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  1. Jake104

    DTE Combat Wing Chun Lap Sau drill fighting application

    DTE Chief Instructor Martin Torres explaining the Lap sau drill and pak sau and how we in DTE transition from drills into fighting application. We are working the clinch..Not sure if you can see in the video but the wooden dummie pretty much saved my head from going into the wall. I kind of...
  2. Jake104

    Combat Wing Chun

    :dead:It's official now. I'm a proud card carrying member.;)
  3. Jake104

    Reality of fighting

    Having had been through similar situations myself. I'd like to know how you would deal with this? Or maybe this? Jake
  4. Jake104

    What made you want to do Wing Chun?

    For me it was Bruce Lee . I had watched the Dragon Bruce Lee story after coming off of a pretty bad *** beating during the LA riots. I got sucker punched at Taco Bell, and practaully had my eye socket crushed. Anyway, if anybody is from the Orange County Ca area. There was a martial arts supply...
  5. Jake104

    I want to get my fight on

    First I want to say I have no school or anything to promote. I started my training to learn how to fight (18years ago). The last few years I have had back issues and three surgeries in the last 18 months. Wing chun has helped me with my rehabilitation. Now I feel great. Through out my...