site Move complete.....

    Nice work Bob, I've done things like that myself so I know how stressful it can be! Site seems to be running much faster as well (although it's only 10am here so I guess all the Americans are still in bed leaving me all the bandwidth, mwahaha :) ) Ian.
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    Let the Questions Begin.......

    Pics here mj-hi-jah if you want any: Ian.
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    A new site for Dr. Chap矇l?

    Firstly, to respond to Mr. Harvey's comments: Mr. Harvey, obviously you're a personal friend of Doc's and so I appreciate your insights into his character; I've never met him personally and so I was at a disadvantage trying to come up with something he likes. When Doc has more time free, if...
  17. satans.barber

    Twirling Sacrifice - Help!

    So, by your logic, no tape of any kind can ever have any educational value, is that what you're saying? Hey, I tell you what, books are pretty useless too don't you think? I mean some of them don't even have pictures in!!!! Completely useless, let's burn them all. Ian.
  18. satans.barber

    Twirling Sacrifice - Help!

    I have seen the technique as executed in a traditional EPAK syllabus on Larry Tatum's video tape series which I have studied in depth, so to say I have "no idea what it entails" isn't exactly true. Once you have catted behind your opponent if you can't manage to lift them (which was the...
  19. satans.barber

    What game are you playing these days?

    if you bring the console down with the `竅| key up in the corner of the keyboard and type '\save_game' then you can save whenever you like. It'd be very very difficult if you couldn't do that as those little pink monster things keep killing me! Ian.
  20. satans.barber

    Twirling Sacrifice - Help!

    We don't do the technique the same as EPAK people do (I can't say I like the original one too much to be honest) so I can't comment on that technique directly, but from a practical point of view why not graft to Crashing Wings instead? Ian.
  21. satans.barber


    The other ones were the same text arranged around different dragons. Some of the dragons looked a bit naff though, none of the other designs were as nice as the last one which I posted. I'm glad people like it, I'll have to put a photo of the finished article up once I've had it done! Thanks...
  22. satans.barber

    Hibben Claw II in the U.K ...or eBay at half the price. Ian.
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    A new site for Dr. Chap矇l?

    Jason and I are now going to work together on this, hopefully we'll be able to produce a great new site that not only Doc himself likes, but you guys will enjoy too. I'm going to finish converting Doc's existing site into my new design, and then I'm going to pass this over to Jason who will...
  24. satans.barber

    The Perfect Weapon Form

    I wonder why SGM Parker didn't take a part in the film himself? I know he would have been busy at the time the film was made, but for instance the part of the kempo instructor is only 2 small scenes really, I think it would have been great if he has played that role. Ian.
  25. satans.barber

    Serious Quizzes

    Got 12/15 on the 'Europe' quiz. Ian.
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    people on drugs

    On a related note, do any drugs ('recreational' drugs, I don't mean steroids!) actually make people physically stronger? It's obvious from what people have said and what I already knew that their resistance to pain can be reduced or completely nullified, which makes them more dangerous, but is...
  27. satans.barber

    people on drugs

    That would be my thinking too, if they can't breath, they can't fight, whether they're on drugs or not? I would think as well as the throat a good kick to the sternum would be good as well to try and wind them. Ian.
  28. satans.barber


    Thanks! On the left it says 'spirit of the tiger and the dragon', and on the right 'kempo karate'. Ian.
  29. satans.barber


    Congrats Jason, I'm sure you'll make a great Dad :) Ian.