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  1. Martin h

    What are the most prestigious karate competitions?

    In Kyokushin (or knockdown karate in general), the US is not a force to be reckoned with. The US open is not seen as a major league international tournament.
  2. Martin h

    What are the most prestigious karate competitions?

    In kyokushin the most prestigious international tournaments are the world open tournament(s). Specifically the world open tournaments arranged by the Matsui-group kyokushin and the one arranged by the Midori-group kyokushin (aka, Shinkyokushin). "Open" as in open weightclass. A few of the...
  3. Martin h

    Full Contact Karate!

    Kyokushin here. We do full contact in sparring too. But not all the time, and we hold back against the head. You need to condition the body in sparring to be able to fight in tournaments,. But you cannot condition the head, and if you go full contact to the body all the time, it will break...
  4. Martin h

    terrorism in norway

    as for why the islamic extremist groups tried to claim credit, I find it darkly amusing the the Islamist織s tried to claim credit for a act of terror done by a right wing, christian, outspoken anti-Islamic terrorist/madman.
  5. Martin h

    terrorism in norway

    The man has been linked to right wing extremist (read: Nazi) convictions, but not to any group. His contact with the law, is in a 10+year old traffic misdemeanor. He is a christian, outspoken opponent of multiculturalism&islam, and a member of a Freemason lodge. All according to Norwegian news...
  6. Martin h

    List of blocks/attacks

    Karate is not one style, it is a art comprisied of several, sometimes enormeously different, styles. I could give you a list of traditional blocks for MY style, kyokushin, and add a few non-formal variations and obscure/obsolete blocks to that list. I could even give a few alternate names for...
  7. Martin h

    Kata Maxims

    I like the Iain Abernethy approach, So I would add: 1. You always start with the opponent in front of you, and never "turn to face" the opponent. All big turns are throws, all small turns are movement into that angle in regard to the opponent. 2. Jumps usually indicate throws, and you never...
  8. Martin h

    Korean Karate Master?

    I know for a fact, after communication with one of the daughters, that Oyama brought his family up to regard themselves as fully Japanese, and not as koreans. Apparently he didnt talk about his korean origin at home.
  9. Martin h

    Korean Karate Master?

    The OP vid is more enthusiastic than accurate. He switched to Goju because of his personal friendship with SoNei Chu, a fellow korean national (I forget the name for koreans descendants living in Japan) who was a top level instructor (I dont remember who SoNei was taught by, but not by Gogen)...
  10. Martin h

    Korean Karate Master?

    He discussed it in a interview once (dont ask me to find it, it was years since I saw it). He said that he trained "korean wrestling" (most likely Ssirum(sp?) -korean sumo) mostly as childsplay, and that he received a few months tutoring in chinese kempo (he used the common japanese term for...
  11. Martin h

    Korean Karate Master?

    Masutatsu Oyamas death? He died due to lung cancer (non smoker, crap sometimes just happen, esp if you live in a air-polluted city). That is no mystery, and a well documented fact. I have never heard of any other alternate explanations. There are plenty of theories about what happened in the...
  12. Martin h

    THATS how we're supposed to round house kick?

    Not shotokan, but perhaps enlightening: ZWu3dsmDurU
  13. Martin h

    Psychic Karate - No Contact KO - the evolution of karate

    There is no such thing as real Magic. Santa does not exist. The stork is not responsible for bringing children to new parents. No-touch KO are bogus.
  14. Martin h

    Why Traditional Karate Is Not Effective for Self-Defense

    Just a narrowminded factual correction. Kyokushin as a style was formally named&founded 1957. It was created but still unnamed in 1953, back then it was just called "Oyama dojo karate-jutsu". What was founded in 1964 was the international kyokushin organization, and that was becauase the style...
  15. Martin h

    Is Kyokushin Traditional??

