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  1. First Action

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

    恭禧發財 Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone at I wish you all a healthy and prosperous year of the snake!! This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for...
  2. First Action

    Ways to escape without fighting?

    Im am trying to come up with exercises/activities (besides fighting) which lend themselves as something you may have to do to escape a violent situation. Things that with physical training, can be improved on. So far I have Fighting, swimming, running, par core, climbing and hiking Any...
  3. First Action

    I want to harvest your knowledge/Help me improve my system

    Hi all, I request your input. I have a system that I use to train myself (and others) in 'self defense'. It is made up of gathered knowledge from an abundance of sources, and some of it I made up. It has been compiled it in the form of a training manual. I KNOW IT IS FLAWED. I also...
  4. First Action

    FASD Street Fighting Strategy

    This is a direct excerpt from the book 'How To Street Fight'. First Action Self Defense Manual One. ----- The key to fighting, like most things in life, is simplicity. You want to win the fight in the simplest possible way. Even strategy is not complicated. In a fight you do not want, or...
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    What am I allowed to post?

    Hi, I have written a book. I would like to give away copies to the community in return for testimonials. I dont want to break any forum rules so just thought Id ask if this was ok first. And if so, what is the best place to post it in The topic of the book is street fighting. Thanks
  6. First Action

    Pull Up Alternatives?

    I travel lots so I have a fitness regime that I can do without any equipment. The only thing is pull-ups. Its usually pretty easy to find something to pull up on but occasionally I am at a loss. Any suggestions on an alternative that I can do without equipment. The closest thing I can think of...
  7. First Action

    Hydration and Breathing

    Sufficient hydration and proper use of breathing techniques are often overlooked. The fact is that these two things are extremely important to sustain a healthy mind and body, especially when in physical training. Hydration Hydration of your body is extremely important whether you are doing...
  8. First Action

    Basic Footwork

    Another article from the archives for you to have a hack at... --- The application of proper footwork is very important when fighting. Poor footwork can lead to becoming unbalanced which well end in your defeat. Good footwork can be used to your advantage through strategic measures. It can...
  9. First Action

    Shin Kick and Short Side Kick

    In the midst of your standard street fight, using something as simple as a kick can really put your opponent off. Most untrained people are not expecting it, and usually do not know how to defend against it. Not only will it surprise your opponent, but often it will cause him to drop his guard...