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  1. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    Clearly you've not been following along. So you're saying every situation calls for deadly force? Funny because if that were the case almost ever hapkido practitioner would be behin bars after defending themselves as deadly force is rarely required. Now you're just hilarious. pretty sure I'm...
  2. Uncle

    Whew, it's been too long.. .

    Well it's good to meet you! Hope you're glad to meet those of us new to the forum too :D
  3. Uncle

    90% of fights go to the ground...

    Sorry my last post was screwed up by autocorrect. I believe you missed the point of his point.
  4. Uncle

    90% of fights go to the ground...

    I believe you ,issued the point of his post.
  5. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    The implied rule that since we were testing out skills against each other there would be no interference. That we would be nice enough to follow society's rules by not killing each other. That we would call 911 or drive the other to the hospital if either person required immediate medical...
  6. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    and then your department gets slapped with a lawsuit for excessive use of force. If you have three knife wielding attackers which joint lock to use is the least of your worries. And yes the toolbox analogy is a good one. And what I am saying is that if a framing hammer works for a wider variety...
  7. Uncle

    What Martial Arts Book are you reading now

    Mixed martial arts: the book of knowledge by BJ Penn Best martial arts book I've ever read and I've read plenty.
  8. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    As I have said probably about five times by now. I am not criticizing hapkido as a whole but a certain style of techniques within hapkido. I have the same criticism of the same and similar techniques aikido and certain traditional jujitsu ryus.
  9. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    Actually that would make a perfect example of a technique which is between the two so it gives a few points to work with. The technique is one which is not as high percentage or gross motor as something like a double leg takedown yet at the same time it fills a different role. It works well...
  10. Uncle

    90% of fights go to the ground...

    Land this is one thing I think the Gracies lost with their overreliance on the ground. Judo at least has a balance of standup and ground fighting but the Gracies thossed almost half of the curriculum in favoring the ground. The result is that when they grapple against other styles which are...
  11. Uncle

    Traditional Karate

    So far as I've seen Uechi ryu seems to be the most traditional. Kanbun Uechi went to study in China and created Uechi ryu. It's very traditional in its approach to training and conditioning and the style has been left relatively unchanged from its roots in Chinese martial arts until today...
  12. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    Sorry folks my Internet was down. Anyway I was not criticizing hapkido as a whole but a certain section of its techniques. Some folks need to read before taking instant offense. I quoted this above section because it has definite relevance to what I was saying with regard to certain hapkido...
  13. Uncle

    90% of fights go to the ground...

    Exactly. Lies, damn lies, and statistics :D
  14. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    Exactly because it's not about this... It's about the fact that gross motor skills are more reliable and ones which go after the core/legs or secure the arm better work better against trained opponents and under adrenaline or exhaustion. Compare for example hijishime from aikido and standing...
  15. Uncle

    Holding back too much

    It's just something you have to learn. As your coordination gets better you'll be able to provide them with more precise and powerful attacks while keeping things safe. Just keep in mind that it is not only an opportunity for them to react against you. It is an opportunity for you to practice...
  16. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    I'm not saying hapkido is inferior. I'm saying that the daito ryu joint locks and throws which require fine motor skills and/try to control an opponent's body through the limb using those fine motor skills are inferior because they don't work on trained opponents and the fine motor skills go out...
  17. Uncle

    Tkd & hkd

    When speaking of jujitsu it is important to keep in mind which ryu, because jujitsu is a rather large umbrella term. Hapkido comes from dairto-ryu just as aikido does. The issue is that a lot of the moves are not high percentage even without the added problems which come with an adrenaline dump...
  18. Uncle

    Pull Up Alternatives?

    Get one of those door pull up bars. You can't do kipping pull ups but other than than they're great.
  19. Uncle

    Warm up

    If the instructor has no idea about how to do a proper warm up then having students be able to warm themselves up is good. If the instructor does know what they are doing with regard to warm ups then having it as part of the class is a good thing.
  20. Uncle

    Basic Footwork

    First one, now the other now that I know what you meant.
  21. Uncle

    Basic Footwork

    Actually for wing chun if we're not taking a step forward with our back foot but rather doing a short step forward with the front we're always pushing off the back leg so the front leg comes forward first. It works well for us.
  22. Uncle

    Manaka Unsui Sensei's new Te Yari

    You're not paying attention Chris. Armor is not specifically the issue. I was talking about the blade profile with regard to penetration. Armor is just further resistance. It could be an unarmored attacker wearing a cowhide factory's worth of leather for all I care or other thicker clothing. All...
  23. Uncle

    The enjoyment of martial arts

    1. The combination of the intellectual and physical exercise of improving my skills, my fitness, my whole self as a martialartsplanet artist; of improving all of that in order to surmount my adversaries and myself. 2. The relationship with my sifu and the select few of the other students who are...
  24. Uncle

    Hydration and Breathing

    The nose breathing is not just because of filtering the air. It also has to do with warming and moistening the air to maintain the moisture balance in your tissues. Anyone who lives in a cold, dry climate, (and I do) will tell you that if you breath through your mouth you will dehydrate faster.
  25. Uncle

    Excuse Me!

    Yep. Just like individuals are generally sane, but people are scared, dumb, pack animals.
  26. Uncle

    Practice on the straight punches

    You're assuming you're faster at reading your opponent and changing a strike which is already in motion. It's far better to practice a method which assumes your opponent is faster and you need to make the most of your structure. Also Lee's lead punch was more like a flicker jab and not realy a...
  27. Uncle

    The Last Person Thread - 3.0

    I've been practicing on the Mook Yan Jong all week. My ulna and radius are so sore.
  28. Uncle

    Hypnosis and Wing chun English version

    And if you don't start with combative proficiency as the basis and primary emphasis of your training then you're training and teaching what is essentially wushu or health tai chi.
  29. Uncle

    Hypnosis and Wing chun English version

    Right. The ability to fight has nothing to do with it :lol:
  30. Uncle

    Hapkido Hand Strikes: Neglected?

    I would never discount Korean arts entirely but you don't usually see a whole lot of taekwondo guys in high level full contact fighting and when you do what you usually see is kicks common to kickboxing and muay thai and that they've cross trained in boxing/kickboxing/muay thai to shore up the...