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  1. turtle

    Kukkiwon Skip Dan Promotion

    I know of a few people who were able to cross rank from 5th dan in another tkd organization to KKW 5th dan simply on the signature of a well-connected instructor. That probably isn't likely to happen anymore. I do know that the KKW is planning to hold special tests locally in countries with...
  2. turtle

    Advice on soft tissue damage

    Not sure, if anyone else mentioned this but a good pair of shin pads goes a long way to avoiding this kind of thing. Bruised shins and insteps are a fact of life when it comes to tkd sparring, it seems. When I was sparring a few times a week in class, I think I was always nursing at least one...
  3. turtle

    Kukkiwon Skip Dan Promotion

    I'm not sure about the testing at the Kukkiwon requirement, but I do know that it has become a lot harder to test for a skip dan than say 10 or 15 years ago.
  4. turtle

    Another black eye for Taekwondo

    It's kind of depressing to see that the NBC clip has over 800,000 views, way more views than any of the other featured clips on the popular clips page that comes up after the video ends. This has turned taekwondo into a kind of "freak show" story in the mainstream media.
  5. turtle

    Ok Lets Get Kranking!

    I read this article in the New Yorker and thought it was funny that this guy says he "invented" this. It's been used in PT for years for shoulder, elbow, and arm injuries, to regain mobility and warm-up before doing more strenuous PT exercises. Plus, it looks incredibly boring.
  6. turtle

    Disciplining Kids

    Well, I did the belt confiscating when it was my own school/class so I can see that assistant instructors might run into a problem. But if an assistant came up to me after class and told me that he/she had felt like that was the best option, I'd back them up in front of the kid/parents.
  7. turtle

    Disciplining Kids

    In some cases, consequences that directly relate to the kid's actions work better than generic punishments. For the red belt who kept taking his belt off and didn't know how to put it back on, I would have taken the belt away after the first couple of times. No belt = no problem. The kid is...
  8. turtle

    A question just out of curiosity

    Like Iceman and Lauren I learned to tie the belt starting in the center (so it crosses in the back) as a white belt and then later to start at one end to eliminate the cross in the back as a black belt. My impression was that it's easier to teach beginners the start in the middle method...
  9. turtle

    Tae Kwon Do self defense clip

    Isn't the UFAF Chuck Norris's system?
  10. turtle

    Kyuktooki in the USA

    We we filmed that video footage, the fighters were all competing in K-1 which was big at the time. Since a lot of them compete professionally, they may have transitioned to MMA or wherever the money fights are now.
  11. turtle

    Damaged knuckles

    Don't know what it's called but I've experienced this. When I was a yellow belt I decided to break some boards with a punch (it looked easy) and my middle knuckle started making that crunching sound afterward. I could also feel something crunchy "moving around" if I rubbed the knuckle. That...
  12. turtle

    kicking shields

    I've heard a few people complain that they didn't like holding the shields because they injured their wrists or arms, which was probably the result of incorrect technique. I'd rather kick a bag but that's just personal preference.
  13. turtle

    Why did YOU start Tae kwon do?

    I wanted to take up a martial art and a taekwondo (then "Korean Karate") instructor happened to be teaching a self-defense course at my high school so I signed up at his school after the course ended. Style didn't really enter into the decision because I didn't really have a concept of the...
  14. turtle

    Any Hearing Impaired?

    I'm a little late to the thread but I taught taekwondo to a class of about 20 hearing impaired and deaf middle schoolers who all wore hearing aids during class and I don't recall that they had any problems. In fact, other than making sure that I always faced the class when giving instructions so...
  15. turtle


    One thing to remember is that if you incorporate, you have to run the business like a real corporation, keeping the appropriate records, having annual meetings and corporate officers, etc so that if you are ever sued, you can prove that the corporation is a legal entity and not just a shield to...
  16. turtle

    What, When, Why did you start the Martial Arts?

    I started in high school. Wanted to start in middle school, convinced my parents to take me to a school to sign up but when they saw the class they said "no way." I guess it looked too rough for a 13 year old girl. In high school I signed up for a self-defense class and after taking that for a...
  17. turtle

    "The Way of the Foot & Fist"

    Has a Napoleon Dynamite feel to it, doesn't it?
  18. turtle

    Any tips on getting into shape and having better cardio?

    I agree with the other folks here that 3 weeks isn't very long. Keep at it and you'll see gradual improvement. When I started running, I struggled with the hills. I asked a friend who's a long time marathoner how I could improve at running hills and she said, "run up a lot of hills." There...
  19. turtle

    Hapkido video clips filmed in Taegu

    Just posted a few video clips that were filmed at a Hapkido school in Taegu in the early 1990s. The quality isn't the best - I think these were originally VHS videos. Hapkido self-defense video Kids Hapkido demo video Hapkido sparring and self-defense video Enjoy!
  20. turtle

    Do we eat too much?

    Also meant to say - congrats on the progress you're making, sounds like you're on the right track.
  21. turtle

    Do we eat too much?

    It's also important to look at your body shape and not just your weight in pounds. You might be gaining muscle, which is denser and weighs more than fat, so you could weigh more (not be losing as fast as you think you should be) but at the same time have a smaller waist and hip size. I tend to...
  22. turtle

    Question on knees

    If you can't afford the PT visits, you might try things you did in PT the first time around. I found the exercise bike the most helpful in regaining ROM and those elastic band resistance exercises good for both ROM and strengthening. Both of these are pretty low risk common sense type exercises...
  23. turtle

    Serving Size

    Could you just divide the total and figure from there? Like if the serving size is a quarter of a cup uncooked and you cook 1 cup then you have 4 servings. If you eat half of what you cooked at one meal then you had 2 servings. It wouldn't be exact but you'd have a ballpark idea.
  24. turtle

    Old TKD competition clip

    Nice - I love that kick toward the end that changes up from an axe kick to something like a push kick to the face. The jumping back kick (second fight?) might be Chung Kuk Hyun?
  25. turtle

    Old TKD competition clip

    Yeah, the skill level is impressive for teenagers.
  26. turtle

    Old TKD competition clip

    Yeah, seventies looks more appropriate. The 1962 in the graphic is referring to the first date that the club the commentators are talking about participated in a national event. The clip seems to be of a national high school championship.
  27. turtle

    Old TKD competition clip

    Can that really be from 1962? It looks like it's taking place in the Kukkiwon auditorium (built in 1974) and the chest gear looks a little too modern. Cool clip though - pre-head gear days!
  28. turtle

    Rumor RE: Poom Belt

    I agree that it's important to distinguish the junior black belts from the adults, as much in the kids' minds as the rest of the class. It also gives kids something to strive for - hanging in there long enough to get a "real" black belt.
  29. turtle

    Rumor RE: Poom Belt

    I've seen some schools that use the poom belt as a deputy black belt or probationary black belt rank (between red belt and black belt) for adults. We've always used the poom belt for 1st poom kids and then issued a regular monogrammed black belt from 2nd poom.
  30. turtle

    Rumor RE: Poom Belt

    Seems pretty unlikely. Did the rumor include the reasoning behind the potential change?