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  1. Shotochem

    Hello All, I have returned.

    Hello to all, I have returned to MT. I have been out of the MA scene for over a year due to many life changes and job relocation. I am now in living in MA, and am looking to find a Dojo with hours that fit me and the family. The good news is I have 2 possibilities and I amm torn as to which...
  2. Shotochem

    2008 Unlucky so far.....

    Hi All, Just a bit of a feel sorry for myself rant...... Had the flu and then an inner ear infection. Haven't been able to train much since before the holidays. :barf: 1st class back I twisted my knee. :eek: The sweeling is finally down and I can finaly move it freely and...
  3. Shotochem

    Does Anyone have the BB channel?

    Hi All, My new TV provider is offering the Black Belt Channel. Do any of you guys have it, and is it worth paying extra for? Is the programming just old MA movies or something new and novel? -Marc-
  4. Shotochem

    Another guy that makes us look bad......

    Hi Guys don't know if you have seen this yet. He's too close to home. -Marc-
  5. Shotochem

    How do you keep your energy level up?

    Hi All, Lately I have been working more hours, travelling for work and just running myself into the ground. When I am traveling and can't get to the dojo I hit the treadmill and light weights. I also try not to eat too badly but it is difficult when you are away. When I do get to...
  6. Shotochem

    Dillema...Contract or no contract?

    Hi All, I just returned from traveling for a couple of weeks. When I returned I found out my dojo has decided to go to an outside billing agency with automatic billing and contracts for a min of one year. They also raised the price of tuition. I have no problem with the increase as we all...
  7. Shotochem

    Chin-na ???

    Hi All, I am going to be having an opportuniy to attend a seminar on Chin-na and possibly attend a class or 2 a month as well. Do any of you have any experience in this art? and How does it compare to Japanese Jujitsu, Aki jitsu, or BJJ? I am unfamiliar with most of the Chinese styles as...
  8. Shotochem


    Hi All, I have recently started to dabble in BJJ. Only a couple of classes a month in addition to my regular training. I have spent the last 7+ yrs in Shotokan, now I'm a Kempo guy. I now have an even greater respect for BJJ. Hey, this stuff is not easy and it is quite effective. I...
  9. Shotochem

    Differences between EPAK and White Tiger Kempo?

    Hi All, I am a new convert to Kempo. I have studied Shotokan for the past 7yrs. My question for you guys is what are the differences between the Parker system and the White Tiger System (Prof Rick Fescina). I have already experienced a great difference between what I learned in...
  10. Shotochem

    Re-Enter the Shotochem

    Hello All, I have been gone for quite awhile. Just a little guest visit here and there. I have new baby Shoto-cub, new priorities, and a new MA. I have fully commited my self to the darkside:jedi1: . I have left Shotokan after 7 years and have switched to Kempo. I look foward to picking...
  11. Shotochem

    Just joined Okinawan Kenpo

    Hi all, I am basically a Shotokan practioner. I have just joined a group of Okinawian Kenpo guys and am starting to cross train. My question to all you Kenpo and Kempo folks is what are the similarities and differences between my new style ans Shotokan. Could someone also explain the...
  12. Shotochem

    Enter the Shotochem

    Greetings to all. I have returned after a long absence. I look foward to some good bad and ugly discussion about our beloved arts. :duel: Why take ourselves too seriously...... :ultracool