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  1. Shotochem

    To my astonishment..

    hmmmm...... I wonder if the cost of classes will increase after that little renovation.
  2. Shotochem

    Hello All, I have returned.

    Hello to all, I have returned to MT. I have been out of the MA scene for over a year due to many life changes and job relocation. I am now in living in MA, and am looking to find a Dojo with hours that fit me and the family. The good news is I have 2 possibilities and I amm torn as to which...
  3. Shotochem

    How do you Handle the New "Tough" Guys or Crazies?

    . OR :uhyeah: Get a BB or whatever high ranking belt from another school to "join" your class wearing a white belt and casually pair them up together... let the "white-belt" do his thing... might put him in his place... LOL!!! I provided that service myself when I joined my dojo and...
  4. Shotochem

    Feeding off of the energy of a training partner

    I agree with the fact that you should go a bit higher than your partner. It will make them that much better. I have had many people do that for me and we should all pass it on. What you can't underestimate is how much you really learn from helping teach others who are lesser skilled than...
  5. Shotochem

    Have you ever felt...

    I have recently asked my instructor not to grade. I honestly feel I could have passed but I'm going through a few life changing situations at the moment and I can't put in the proper comittment that I would like to. My instructor respects and understands this and I will most likely grade on...
  6. Shotochem

    Can you PREDICT your opponent?

    We all get lucky sometimes if we play the percentages.:)
  7. Shotochem

    Am I over reacting?

    It's a Japanese karate thing. They have been there longer than you and it is their place to help before you. The instructor may see this as a reflection on him and therefore make them assist. -Marc-
  8. Shotochem

    My beginner story

    Good for you!!! Welcome back into the fold. One small step for MA one giant leap for you. -Marc-
  9. Shotochem

    Match the Cantidates to their MAs!

    Now thats funny right there....:roflmao::roflmao: -Marc-
  10. Shotochem

    Weapons and proper instruction - WHY?

    Excellent post Crane. I have only started to train in weapons last year. I have studied all this time defending against weapons and fighting empty handed without really understanding the dynamics and principles of what I'm being attacked with. It has been quite an eye opening...
  11. Shotochem

    Winning in Martial Arts: Mind Set or Skill Set?

    IMO, you do need a reasonable amount of skill maybe even just the basics along with the proper frame of mind to handle your average bar drunk or basic street punk. I'm talking about a person with just a handful of techniques that he or she could do reasonably well and effectively. Though I...
  12. Shotochem

    A must-read for MAists...

    He Exile, I forgot about Iains website. Thanks for the reminder. I'm not really into the historicals as much anymore. The real wealth of knowledge on the website is his articles section. It contains a treasure trove of info on Kata, sparring, Bunkai, martial arts philosophies...
  13. Shotochem

    Have you become too big?

    Hi All, I can't really say that I have outgrown my previous art. (Shotokan) I have however, outgrown a couple of dojos due to politics and need of better instruction, different type of training ect.... My old art has never left me it is still a part of me blended within my current...
  14. Shotochem

    Practicing Your MA w/ Other Styles?

    Yes!!! We learn so much from each other. I wish we all had time to do it more frequently. Work, Wife, Kids.......they always interfere. :shrug: -Marc-
  15. Shotochem

    Looks like it's "Forced retirement" for me then, at least temporarily.

    Good for you Andy. It may be a little rough now but that sacrafice you are making now will really pay off in the long run. Good luck to you and keep up with it and practice at home don't let the ol' skills slip away. MA will still be there when you are ready. Get yourself together and...
  16. Shotochem

    Gays in the MA's

    I agree 100%. As a matter of fact, I would encourage people of any orientation or preference to study MA as well as any race or color. Why would being gay make a difference? :confused: -Marc-
  17. Shotochem


    Hi All, Here is a useful link for the Rick Ross institute which has an extensive database and current info on cults of all types. Main page: Cult database: I usually don't like to post links but these are...
  18. Shotochem

    Addicted and Cranky

    :o Maybe we should all start a self help group online. :wink2: Let's all sit in our little group and share...... I'll go first..... Hi, my name is Marc, and.......I'm a MA-Aholic.....:waah: It feels do much better to just let it out. -Marc-
  19. Shotochem

    Sparring drills for people that are way to tense

    He's still a newbie. A excellent way to get a newer and even experienced person more fluid and help them relax and think more clearly is to do slow-motion sparring. As in SLOW Motion attacks and counters. When you slow things down you can see the potential openings of your opponent and...
  20. Shotochem

    I am FREAKING OUT here

    Hey Don, We've all been there before. Try to relax. Don't take it so seriously, it's supposed to be fun and enjoyable. What's the worst thing that could happen? You have to retest in a few months. It's no big deal. It won't make you any less of a MA if you fail a test. If one fails then...
  21. Shotochem

    air plane terrorist attack survival

    Hi All, I have the mentality that if a situation arises where a person is armed with anything less than a gun, I'll take my chances. If a terrorist succeeds the plane is going for a nosedive. The odds of survival from a knife or razorblade wound are quite a bit more in your favor than...
  22. Shotochem

    People having issues with hard training. Thoughts?

    My sentiments exactly. If you are not trying to actually hit your partner you are not doing them any good. You need to know if a technique works in a controlled enviornment before you try it in the real world where it is much less forgiving. A false sense of security can get you killed...
  23. Shotochem

    Your reason for wanting to become better?

    The Challenge. I just keep raising the bar a little higher every time. Without anything to reach for what is the point......... -Marc-
  24. Shotochem

    Blackbelt Envy

    Glad to hear you kept you cool and did not lower yourself. The old saying that you can choose your friends but you are stuck with family is sadly true. I'm still looking for a my sister to trade up on her current model of husband. A cocker spaniel would be agreat...
  25. Shotochem

    Happy with your level of skill?

    I have never been satisfied. Surprised that I am doing what I do yes. There have been a few plateaus, times of boredom and times where I felt burnt out and did not feel like doing it anymore. A change of art and the occassional seminar have opened up my eyes to all I still have to...
  26. Shotochem

    High/Low Percentage

    That depends on: a) which tech the person can do better and more effectively. b) the situation in which you have to defend yourself. Were you grabbed from behind, did you see it coming ect... c) the size and build of the attacker. I would think twice about punching a very large strong...
  27. Shotochem

    Head punches

    It depends on the Japanese art. Shotokan allowed punching to the head and face. It just had to be controlled with no excessive contact. I may be wrong but I was under the assumption that the reasoning behind the no face punching was purely insurance and liability. I never really gave it...
  28. Shotochem

    2008 Unlucky so far.....

    Hi All, Thanks for all the support and warm wishes.:) I am hoping to start taking classes next week at the earliest. I will start gradually and not go all out for a while. I am very lucky. I just found out there is no structural damage to my knee. Fortunately I somehow managed not...
  29. Shotochem

    2008 Unlucky so far.....

    Hi All, Just a bit of a feel sorry for myself rant...... Had the flu and then an inner ear infection. Haven't been able to train much since before the holidays. :barf: 1st class back I twisted my knee. :eek: The sweeling is finally down and I can finaly move it freely and...
  30. Shotochem

    Old, fat, out of shape guys needs advice.

    Excellent advice by all. Good for you starting up again. Your daughter will always remember and appreciate the time you train together when she gets older. :cheers: -Marc-