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    Queen Elizabeth II.

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    Raspberry Pi

    A reoccurring curiosity of mine. A few years ago I saw how somebody had a hydroponic garden above a fish 'tank' regulated by a Raspberry computer, but I did not look closer into it. Now I am hoping to actually garden, and I bought chicks. The Raspberry popped up again, could I use that thing...
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    Ray Liotta

    On my way back from the store I heard the news, Ray Liotta has passed away at the age of 67.
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    Time to work out

    Finding myself supremely unfit, with 2020 2.0 not helping any endeavors to change that and messing with any type of regular schedules. I started to wonder. Now, I have never been an early riser by choice, but 30 years of catering to family who had to, I find myself unable to sleep in most...
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    Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

    She will be missed for decades to come
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    Linux Install

    I seem to come back to this at times, but I am not really into this sort of Frankenstaining my machines. Turn on and run, and I am happy (I lucked out on this whole C64 thing....) SO I have this old laptop that needed some surgery. It's fine now, and turns on, but doe not boot into Windows. I...
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    Need some book search help

    a couple of books my husband read (back when the earth was cooling) The Five Fingers - the story of 5 special ops in Vietnam. Charlie Mike - a true story about Vietnam. I don't know the authors. and it's not what I read, so Ia m of little help there
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    Wireless printer

    I had to buy a new one, as I kill printers with an alarming rate, even before the ink runs dry. Ok, the new machine is an Epson, wireless, (home) office grade with fax, and all the fancy stuff, like sucking the paper back in to print the reverse.... anyhow, How can I set this up so that I can...
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    10-4 Bandit

    RIP Burt Reynolds.
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    RIP Net Neutrality.

    So Alabama elects a democrat to Senate, and the FCC revokes net neutrality (and Ia m surrounded by people stuck in apathy) It will at bare minimum affect our pocket books, if not throttle our access to content all together. making my way through the tumbleweeds of the study, I found this: 10...
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    So long, friend.

    Didn't know the guy long, and only through Facebook. A Navy vet, and player of 'the Great Game', where he sacrificed his health. Self proclaimed autistic, he spend much of his time educating his friends about the finer points of current events. Ian Diverty, you will be missed.
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    William Christpher

    2026 claimed another..... Unforgettable as chaplain of the 4022....
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    Anybody know this guy?

    (sorry for the cross post, but terminology demands it! :oops:) Andrew Wood Pegasus Personal Growth (second profile down)
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    Anybody know this dude?

    Andrew Wood Pegasus Personal Growth Second profile down.
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    God Bless Texas

    Texas bill would make recording police illegal for citizens
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    Sir Terry Pratchett

    With great sadness I heard that one of my literary heroes has passed on. Terry Pratchett had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers, a cruel fate for any man, but especially for such a brilliant mind. As it has been put: AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER. He will be missed.
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    Leonard Nimoy

    Mr Spock
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    Need some help

    Ok, getting ambitious: Library is going to host a little anime cosplay gig. Since they are holding it at the civic center, they are also inviting vendors. Enter me. I am considering going, either with my photo booth equipment (damn the printer that decided to give me the middle finger) or as...
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    Hey! Bob!

    Still with us?
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    The Printing service

    what was that again? I forgot the name and can't even find it in my favorites (although I know I put it there) Walmart took the HP machines out and I really do not like the other ones they are having, never did. ind of sucks, because I sort of want the pictures right now. Guess I'll be...
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    PSE 12 - Catalogs, Albums, Catergories

    Ok, I am FINALLY, wading through the tutorials of one of my programs. :p And here I have a question: How do you use the above mentioned categories? I have already thousands of pictures on the computer (high time to back them up, I know). But I m a little organizationally challenged... And a...
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    Old Apple...

    yes, I am just full of questions today ain't I.... The Boys have a really old Apple computer that was donated a year ago, but it's 15 years old by now and recently bit the dust. There was nothing really important on it, I don't even think the roster of the troop, but a ongoing tally of cash on...
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    Ok, problem: I have a small Girl Scout troop. The girls are barely old enough to look at the net (my oldest is 14), and the parents are not into letting the girls online (for various reasons) but the content has gotten so net centric, it's driving me nuts. We meet in a church basement. No wifi...
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    Lion Fish, in a river near you?

    warm river, I suppose.... Sixth-Grader's Science Fair Finding Shocks Ecologists : NPR The young lady made a stunning discovery, even the experts didn't know, it seems.
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    Images from WWI

    Never Before Published World War One Photographs Revealed - NBC News
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    In Time for Memorial Day Things rarely seen

    Never published images from WWI Never Before Published World War One Photographs Revealed - NBC News amazing.
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    Chrome Book?

    Looked at a tiny 'laptop' the other day, it would - I think - fulfill my needs for when I travel: 8 1/2 hours of battery life, vs the 2 I get from my current laptop. But the OS has me stumped. It was not mentioned, so I am guessing it's not Windows (not a bad thing, I can do without 8 for the...
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    Of Mice and Men

    Did the Vikings reach Madeira? DNA studies of mice found on Madeira, a small island off the coast of Africa, suggests that the Vikings had visited long before the Portuguese arrived. Interesting stuff.
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    Minnesota Man Guilty of Murder shooting burglars

    Minnesota man convicted of premeditated murder discuss.
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    Now why do you think you get to talk about this to a stranger?

    Here is what happened: Sometime in early January a survey/article about strong women, leadership role models included a link to the Texas lawmaker lady who filibustered for 13 hours, disregarding her own health, in order to prevent sneaky backdoor legislation being passed. Subject: 'Abortion'...