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  1. turtle

    Hapkido video clips filmed in Taegu

    Just posted a few video clips that were filmed at a Hapkido school in Taegu in the early 1990s. The quality isn't the best - I think these were originally VHS videos. Hapkido self-defense video Kids Hapkido demo video Hapkido sparring and self-defense video Enjoy!
  2. turtle

    What is your policy on observing?

    Just curious how folks set up their school in terms of letting parents/family members/curious strangers observe class. Do you have an observation area? Does your waiting room/area open onto the mat? Is your training floor visible from the street? The post in the general forum about reputation...
  3. turtle

    Instructor charged with child endangerment

    I read this article this morning and it left me feeling really conflicted. I'm curious what others think, both instructors and parents and students. Having taught kids, I can think of a few things that happened in the classroom that when taken out of context would seem really bad, but in the...
  4. turtle

    Asking a Student to Leave

    Terry's thread about teaching lead me to a question I've always struggled with. Have you ever asked a student to leave class, either because you didn't feel you could teach them or because they were too disruptive? Has anyone in your school ever been asked to leave, that you know of? I've had a...
  5. turtle


    I came across MT while doing some research and have been lurking for a while. Figured it was time to join in the discussion. I got started in martial arts in 1983, with a self-defense type class then took karate and then settled on taekwondo. I have a 5th dan in WTF style TKD. Also, some of...