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  1. Uncle

    For those who cross train...

    What have you incorporated from each of your different arts into the others? Do you consider that for you everything is blended or that you train in art X. With influences and techniques from the others that you cross train in? Is there anything technique wise or principal wise that you have...
  2. Uncle

    Most annoying move?

    What is the move you have the most trouble executing out of everything in your repertoire? Be it strike, lock, throw, transition, etc? Mine would have to be using po pai as a push. I find it quite troublesome as humans are so soft and squishy there's so much play when you push on the body.
  3. Uncle

    Ring vs battlefield versions of MAs

    What do you think is the diffence between battlefield versions of certain martial arts and their sporting counterparts? Do you think the sport versions are more effective regardless of environment? Do you think the training of one is more effective? Do you think the sport version limits its...
  4. Uncle

    Hello from Ontario

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I just wanted to say hello. I've been training for about a decade in ITF taekwondo, aikido, bjj, muay thai, mma, and currently wing chun. I'd been a smoker since I was about 16 and then just decided to drop it one day at 21 years old. It's definitely affected...