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  1. Fight with attitude

    How long before a MMA fight do you take the gi off?

    I've heard a lot of people tell me that they train with a gi on all the time and only take it off a few weeks up to their MMA fight. I'm hopeing this doesn't go into a no gi vs gi debate. I'm just wondering how long people who train in gi's take them off before a fight or if they even take...
  2. Fight with attitude

    Funny BJJ video

    I watched this video right before my BJJ class and I felt kind of werid after leaving my house to go there tonight ;)
  3. Fight with attitude

    Any bad feelings after a fight?

    I fought tonight in my first MMA match. When I looked at who I was fighting I knew I had to kept the match standing up because he was great on the ground. So for a week leading up to the fight I kept on saying to myself and everyone else who I talked to about the fight that it was going to end...
  4. Fight with attitude

    I almost died a week ago

    As some of you know I'm a bouncer, it's not the easyest job in the world. Last week I was trying to talk a guy into givening me his beer because he was drinking it illegelly. After a few times of asking I knew he wouldn't I grabbed the beer myself and tried to take it at which time I either got...
  5. Fight with attitude

    Necessary force

    I'm a bouncer at a bar, I'm pretty new to the job, I've been there for about 3 months but not new to Martial Arts. I've been training in MMA for the last two years. This is a question to all police officers or bouncer's, how do you define necessary force? When a fight does break out I'm never...
  6. Fight with attitude

    Bodybuilder's exaggerated skull structure saves life

    I personaly think this is a funny article...yes, I'll admit it's a fake but still funny none the less, enjoy.
  7. Fight with attitude

    Computer Science and Engineering lectors

    Link to TONS of University lectors on Computer Science and Engineering. Just type computer into the search.
  8. Fight with attitude

    How much did judges and fans change fighting?

    I know MMA and boxing are sports and needs fans and judges because they wouldn't draw money. I'm just saying that boxing and MMA is a form of point fighting. How many times do you watch a boxing match and see one guy totally up right and "flicking" punches...he's up right so that everyone can...
  9. Fight with attitude

    So You Want to Train in Iraq?

    This is a very good story of MMA and BJJ training in Iraq. SGT Adam Wilson is currently in Iraq, training Iraqi soldiers who will be put in charge of defending their homes. Whatever your politics and feelings on the war happen to be, please be aware that there are heroic individuals...
  10. Fight with attitude

    Mezger blacks out, Ortiz needs new main event opponent for next UFC

    Guy Mezger, who was scheduled to face Tito Ortiz in the main event of the 10/22 UFC show in Atlantic City, fainted twice in training today, and was hospitalized. It was feared he had suffered a stroke, although later reports indicate that wasn't the case. Mezger is off the show. With just seven...
  11. Fight with attitude

    Frank Mir seriously injured

    UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir was seriously injured last night in a motorcycle accident. While riding his motorcycle, he was hit by a car and knocked off the bike, and flew 70 feet off his motorcycle, breaking his femur upon landing. Probably the only thing that saved his life was he...
  12. Fight with attitude

    Funny karate video

    This made me laugh so hard :D Warning: foul language