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  1. kingkong89

    Problem student

    I am a sensei at a small dojo and have a problem with one of my students now when i say i have a problem its not that i dont like him its that he is egotistical he is young i realize but he is a purple belt and i believe he should be more mature than what he acts he has already decided that he...
  2. kingkong89

    Whats a black belt to you

    I have always wondered what does a black belt of any belt mean to you. Many people i have met take there belt seriously, they dont let it touch the ground dont leave it anywhere where they cant grab it fast. Others believe its just a piece of material that holds your gi top together or holds...
  3. kingkong89

    speaking chinese

    does anyone out there know a good way to learn chinese and how to speak it fluently
  4. kingkong89

    just recieved 2nd dan

    last friday 8/8/08 i was asked to sit in on a student of ours black belt test, the student did well and past, whle my sensei was standing up i the front talking to him he called me and two others that tested for our black belts at the same time a couple of years ago. he presented us with...
  5. kingkong89

    what makes a sensei

    qeustion when you recieve your black belt from then on you are considered sensei, but i've seen many instructors refere to their older students that help as senseis but only brown or red belts are ther ranks, so im asking who is considered a sensei
  6. kingkong89

    question about sensei's favorites

    i was wondering, i have been in martial arts for 11 years and last year i recieved my black belt. now i was wondering because ther is a boy that has been takeing martial art for 4 years and went through to get his black belt at the same ceremony. i worry because my sensei has chose him as his...
  7. kingkong89


    who thinks that their is very little respect in some of the martial arts communitys now days, i have seen some who have little to no respect but there is a lot who still have great deals of respect. what do you think.:mst: :ultracool
  8. kingkong89

    belt stripes

    i have a question, traditionally when a student gets their black belt they are then known as first dan, what i was wondering if they had one red stripe on there belt it still signifies first dan, because 2 red stripes means second dan. what do you say:asian: :karate:
  9. kingkong89

    A Quik Question

    Hello I Am Currently A 1st Degree Black Belt In Karate And Was Wondering Where I Could Get Information, Good Information On Grappaling If Anyone Could Help Me Out Thanx.
  10. kingkong89

    why did you join martial arts

    whay did you join martial arts. what was the reason, for me it was thanks to four green ninjas and the rat sensei. the teenage mutant ninja turtles, i saw them on tv when i was young and have been in MA ever since. of course i have found that there is a lot more then just fighting.
  11. kingkong89

    Favorite kata

    If you have a favorite kata what is it and why. :hogan:
  12. kingkong89

    any help

    hello out there i have earned my black belt in karate/ jujitsu and was wondering if anyone had information on any of the following arts Mui Tai Drunken monkey kung fu or ninjitsu now that i am a black belt i am interested in training in different styles
  13. kingkong89

    whats your favorite style and why

    i was pondering and thought of this thread what is your favorite art to study and why, i like to hear from you. :caffeine: :shock: :jediduel: :matrix: :redeme:
  14. kingkong89

    need adv.

    does anybody out there know any good ways to practice ninjutsu, i need a good way to keep up on it.
  15. kingkong89

    anyone got a good sword kata

    hey does anyone got a decent sword kata that wouldn't be hard to learn, i have several myself but the last one a frien showed me was more of an xma style than a traditional, if so reply :asian: :flame: :asian: :mp5: :asian:
  16. kingkong89

    warm ups

    hey out there, anyone know any good warm up techs. befor you get into an actual match so you don't hurt yourself if so reply.
  17. kingkong89

    A few Questions about katas & one other thing

    hello out there a couple things. one does anyone know any site where i could find some interesting katas, i have been in martial arts for a little over a decade and was wanting to learn some new katas, and second, when you post or reply to a threat you have your avatar, name and belt, how in the...