    Kyokushin as a style was formally founded 1957 (the developement started a few years earlier and the international organization was formally founded 1964). Shotokan (the original Funakoshj dojo) was founded 1939. Gojuryu (the arguably oldest formal style) was founded in the late 20ies/early...
  16. Martin h

    Bunkai in Kyokushinkai Kata

    The sad truth is that it is not. Bunkai has near to no place in kyokushin. It is just not done. Kata and kumite lives two completely separate lives in kyokushin. You train formal kata, then you go on to sparring and competition kumite training. There is no connection made between the two...
  17. Martin h

    Any thoughts USA-NKF Karate

    Minor correction, the fight goes on until someone takes the LEAD by 8 points. The point score can go into double digits as long as neither fighter gets 8 points more than the opponent, and the time does not run out.
  18. Martin h

    Korean Karate Master?

    Oyama once killed a man with one punch to the head (a court of law found him to have acted in self defense, as the guy pulled a knife and was known to be willing to use it, so he got off scot-free) -so I kind of doubt he believed punches to the head was ineffective. Possibly the reverse. The...
  19. Martin h

    Question about karate belts

    In kyokushin we use black belts for all dan grades, you just add stripes for each dan. The stripes are golden, and the only other adornment is a embroidered gold colored kanji. There is just no tradition of switching to other belts colors or patterns (red, checkered or whatever). Many just...
  20. Martin h

    Old School and the Grappler Just a Funny Thought

    3rd Dan in Judo and he also recieved a menkyo Kaiden (old school master licence) in Daitoryu Aikibujutsu under Yoshida Kotaro. He also trained boxing a short while, and later trained with the founder of Taikiken (Japanese branch of Yi quan Chuanfa), Kenichi Sawaii, and even let him stay in and...
  21. Martin h

    Any Seen Black Belt the Movie?

    The third guy who trains under the old sensei in the movie is a kyokushin black belt -but he does not have many fight scenes.
  22. Martin h

    Which way to correctly do mawashi geri?

    Chambering to the side gives more power but is slower. Chambering straight forward is faster but has less power. Either version (or anything in-between) works if you hit, but more power lets you smash through a block. chambering to the front has been developed more for point fighting. The...
  23. Martin h

    Kyokushin Karate

    Kyokushin and its derivatives has always been somewhat separated from other, more "traditional" (as in founded about 20-25 years earlier), karate. When kyokushin was formed it was called Kenka karate (brawling karate) by famous karate practitioners of other styles. This is largely due to...
  24. Martin h

    Reliable/Good Kyokushin Karate Dojo's in Palo Alto/Mountain View/Sunnyvale

    World oyama karate is a breakaway group from Kyokushin. The split was for political reasons, and World oyama karate is very similar to kyokushin in style. Not identical as it reflects Shigeru Oyamas (no relation to Masutatsu Oyama who founded kyokushin) -and now his brother Yasuhiko as he has...
  25. Martin h

    tournament questions

    It is really hard to give a good answer until you specify what kind of "Karate competitions" you are thinking of entering. Karate is such a fractured concept that it is almost impossible to give a answer that holds true to all of karate as a whole. There are a vast number of different karate...
  26. Martin h

    How important is full contact for self defense?

    You need to hit a resisting opponent to learn HOW to hit a resisting opponent. Hitting the bag is not the same. Hitting a resisting opponent lightly is not the same. Timing is wrong and the need to follow up and not stop is not the same You need to get hit to learn how to get over the chock of...
  27. Martin h

    Some advice please

    Enshin is, as far as I know, not affiliated in any way to WKF (world karate federation) which is the largest international light-contact point-karate sport organization -where Enshin is a knockdown karate style.. And I doubt Gary would even consider validate a grade for someone from another...
  28. Martin h

    The meaning of "ous"

    There are several different meanings and origins for Osu (often misspelled oss, uss, ous or any number of other ways). The most commonly seen meaning of it isas a short/compressed version of the kanji for "Ohayo Gozaimasu" =good morning. This originates from the Japanese army/navy. It more or...
  29. Martin h

    What is the style of "Burn Notice" Weston

    Keep an eye out for it. It is great. And use them extensively in knockdown karate (kyokushin and so on) competitions.
  30. Martin h

    tought martial arts

    No. Its the same thing. Kyokushin is the style. Kyokushinkai refers to practicioners of kyokushin as a group (kai=society).