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    A few of my club members wear a patch that is similar to this... What is the actual symbol called? and what is its history?
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    What's your pro?

    A combination of being super flexiable and really big for my age!
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    A question to all black belts.

    I was just asking the question, I have been training for 8 years and do not yet have it, for me its not a race, I would raither be an excellent Brown belt than a ****** black belt.
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    what do you believe Kata's are for?, its purpose?

    I shore as hell would love to learn that one, is it called the Run Forest, run kata?
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    A question to all black belts.

    How long did you have to train before you were awarded your BB? How many days/hours a week were you training? Just interested.
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    what do you believe Kata's are for?, its purpose?

    Check out this Article The Theory & Application of Tradition Kata
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    Everyones got one

    Whilst grappling choking them out with my legs in a scissor action. Or a simple palm to the head.
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    Koryu Karate

    Does Koryu not just mean Oldschool? So it would just be oldschool karate?
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    Koryu Karate

    Koryu Uchinadi by Patrick McCarthy
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    Karate Sucks

    Just as much as any other martial art!
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    Does a martial art ever change in your eyes

    A punch is always going to be a punch, and a kick is still a kick.
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    My Karate Gi died

    I accidently washed my gi with a blue towel, and the dye ran. Does anyone have any advice on getting it white again? And does anyone else have tales of Gi mishaps?
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    what's with all the annoying links?

    Stop downloading porn :P
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    Photos from your Studio

    A photo from an open seminar our dojo held in september A photo from the Koryu Uchinadi only seminar and a shot of us rolling around on the mats, practising what we had learned.
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    Photos from your Studio

    I have some pics to post, how do we go around ataching them?
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    Has anyone met the person that started their association?

    Yes and I train with him twice yearly, Sensei Patrick Mccarthy!
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    Links to your MA school

    Korya Uchinadi
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    What was it that made you decide to take up Martial Arts?

    I wanted to be a Jedi, 8 years later I can only open automatic doors with my mind!
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    Most stupid reason for fight??!

    I was walking around at school, a guy said he wanted my shoes, he hook punched me. I blocked it , cracked him in the nose and then kicked him in the nuts. He went to the ground and I ran.
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    Who gets people sterotyping all martial arts?

    Yesterday I was talking to someone saying that I had been in a few Kickboxing tournaments. They Proceeded to ask If I did Kick Boxing, I replied "No" (The Only KB class where I am is quite far away) "I take Karate" I asked them if the would like to come down sometime " Why would I?" She replied...
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    Any MA research at University level?

    Care to move to Australia?
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    I wanna learn how to flip out!
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    To cup or not to cup?

    I wear one when ever we full contact spar, but not for grappeling.
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    Training for our #1 hazard...Driving

    Car hits martial artist.... smaaaaaaak block that!
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    martial art book you like most

    The Bubishi
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    Does size matter in sparing

    Size matters not, judge me by size do you?
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    Has anybody else ever experienced this?

    Overactive imagination?