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    Would you hit a woman who was unarmed?

    Surely you respond in accordance to the level of threat?
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    Steven Seagal and Jesse Emkamp

    I think you nailed it right here. They train repetitively to improve their techniques, but kind of expect to naturally get better at the opportunity part as time goes by, by honing their timing to such a degree that they can catch the opponent in the slightest imbalance as they close distance...
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    Chinese proverb

    Correct answer is "Of course she heard it."
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    Chinese proverb

    It's like that other proverb "If a man says something in a forest and his wife isn't around to hear it, is he still wrong?"
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    Chinese proverb

    For me, it seems that if you blame anyone (including yourself), then you're not at peace with yourself. Failure doesn't *require* blame or shame. Accept it, learn from it and try again a little bit wiser. Blame and shame are signs that you're stuck at your point of failure, so how can you ever...
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    Good call. Curz ya cain't be no ninjie withart yer caipe. Hurts my head just typing that.
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    Sounds fair: Master Ken's groin stomp and Diemon Dave's cape vs the homemade Thingamuhjiggies of Death.
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    Need actual help. Truly need some Knowledge / Input...

    OP sounds suspiciously like that other dojo hopper character who froze whenever someone tried to hit him.
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    Self defense against a cougar

    To reduce the chances of being attacked by a cougar, avoid certain bars and over 40s nights. That's all I got.
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    To bite or not bite - this is the question

    If I was short on options and there's a chance it would distract the other person for even 1 second to create another opportunity, you're bloody right I'd do it.
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    Might need to add this fella to properly demonstrate the multiple attacker element.
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    TRIGONDO - new martial art against multiple attackers. NEW NEW

    Thank you sir, for your latest video. I'll admit, I stopped watching the first video at what looked like some pretty bad bagwa walking, but I'm glad I took a look at this one. You really made my morning.
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    Big schools, small standards

    Better keep moving though
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    Real fights - machete

    Damn! You're lucky it was blunt!
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    Aikido need not prove itself! Part 2

    I've trained in both, and I found that you were encouraged to keep an open mind and experiment during Systema. Both understand that you want to have your brain fades, freeze ups, absolute stinkers in the dojo instead of outside. But 1 recognises you have to get real to be real. An opponent who...
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    Aikido need not prove itself! Part 2

    These "kids" as you put it were all still round 19-20 and had trained all through high-school in judo. Hardly your average punter walking in off the street. As for the crap training method, that was my main point. They still tested each other in the early days because they (the students) lived...
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    Aikido need not prove itself! Part 2

    It always seemed to me that the biggest issue with Aikido as a fighting style is that popular (and very contentious) quote stating that Aikido is 90% atemi (Ueshiba). Whether "atemi" is the Aikido's use of some type of strike to create an opening, positioning or feints to draw the attacker into...
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    Calling Somebody's Dojo A McDojo Is Offensive

    Reminds me a little of the first school I trained in, years ago. The dojo was in a pretty rough area, and from time to time you'd get people coming in, trying to the on the sensei. He'd calmly turn around to the pigeon-holes where the forms lived, grab an indemnity form ("In the event of death...
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    I need to find a place with a large emphasis on sparring. There seems to be none in my area. How the F am I supposed to learn how to fight?

    Maybe they know the guy by now and realise that if he spars, someone (either himself or his opponent) is going to get hurt unnecessarily. As for the OP, they probably realised after 5 minutes that whoever gets in the OP is going to want to knock his head clean off, which is bad for the club's...
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    Do you need to hate your attacker?

    Can see for and against with this. It can cloud their judgement and cause you to do something that leaves them open. OTOH, if they get the upper hand it may lead them go places no sane person would. Prison biatches or death row be damned.
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    Is it a good idea to pull your punch back fast?

    Unless you're in the ring/cage, he might have a friend.
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    Is it a good idea to pull your punch back fast?

    If you're staying at that range, surely you always pull back. If it doesn't land effectively, you don't want the other person taking it. Besides, even if it does land, you might need to hit him again, and I sure can't pull out an effective 1-inch punch on the fly. ;-) The only reason I can think...
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    Do you need to hate your attacker?

    Not sure how you have time to hate an attacker until afterwards. If you need that sort of motivation to get busy, you're in trouble from the outset.
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    If you can't bring yourself to hit someone while they're down, you're a food source

    Too much Mortal Kombat heroics --> 10-20 as someone's prison girlfriend. That's also pretty high up on the "how stupid can a person look" scale.
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    Can you theoretical people stop talking about jabs in fight videos as if you actually have brains?

    Maybe that's why he collects dogis instead of studying an art.
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    Elite female judo vs untrained male

    Hey kid, get off your phone and pay attention to the teacher.