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    Be Careful . . . only look at the finger pointing and miss all the celestial beauty of the moon.
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    You're Walking Down a Dark Alley - Semi Sucker Punch?

    You got off work late. It's dark outside. You always walk home but know of a shortcut down a little used dark alley. So to save time, you take the shortcut. You've walked the 70 yards and are about to come out on to the well lit sidewalk, just a minute from your home. A couple of...
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    What are the Best, Quick Fight Stoppers?

    I think I know Bruce liked the finger jab/thrust into the eyes. Bil Gee? He supposedly tried this against Jack Man Wong. Maybe a forward foot front snap kick into the stomach or jewels? Anything else?
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    How to Have Fast Kicks?

    What's the best way to develop FAST front kicks? Just wear ankle weights?
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    Would Would Win between Ip Man and Bruce?

    Course they'd never fight, but if they did, in a no holds barred, anything goes, street fight, who do you think would win in a fight between Ip Man and Bruce Lee, both in their prime, say Bruce at age 28 and Ip Man at whatever his prime was? Bruce was 5'7" at 135 lbs and say Ip Man was 5'3"...
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    Who is this Man?

    Can anyone guess who this old gentleman with the genuine great smile is?
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    The Red Boat Opera Wing Chun

    Is there a book on this? Any more on it besides what's on Wikipedia? Thanks.
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    Outdoor Wilderness Wing Chun Gym

    Just completed this in the high Rocky Mts, elevation 8880 feet or 2865m for our metric friends. A few photos: The first is driving there; that's Pike's Peak in the background, with sunflowers popping up all around this time of year. This is on my mining claim by the way. (seems I can't post...
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    JKD in Colorado Springs?

    Am pretty sure there's one or two schools in Denver. Does anyone know if there's a Jeet Kune Do in Colorado Springs? or Pueblo for that matter?
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    Wing Chun Stance 50/50? 30/70? 20/80? Weight on Feet?

    I'm a beginner and reading the book Tao of WC. In our first class, we're of course learning Siu Nim Tao, I think it's called. Square stance, 50/50 weight on both feet. At some point do we go to a different stance? Like maybe left foot forward and 30% weight on front foot and 70% on back...
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    Bruce Lee Quotes of the Day

    Forget about winning and losing; forget about pride and pain. Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.
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    The True Wing Chun Spirit

    Have ya'll seen this? Fighter in white shorts just pounding his opponent for 2 mins and 45 seconds, (they don't show much of it) then does this. . .
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    Death Touch - Dim Mak - Real or Fiction?

    Is this death touch just another Hollywood BS thing? (I searched for info on this and didn't find much...sorry if I missed it and reposting an old question) I can see if you thrust your straight fingers or knuckles into someone's throat, that that may really mess them up and if done strongly...
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    Hello from the Rocky Mts

    Hello, ni hao. I'm very new to Wing Chun; I've had 1 official lesson so far. :cool: My sifu is 4 generations down from Ip Man. My other sifu is from that secret Red Boat line he was trying to tell me about - something about hidden operas on the Pearl River. Wish I'd known and been able to...
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    Any Other Top Five Wung Chun Masters?

    As I understand it, Ip Man was only about 5'3" and weighed about 125 lbs, yet he was one of the top if not THE top WC guys ever. Who are others? Top 5 ever. Is Master Wong, of youtube fame one? William Cheung in his prime? Are there any 180-190 to 200 lb top masters? Do shorter guys have...
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    BL's 1 inch Punch

    Did Bruce Lee really learn his 1 inch punch from Wing Chun? Thank-you.
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    Best Book about Yip Man?

    Many books glamorize or romanticize their subject...what is the best, true, authentic biography on Ip Man? thank-you.