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    A few of my club members wear a patch that is similar to this... What is the actual symbol called? and what is its history?
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    A question to all black belts.

    How long did you have to train before you were awarded your BB? How many days/hours a week were you training? Just interested.
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    My Karate Gi died

    I accidently washed my gi with a blue towel, and the dye ran. Does anyone have any advice on getting it white again? And does anyone else have tales of Gi mishaps?
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    The Pinnacle of Idiocy (dumbest injury ever)

    When rookie coach Jack Del Rio placed a stump of oak and an ax in the Jacksonville Jaguars locker room a few weeks ago as a motivational technique, symbolic of his theme to "keep choppin' wood," it was viewed as a sophomoric technique by some veterans. Now the move is likely to be regarded...
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    ****The Person Above Me! [V1.0]****

    Simply post something about the person above you. It can do with their user-id, icon, sig, bio, stats, personal info, anything you can pick up about them. Also, there will be strictly NO FLAMING. Now that the formalities are out of the way, here we are! YouAgain presents "The Person Above...
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    Fit bit Fat

    Ok I need some help. I am quite fit but no matter how many sit ups I do I can't lose my fat stomach! What are some other excercises that could help me?
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    Aragaki Seisan

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if anyone knew of a web site with a tutorial on the moves to the Kata aragaki seisan.....? It could be pictures, or a video. I just really need a guide to help me learn this kata! Thanks! YouAgain
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    Hi Nice to meet you.

    Hi I'm new here and having being looking for an active martial arts message board for quite a while, looks like i've come to the right place. I'm 13 years old and have been studing/learning Martial Arts for around six years. I train in Koryu Uchinadi I hold a 2nd kyuu Brown belt and...