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  1. Bruno@MT

    LOTR behind the scenes

    I thought this was funny :) ZwvSaABek5Y
  2. Bruno@MT

    XYZ is a socialist / communist, revisited

    We've had a couple of these threads lately, including my silly Gingrich thread. Personally I don't like bold, unqualified statements like that because they polarize the debate in non productive ways, while the reality is generally more nuanced. Such arguments rarely end well. My gingrich...
  3. Bruno@MT

    Fat kid has had enough

    The subject title is a literal translation of the Dutch title. Don't blame me for that. I searched youtube but couldn't find it yet so you have to click the link to the facebook viedo.!/video/video.php?v=152963141430995 Speaking as someone who was bullied in high...
  4. Bruno@MT

    Newt Gingrich is a socialist

    No doubt about it. He's an evil socialist. Or communist. They're all the same scum. He lambasted Clinton about having sex with Lewinsky. But he himself was doing the same thing (preferred oral sex because then he could say he hadn't slept with her) and clinton was a left wing socialist...
  5. Bruno@MT

    Banke Shinobinoden -- split from Bujinkan fraud

    I have split these posts from the 'Bujinkan scam' thread, since the subject went on a tangent about Banke Shinobinoden, which is a much more interesting topic. Since the new discussion started on page 4 and was kinda lost among the other posts, I thought it would be good to give it its own...
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    The president's speech

  7. Bruno@MT

    Airport security: US style groping rejected

    Last week, airport security in our biggest National Airport got new guidelines for frisking, basically telling them to go for the TSA style grope and finger approach. it was called 'intimate frisking' After less than a week, it was cancelled after a slew of complaints by passengers, as well...
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    Not ninjutsu but...

    NUN jutsu! :D
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    The purpose of the ryu

    I mentioned this in a TKD discussion to make an analogy, and I think I should post it here again because it is at odds with how most clubs are run. The purpose of tuition in a ryu is to continue the ryu. Each generation of students is taught for the purpose of getting someone to the point...
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    New threads!

    I copied over a bunch of older threads from various JMA sections. They are more appropriate in this place. Even though they're older, don't hesitate in reviving them if you want to get that conversation going again. Enjoy.
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    Purpose of this forum

    Hey guys, as the title already indicates, this is the place to discuss anything related to traditional Japanese arts aka Koryu. This includes not only things like some of the old content of the Traditional Ninjutsu forums (such as Togakure Ryu) but also topics like Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu or Daito...
  12. Bruno@MT

    This man is a hero

    I found this link over at e-budo. Ghurka gets robbed in a train robbery, just hands over his wallet and stays quiet. Then the robbers get ready...
  13. Bruno@MT

    Related to the cultural thread: Bodycount

    I am currently working on the bathroom, since I promised my wife that it would be finished this year :). I usually put on music when I do physical labor so that I can sing along when noone is in earshot. I took a couple of cd's from my collection and put them in the player. One of them...
  14. Bruno@MT

    The police: a cultural perspective

    I was discussing with jks earlier today about how the police are regarded differently in different cultures. And I have indeed noticed a big difference and it took some getting used to. While noone here (Belgium) likes getting a ticket etc, and is sometimes annoyed at being pulled over for a...
  15. Bruno@MT

    Bryce Dallas died

    After his organization imploded after a mass exodus of all his senior students, his luck turned for the worse an he kicked the bucket somewhere near the end of last year.
  16. Bruno@MT

    'Real' knife fighting

    I am the first to admit I am not experienced in RBSD or knife fighting. But when I see someone pushing a knife out of someones hand with the inside of his wrist (the beginning of the video) it makes me wonder if the other guy has any clue at all. EDIT: Btw, this clip is NOT graphic at all...
  17. Bruno@MT

    Bizarre: dead robber gets the public sympathy

    This happend nearby. A 15 year old robber in a jeweler shop scares the wife and daughter. The jeweler shoots him with 1 shot, gets questioned for a couple of hours and gets released. Today, a crowd of 200ish holds a silent march in memory of ... the robber. His mother and grandparents walk in...
  18. Bruno@MT

    Kids with pencils: the new terrorists The insanity reaches new depths.
  19. Bruno@MT

    Wikipedia deletions

    I just noticed that Genbukan, Shoto Tanemura, Gikan ryu and various other ninjutsu related paged have been deleted from wikipedia. Imo, this sucks.
  20. Bruno@MT

    Self defense against fruit

    We are always discussion things here like self defense against guns, knives, multiple attackers, situational awareness, ... but I noticed one glaring omission and that is self defense against fruit. So to rectify that situation, I am posting this instructional video. Enjoy. piWCBOsJr-w
  21. Bruno@MT

    Sometimes, reality is weirder than fiction

    I did not find an English language source for this so you have to take me at my word, but this is too insane for words. Recently a paedophile was convicted after a relapse during which he raped a teenage girl. Now, I don't see why he was out in the first place. As far as I am concerned, he...
  22. Bruno@MT

    Bad grammar

    I thought of several things to write down as an explanation of why I post this here. After some consideration, I am just going to say that I think it is funny. Obligatory joke: I wouldn't mind her giving me detention :) Mj6QqCH7g0Q
  23. Bruno@MT

    The pope...

    Every time I think he can't become more of an idiot, he goes ahead and does just that. I don't know it this made the international news or not, but recently there was a big investigation into the topic of pedophilia in the Catholic church in Belgium. As it turns out, the reality is beyond...
  24. Bruno@MT

    I quit coffee

    Normally I brew my own coffee at work, and I drink several large cups per day. Yesterday I was drinking my first cup and for some reason, it didn't have that draw it did before. It was like my body was telling me 'You don't need this. Coffee is not good for you'. Suddenly, coffee felt wrong...
  25. Bruno@MT

    Pole dancing

    So what is the opinion about pole dancing wherever you live? Here in Belgium, it is starting to get acceptance as a respectable sport for women and young girls. Our dojo did a ninpo / jujutsu demo at a large sports fair organized by the city. After our demo we toured the fair to have a look at...
  26. Bruno@MT

    Police shoot 7 year old girl during raid This sucks. This was literally a pointless death. From what I've read so far, I don't understand why this happened like it did. They knew there were kids on the premises, and they knew...
  27. Bruno@MT

    Small weight loss tip

    During the winter season I always pick up a couple kilos. A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to drop back to 150 pounds again. Of course there are the usual things that everybody knows (go easy on the calory intake, and burn more calories) but over th eyears I learned 2 little things...
  28. Bruno@MT

    Bryce Dallas' Ninjutsu org imploded? If this is to be believed, his entire black belt membership and a good deal of others walked out on him, following the court cases which allegedly brought a lot of dirt to light. The publishing of his yearbook photos in particular allegedly seems to have...
  29. Bruno@MT

    Good thing they didn't execute him, eh? Man declared innocent by 3 judges, 17 years into a life sentence for murder. I read the article, and basically the DA witheld exonerating evidence during...
  30. Bruno@MT

    Another act of terrorism prevented 4 year old disabled kid had to walk through the metal detector on his own power without the braces with which he had just learned to walk... Whoever hires these morons?