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  1. jkn75

    Song lyrics that strike a chord

    There's a couple sections of some songs that really strike me and get me through some dark days: GNR--Locomotive I bought me an illusion An I put it on the wall I let it fill my head with dreams And I had to have them all But oh the taste is never so sweet As what you'd believe it is- Well I...
  2. jkn75

    The uses of (your MA's) history?

    Everything that has been said here is certainly true. It's nice to know how arts were developed and what they were developed for. It's also nice to know who trained with who, when, under what circumstances, etc. However, as a student of Korean Martial arts, KMA practitioners tend to get very...
  3. jkn75

    Ponder this: Has Wrestling and MMA made the traditional martial arts obsolete?

    Martial arts are for everyone. If we have learned anything, it should be that. MMA should not be the exclusive realm of the young, it should be the exclusive domain of people who enjoy that type of training. If everyone is entitled to martial arts education, the instructors have to make it for...
  4. jkn75

    Nunchaku Legality

    One of the fundamental problems with any law is the people drafting them. At last glance, a good majority are old rich, white guys. Not that all old rich white guys are bad, but they have a certain frame of reference that unfortunately, may not equate to yours or mine. They answer to their...
  5. jkn75

    Problem with studio - what would you do?

    Having recently run into problems with a boss, I would reccommend putting everything in writing. It doesn't necessarily have to be a contract, but something that you both can look at and say, " I am doing this in return for that". For your help, there should be some return, are you still paying...
  6. jkn75

    martial arts/self defense,is it worth it?

    drummingman I viewed your profile and it stated that you were a bginner in the martial arts. As you progress through your journey in martial arts you will discover what the fringe benefits of martial arts are. In addition to being able to defend yourself the other benefits of martial arts are...
  7. jkn75

    Lack of respect---bothersome???

    Yes, lack of respect from non-MA to MA is bothersome. We expect respect in our dojangs and dojos. We expect respect from other MA (even though we don't always get it :)). When we talk to people about MA, we have put forth a great deal of effort and time and expect respect about it. Unfortunately...
  8. jkn75

    Speed with Swords

    If this is a joke, it's in the wrong place. If it's not, you're in the wrong place with your training. Being relatively close to black belt it is time to start looking at other sources of information besides that provided by your instructor,movies and TV: martial arts related and otherwise...
  9. jkn75

    Ma Needs More Publicity

    Well said and I completely agree.
  10. jkn75

    Ma Needs More Publicity

    I hate to think of students in this way too. Students are not merely a means to an end. I love to teach martial arts but there is definitely a business side to doing so. However, we also need to understand that when someone chooses a martial art they do it for a reason. There are a number of...
  11. jkn75

    Dallas Military Fitness

    I heard an ad for this group, Dallas Military Fitness, on the radio today. What are everyone's thoughts on this?
  12. jkn75

    Ma Needs More Publicity

    The problem with the promotion/advertising of anything in the US, is that it has to enhance the benefits for the consumer. For a lot of us, our own self motivation pushes us to train harder for a number of reasons: self-defense, sport, physical fitness, fun. We have come to the martial artists...
  13. jkn75

    thinking of tkd

    Remember TKD schools vary. One instructor could follow what Tigerwoman said while others don't. I started in TKD but then moved. I came from a school very similar to TW's except ITF. I was surprised at the differences in WTF schools. Some were militaristic, some tourney oriented, some very...
  14. jkn75

    weighted training clothing?

    When you take the gear off, you definitely feel faster. My legs got a lot stronger because I did a lot of form work. It definitely made life easier when testing time rolled around. The traditional weight vest can be hard on your lower back. Depending on the vest (40-50 lbs) start with half...
  15. jkn75

    Shaolin looking for protection from Chinese government

    Interesting article.
  16. jkn75

    weighted training clothing?

    I use weighted training gear. It will depend on what your price range is because you can find a weight vest for $100-$150 and up or something more specialized like Pro Power Gear. Pro power gear is nice because with the 10 lb vest you can still do rolls and falls because the weights are soft...
  17. jkn75

    Martial Arts in a Small Town

    One more thing to add: If you are in a small town you are less likely to have a YMCA or health club to start out in. These offer cheap space and are a good place to start teaching.
  18. jkn75

    Kuk Sool Sword Form?

    Master Sims, Master In Sun Seo's bio can be found here.
  19. jkn75

    Kuk Sool Sword Form?

    Master Sims, I think we are answering the same question but from a different perspective. I think I was trying to answer by naming the creator of the form (In Hyuk Suh, In Sun Seo or some other source) who put these particular movements together and then taught it to someone else. Whereas...
  20. jkn75

    Kuk Sool Sword Form?

    Master Sims, Let me first clarify, I'm not saying that the form is invalid, poor, or non-traditionally Korean in any way. If it came across that way, I apologize. It is just very different from most of the KSW forms I've seen. Actually, I like the form quite a bit. My purpose was to...
  21. jkn75

    Martial Arts in a Small Town

    I think it can be hit or miss like any other business. The people that I know have been successful in small towns are successful because 1. no competition, you are the only game in town. But the disadvantage is if you get some bad word of mouth when you start, it may hurt early. 2. Generally...
  22. jkn75

    Kuk Sool Sword Form?

    Even though these guys are wearing Kuk Sool Won uniforms, the head master is In Sun Seo, who we KSW people know as Kuk Sa Nim's brother in Korea. He ran the Kido Hae (see the blue flag to the right). The Kido Hae was supposed to oversee Korean Traditional Martial Arts (there are lot of theories...
  23. jkn75

    City of Horror Stories

    That would be an interesting thread if people could look past the :flame: value and you would care to elaborate (I saw your psychology background).
  24. jkn75

    The Mystery of Pressure Point Strikes

    If you would like a good book on pressure points, an explanation of the meridians, and the reason why and how they connect to the various organs in the body, please take a look at "Essential Anatomy for Healing and Martial Arts".
  25. jkn75

    Disenfectant for mats?

    Any of the Clorox or Lysol wipes in a can. They are convenient because they come in their own container and they dry quickly on their own. They have some that are scrub type that use textured towels and those work really well if your mats are very dirty.
  26. jkn75

    Martial Arts and the law

    Remember, even if you defend yourself, you are in the right, and did everything right, you could be in the back of a police car, even in the situation mentioned by ginshun. The police are going to investigate and gather facts so the prosecutor or grand jury can proceed. If you find yourself...
  27. jkn75

    What is a practical weapon?

    This is a good question and has come up quite a bit. My take is this: no, I will never be in a sword fight but practicing with one teaches me other things: discipline, focus, body awareness. But as with any weapon, access is critical. You may not always be able to get to the mop handle, but...
  28. jkn75

    Was this style really suppose to be a style?

    First off, I have never studied JKD. However my experience comes from observation and talking with a JKD instructor. This actually is a debate common in JKD. According to the instructor I know, there is definitely a style instead of just being a collection of concepts. He showed some...
  29. jkn75

    Up and coming students in Hwa Rang Do

    Any one who is familiar with both Kuk Sool Won and Hwa Rang Do could possibly answer this question: How similar is HRD/TSD Guhm Moo Hyung and KSW Guhm Moo Hyung? In KSW Guhm Moo Hyung is performed empty-handed and the motions simulate sword and knife techniques. It is also required to receive...
  30. jkn75

    Steep fees!

    How much do you believe fees should be? What is reasonable? How is the yoga teacher more qualified than the first dan? What are the differences in their training? My opinion is this, people will pay what they think the product is worth. From what I here this is how ATA thinks. What is it...