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    What has changed for you as you've trained?

    No thanks, my lifestyle is soothing enough. That and the occasional beer.
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    What has changed for you as you've trained?

    When I was late teens/early 20s, martial arts were about protecting my manhood. The only thing I cared about was being able to kick everyone's *** around me. I was an insecure wreck. My mentality was shaped by Van Damme movies, Shonen manga/anime, and mma fighters beating their chests and...
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    Frank Mir vs fedor

    To be fair, Fedor's chin looked shot against Mitrione and Fabio (and even as far back as Hendo), Mir was probably thinking easy KO and it probably would've been except Fedor found Mir's shot chin first.
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    Mma street fight

    More specifically, notice how he crossed his feet when he went for it. This is a huge no-no, and it's exactly why he got slammed because it left his opponent free to posture up. His right leg should have been hooked behind his opponent's head and pulling towards himself as he extended his hips...
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    Jon jones fails drug test yet again

    I dunno if I'd go THAT far. Tyson was pretty out there in his younger years. Love seeing the heel-face-turn that he made as he got older though....hopefully Bones can do the same, maybe he could use some life lessons from old Iron Mike.
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    MMA fighter kills weightlifter

    I'm not even convinced of that first sentence. If you stop early, he might get up, then you might have to hit him a hundred more times and end up doing much more damage than you would have if you had just done it the right way to begin with. Or take that damage yourself, depending on how it...
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    MMA fighter kills weightlifter

    Is it a conundrum? As a fighter, you do not get paid to do the referee's job. To me that's pretty black and white. Also, if you let him recover and have to hit him another hundred or so times to get the win, you're probably doing more damage than if you had simply kept going and put him away...
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    MMA fighter kills weightlifter

    It's the referee's job to stop the fight, not the fighters. If you're hitting a guy and you decide to stop there's a good chance - against some opponents a dangerously high chance - that he's going to get up and attack you again and the fight is still on.
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    Martial Arts Are Crap, Says The Man

    Florida resident checking in. Can confirm. Anytime you hear about somebody doing something completely batshit insane somewhere in America, there's an 80% chance it was in this state.
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    What does it mean to be well-rounded and why would I want that?

    1) It depends on context. In MMA, well rounded means you can handle yourself in every situation - standing, on the ground, in the clinch. Outside of MMA circles I don't hear it used very often but when I do it's typically based to varying degrees on the MMA standard in some shape or form...
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    Judo test times

    A yellow belt in judo just means you can fall to the mat without getting your **** stuck in the ceiling fan. 2 months isn't unreasonable.
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    Train how to deal with left/right hook punches

    My first suggestion would be don't fight someone that much faster, more powerful, more ferocious, tougher, and more skilled than you are...,
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    The state of mma today

    As opposed to what? The good ole days of mma where the Yakuza controlled the world's biggest promotion and fighters wore "condom depot" logos across their *** in order to make enough sponsorship money to pay rent? The NFL, where rapists and dog fighters get fined pocket change and go right...
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    Backyard fight between teenagers-mixed feelings

    Are some of you watching a different video than I just did? Because in the one I saw, those kids very obviously knew what they were doing and very obviously have some training. No, it wasn't Jon Jones vs. Aleksandr Gustaffson but if you can't tell the difference between these 2 guys and a...
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    Aikido hate

    I don't hate aikido at all. I'm also impressed with the guy in O'malley's video. That said, if you ask me who would win a fight between a high level aikodo practitioner and a high level wrestler I'm still going with the wrestler 10 times out of 10. If this qualifies as "hate" then I agree...
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    Conditioning in BJJ

    In VERY general terms, by grappling you will develop more muscular endurance but not quite as much cardiovascular endurance compared to an intense striking curriculum. Don't take that as black and white though, there is a ton of individual variability.
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    What is the purpose in your MA training?

    1) Have fun and enjoy life 2) Randori builds character like nothing else possibly can 3) Self-actualizaton/mastery. I will never attain this but I will enjoy the journey for as long as it lasts. 4) Stay in shape 5) In a roundabout way it's good for mental health - getting b1tch tossed...
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    BJJ vs striking arts in self defence

    If you're worried about multiple attackers then you need to focus on your 400 meter dash time and maybe some weapons training, not whether bjj > karate and boxing or vice versa.
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    Self Defense usage of the Grappling Arts

    I'm a judo guy so no, our class is mostly sport oriented. I've done bjj before at a couple of different locations and the self-defense aspect of it is hit or miss, one class had a self-defense specific day per week and the other was pure sport. That said, the idea that "if you're on the ground...
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    How to punch more effectively ?

    How good are you at jamming kicks? He throws a lot of snappy front kicks where he just kind of flicks his leg at you the way a lot of boxers might throw a jab. These are effective for gauging distance or to use as a distraction to set up another attack but if you're trained on jamming kicks...
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    Brock Lesnar fails drug test (big surprise)

    I usually don't get too up in arms over steroid busts but here's what makes this particular case completely fukked. Dana White enabled an exemption to USADA testing for Lesnar (but not Hunt) - it's obvious he booked this fight on short notice in order to slip him through the loophole that would...
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    whats the point of grappling arts?

    So is everything else other than knife fighting and/or 400 meter dash training. Seriously, no amount of karate or anything else is going to make me feel particularly good about fighting multiple attackers. Although points of knowing how to fight on the ground in case you end up there against...
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    Strength vs Endurance for novice in wrestling

    If you're talking about what to do in the gym - strength. But don't overdo it because you're getting a lot of muscular work from wrestling as it is and it's easy to overtrain. Look up a twice per week basic strength training program, that should be plenty. There's a pretty solid one on...
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    Judo For Self-Defense On The Street?

    I remember hearing about that, and as I recall she was actually holding her own decently well at the time. Granted there's no telling what would have happened if the other guy wasn't there to intervene but still, it's not like the attacker was just completely having his way with her before the...
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    The strengths and weaknesses of 5 popular grappling arts

    To be fair, he has no knowledge about any of the martial arts he wrote about either.
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    Yoga and Martial Arts....

    I practice yoga 4-5x per week (I try everyday but I'm usually not THAT good about it). Mostly vinyasa and/or restorative. I'd be here all day if I tried to go into detail on all of the ways it's helped me but here's the abridged version - everything from pain relief to supplementing my martial...
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    Stephen Thompson

    Between the fights with Rory and Big Rig he looks unstoppable. But Lawler vs. Woodley is happening first and imo Woodley vs. Thompson is the more interesting fight.
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    Does the old attitude of bullies exist still

    From my experience in jiujitsu the bullies don't last long, most of them never get through the initial douchebag filter. There is one and only one way to get good at grappling and that's to roll with people your level or higher and get tapped out thousands of times - which means thousands of...
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    Fighting to gain respect.

    I was thinking the same, why not get his *** thrown in jail instead of judo throwing him and risk causing an injury that gets YOU in trouble?
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    I have this lingering suspicion that you think this because you don't really understand what you're watching. Lingering suspicion confirmed. Very few (if any) fighters in the history of boxing or kickboxing have been trained to simply "put their arms in front of their face and that's it" as...