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  1. redfang

    Kucinich left out of debate

    I must say, that I am upset that Dennis Kucinich had his invitation to the recent Nevada Democratic debate on MSNBC rescinded. He sued to be included, won, then had the verdict overturned by the Nevada supreme court. Even though he is my favorite candidate, I realize that he has no real chance...
  2. redfang

    ran 1st half marathon today

    Ran a half marathon this morning. It was more than twice the distance of the longest race I had previously run. I ran it in about 2:17, not exactly blistering time, but I was happy to finish and now am looking forward to doing another.:)
  3. redfang

    Cleveland Indians, loving their chances

    Up 2-0 to theYankees, gotta love my Indians chances in the AL.
  4. redfang

    Why my wife loves "Ultimate Fighter"

    My wife has recently become a fan of the Ultimate Fighter television program on Spike. It is not for the fights, though she enjoys a good fight. It is because the amount of whining, crying, tears, drama, etc tops her other favorite reality shows that involve top models, hair dressers, and...
  5. redfang

    Jumping into Judo

    I moved a few months back and can't really continue in my old art here, other than keeping up on what I already know. So, I found Judo dojo that I like and am going to start training there. It's all new, I'm back to being the newbie, back to white belt. Everything is in japanese, gi's are...
  6. redfang

    Good schools in Greensboro NC?

    I'll be moving soon to Greensboro NC. Does anyone know of any good schools there, regardless of style? I'm changing professions and because of this am thinking about changing styles. While the shootfighting that I study has practical applications that will help me with my work, I have been...
  7. redfang

    Fish Oil Questions

    Anyone out there use fish oil as a training supplement. I hear a lot of good things about the anti-oxidant properties of fish oil and haven't really heard anything negative about it. Has anyone tried it, and if so have you noticed any pluses or negatives?
  8. redfang

    Questions about North Carolina gun laws

    I may be moving to North Carolina soon and wondered if anyone knew particulars of NC's gun laws.
  9. redfang

    Help find the question

    Maybe this should go under Religion and Phil, don't know. Here goes... The Answer:42 After all these years I still don't know the question. Only YOU can help. I've already considered these: How many roads must a man walk down? What is six times seven? :asian:
  10. redfang

    NHB fighter with prosthetic leg

    One of the guys I train with took a fight at one of Dan Severn's danger zone events last Saturday in Angola, Indiana. The feature of the night was an 8 man middle weight tournament. One of the fighters in the tournament wore a prosthetic leg. He did pretty well, winning his first fight by...
  11. redfang

    Warrior Spirit

    What does warrior spirit mean to you? How many of you cultivate warrior spirit with your training or your lifestyle. How many MAs think of themselves as warriors. Is any fighter a warrior? Or is it only someone who fights for real professionally, like a soldier etc.
  12. redfang

    Who's actually fighting

    I've noticed that most of the MMA posts are simply to discuss the top fighters and events like Pride, UFC etc. How many of us on MartialTalk are actually fighting MMA or at training to fight MMA? I myself have been training MMA style for a little while now with the hopes of taking some amateur...
  13. redfang

    Herbal energy

    Recently, I've been having problems maintaining an energy level sufficient to do all I need to do. My diet is pretty good without too much room for tweaking there. I have been thinking about taking an herbal supplement like ginseng or royal jelly to try and increase my energy levels. I am...