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  1. redfang

    LEOs and MMA.

    In North Carolina, where I work and live, a group of LEO/MA's have developed a program called Keikan Aiki Jitsu, specifically for LEO's. They developed it as a belted program that blends Aikido, BJJ, striking techniques, pressure point techniques, with hand weapons, firearms, rapid deployment...
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    Police and autism - Dennis Debbaudt trains LEOs

    I had an incident about two months back. It came in as a shoplifting at a gas station. When I arrived the suspect was present, trying to walk out with a handful of snacks and such. A clerk was blocking the door. He wasn't trying to fight. I ordered him over to the counter, had him put the items...
  3. redfang

    Troopers Use Cars To Ram Suspects

    Since I've moved to the South, I've come to realize that it takes longer to get the word down here about some things. In fact, many people don't seem to have gotten the word that the War of Northern Aggression has ended, let alone have heard of civil rights. These people are a small minority...
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    Off duty police officer

    My department has an off-duty coordinator. Off-duty work goes through the city, jobs are all law enforcement in nature. The employer pays the city, the city pays the cop, because the work is through the city, we arre covered by insurance and protected from liability the same as if working a...
  5. redfang

    Students Suspended For Wearing Crucifix

    Chances are the school officials are correct in their belief. I am a little surprised at all of the voices here that are bashing schools for attempting to address a very difficult problem. I am also not hearing any real alternative solutions being presented by the people who are naysaying the...
  6. redfang

    Students Searched.....By Teachers!

    In a lot of cases, school personnel have more right to search students and lockers and such than police do. Often school policy will specifically address this issue. 4th ammendment doesn't apply to school admins. 4th ammendment is to provide protection from abuse by legal authorities. School...
  7. redfang

    Favorite guilty pleasure MA flick

    10 seconds of Karate Kid, "sweep the leg."
  8. redfang

    Who are we electing

    I've decided that I'm ready for a woman president. So I will be writing in Captain Janeway. Not Kate Mulgrew the actress, but the character. That's who we need to run things around here.
  9. redfang

    Bad Cops Disgust me

    They keep calling him a quadrapelegic (sp), but his arms obviously work. I thought quad meant none of your four limbs work.
  10. redfang

    15th Dan

    I recently promoted myself to 144th dan in the best, ultimate MA system that the world ever has or will ever know, which I will be inventing tomorrow. :D
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    Some good choices. We currently carry SIG P229. Not a bad gun, but we have had some problems with them since switching over last year. Prior to that, plain clothes carried Glocks, field carried Berettas. I must say that I really liked my Beretta. A heavier weapon, yes, but never once did I have...
  12. redfang

    The Degradation of Government Agencies

    Just the other day, I was in an ER with a combative female patient who needed medical treatment. There was myself, another male officer and various female nurses. Me and the other male officer had to assist in restraining her because she was fighting the nurses. They had to removed her shirt at...
  13. redfang

    The Degradation of Government Agencies

    Yes, cops work with criminals, they also work with victims, people needing directions, children, the elderly. You are simplifying and overgeneralizing the attitude and mindset of thousands of individuals. There are some cops who get jaded. It's easy to do. But most of the cops that I know, while...
  14. redfang

    The Degradation of Government Agencies

    I would love that people had the capacity lead themselves, as you say, which I take to mean govern their behavior responsibly and not require some sort of authority to do it for them. It would put me out of a job, but I would be happy to find work elsewhere if this were the case. However, I...
  15. redfang

    Hillary - the wrong person for any American office

    Now that Dennis Kucinich is out of the race, I believe Hillary is the most competent of all of the candidates to be president. The government (so really us) pays for the medical care of the poor through medicare/ medicaid. I'm all for rolling back Bush's tax cuts. And before Bush, I hardly felt...
  16. redfang

    Indo-European Heroes and their Sons

    might not have a psychological root, as much as a similar actual source. These myths might stem from older, common sources. Keep in mind that there was a lot of trade and travel amidst ancient peoples. And the Indo-Aryan peoples periodically invaded and intermingled with peoples far east of...
  17. redfang

    Training female officers

    Oh, and most female recruits that I've seen want the males to train just as hard with them as with other males. They get irritated if they perceive people holding back. This is good practice as most criminals are not going to hold back because they are female.
  18. redfang

    Training female officers

    In defensive tactics training, females are encouraged to train with big, burly males. Actually, we try to mix it up so that everyone trains with a variety of partners. So females will train w/ females, but also males. The smallest males will be put in with the largest males etc.
  19. redfang

    Physical Fitness

    In North Carolina the test that all officers must pass before they can get their certification, the POPAT, is ridiculously easy. It goes like this: Begin sitting in a patrol car, belted in. An instructor gives you two street names to remember. The test begins when you take your hands off of the...
  20. redfang

    Pot withdrawal similar to quitting cigarettes; Study

    Okay, well now I just read the article, originally I was just respondind to posts. The article isn't all that earth shattering and doesn't really say anything we did not already know. Except that I recall seeing symptoms published about withdrawal going back 20 - 25 years (and I'm sure prior to...
  21. redfang

    Pot withdrawal similar to quitting cigarettes; Study

    I don't believe that there are any circumstances in which cocaine can be prescribed by a doctor in the U.S. And in my state, possession of cocaine is punished much more severely, even a trace amount is a felony. Marijuana, which is schedule VI by the way, requires that one have several ounces...
  22. redfang

    Let's get this started...

    We're in the process of getting regular trainings going in our police/fire training center. It'll be mostly mma oriented, bjj, kickbox, tkd, and a lot of circuit training and conditioning. Till now, folks have been pretty much on their own, but a lot of us who train and a local school have been...
  23. redfang

    Nike-do (aka running)

    I run as a compliment to training. I run both for distance and speed (separately). Distance running is great but doesn't do as much for helping with the kind of burst energy you need in a fight or match. For that I do wind sprints or circuit train.
  24. redfang

    Kucinich left out of debate

    I would not expect a socialist or communist candidate to be included in a democratic debate. But Dennis Kucinich is a legitimate democratic candidate, long-time congressman and member in good standing of the party since his mayoral days in the 70's.
  25. redfang

    Kucinich left out of debate

    I must say, that I am upset that Dennis Kucinich had his invitation to the recent Nevada Democratic debate on MSNBC rescinded. He sued to be included, won, then had the verdict overturned by the Nevada supreme court. Even though he is my favorite candidate, I realize that he has no real chance...
  26. redfang

    Ohio Members

    Born and raised and lived more than thirty years in Cleveland (mostly on the westside) but for the last three years have been in NC. (Though I still own my house in Cleveland, victim of housing crash, haven't been able to sell it for anywhere close to what I owe.)
  27. redfang

    styles that are mostly hand based?

    I might put kenpo in the hand based category. The majority of the strikes are hand strikes and what kicking there is, tends to be low and practical.
  28. redfang

    What to do?

    Jujutsu is better for self defense? How do you figure? I don't really agree that either one is clearly superior defensively.
  29. redfang

    Professions - A Three or Four Beer Discussion

    Typically, if there is any indication that crowd or subject control wil be required at a fire scene, our fire department calls us and stages until we have the scene secure. There aren't a lot of situations where our fire personnel have to engage in physical confrontation. Now almost all of them...
  30. redfang

    Racial Profiling At Logan

    Apparently, in Mass. it is illegal to refuse to show ID. Where I am, NC, only if one is driving does one have to produce a drivers license. Now, if I have PC on someone for a citable offense and they don't have ID, they are going to jail if I can't verify who they are. But if I stop someone for...