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    The aikido thing

    A lot of martial arts schools try to be everything to everyone, and that's why they get in trouble. If I hand you a ham & cheese on whole wheat and advertise it as meat free, gluten free, dairy free & pork free... people are going to call me out on it. Sometimes the contents can be just fine...
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    Kind of, I mean they are using weapons and have contact... so it's got that going. I suppose in some sense the rules about hits and health and death aren't all that different from the point fighting "one hit, one kill" stance a lot of "real" martial arts schools take. You'd probably be better...
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    They sure take their black belts seriously

    All the same problem, when you get too far away from reality and into fantasy you will draw strange conclusions as to how things should be done. In their mind they probably are making the kata more realistic by changing the pace and making them less rigid... :rolleyes:
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    If you could ask an ancient martial arts warrior...

    Sort of, calculators are now something that we always have with us. So mental math has become less relevant, but on a higher level mathematics has progresses. Todays top mathematicians have solved things that were not solved 30 years ago, and have access to a lot more knowledge at their...
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    They sure take their black belts seriously

    I'd hesitate to call that sparring... This is more like LARP fighting. They've likely decided that the side kick is the most powerful and devastating kick, so the best thing to hit is that. But not wanting to hospitalize each other with this devastating kick they pull them so that they don't...
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    Question for new students

    First of all relax, good chance you trying to maintain death grips on partners gi's and it's hard on the fingers. You're new and learning, not in competition. First rule of training is protect yourself, letting go of a grip or tapping early to prevent suffering the next morning is always a...
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    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    No, it's a lifestyle for me, and a handful of others. For most it's a fun hobby. If you want to market only to "lifestyle" sorts of practitioners you'll likely have a empty school.
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    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    This is absolute crap. I say this as a former kid and as someone that teaches a lot of kids. What we do can have a very major and positive impact on children, more so then on adults in many ways. This is like saying if you want to be a teacher only teach University, only teach kids if it's...
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    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    Most people leave, regardless of their age. Not all, but most. We are the weird ones that stayed.
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    They sure take their black belts seriously

    That's the thing, sparring, even hard sparring, unless you are at a certain stage in getting ready for a fight is not about trying to hurt each other. Bas could completely dominate over most people without hurting them, but you'd know he's kicking your butt the whole time. Just line in...
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    They sure take their black belts seriously

    This is really simple, you spar... Throw on some shin pads, 16 oz gloves and headgear if you like and go at it. Even going at a hard sparring level no one is getting hurt, and it is very obvious who has skill and who doesn't. People that do striking arts and don't do contact sparring tend...
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    A new idea

    Before you could even think of doing this you'd need to build your own thing first. No one is going to look to you to teach them how to run their business until you have built your own highly successful one first.
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    Boxing or Muay Thai

    Ignore all that and do what you like. Boxers will tell you boxing is a better choice, Muay Thai fighters will tell you Muay Thai is. In the end it's just a matter of what you want to do and it's like trying to say soccer is better then basketball... do the sport you enjoy.
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    Mc dojo's and how to identify them. need help

    You are worrying about things that don't need to be worried about. If things start smelling like BS then leave, if the business practices seem unethical leave. If you are having fun and learning something stay. This whole McDojo witch hunt idea has done more to hurt the martial arts as a...
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    Biggest Issue When You Started A School

    Marketing is not usually someones first problem, first problem is getting their class floor solid. Having the capital to make the place look nice and not like it will be gone 6 months later. Basically getting all the things internally working properly. If the internals aren't polished...
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    If you are advertising to people that don't even know the difference between the different types of martial arts, why would it make any sense to advertise ranks at all? Those are even more confusing. Look at what any bigger school is doing, chances are they probably aren't including anything...
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    Canadian Martial Art School Reviews?

    Facebook and Google? It's hard to not find reviews for a place when searching nowadays...
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    Neither did 98% of the people that joined. Martial artists have a habit of attaching themselves to the name of the highest ranking / most famous person they can. It could mean he was a day to day student of him, it could mean he was present at and signed off on the grading at a seminar...
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    They are completely separate sports, why would a rank to compassion even come in to play? I'd not look at whether the local hockey coach was a level 3 coach vs the local basketball coach being a level 2 coach. I'd decide if I want to play hockey or basketball and go with that. Your potential...
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    I have never seen a ad from any of those that promoted their lineage in the way some martial artists like. Yes, you can go in and ask if you want, but in advertising? Never. And crossfire is crossfit after auto correct gets a hold of it...
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    This is all a artificial problem. The only reason people care about ranks is that they have been told to care about ranks. Would you have the same sorts of issues in a dance school? A Yoga studio? A crossfire gym? Do you know your doctors educational history and GPA? How about your lawyers...
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    Training Outside of Class?

    Weight training done properly, as in designed to work with the physical requirements of what you are doing will definitely improve your technique. Not only that it will help prevent injury, and being in better shape lets you train technique more. Nearly every professional athlete on the planet...
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    Am I too old to do martial arts?

    I'll give you a more serious answer... No, with a few "buts" Most of the guys fighting in the UFC are older then you. So you are not too old. However, at 30 starting some of the more... acrobatic / theatrical styles might be tricky. Different programs tend to be better suited to different...
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    Martial Sport VS Self Defense

    That and there really is no way to prepare yourself mentally for someone swinging a 2x4 at your head full force. I highly doubt someone who is not used to the adrenaline dump and fight or flight aspect of a trained fighter trying to swing punches and kicks at you full force would do better...
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    Fitness certifications

    I'd probably go with a more general PT or Group Fitness instructor certification first, then get into specialized things like kettle bell. I do agree that it's a good idea for MA instructors, a large chunk of our students come in for fitness as one of the primary reasons. Most are online, or...
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    How do I seem less boring when teaching white belts?

    It's not just that, most instructors in the martial arts are given 0 training on how to actually coach a class before being thrown into it. Combine that with a history of teaching martial arts like military drill and things can get boring in a hurry. Imagine going to a 6-year olds soccer...
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    How do I seem less boring when teaching white belts?

    I suspect you have to change your mindset. You are probably thinking only of the material, which is "basic" to you, and not about them. Teaching beginners is, in some ways, the most rewarding group to teach. They make the most progress in the shortest amount of time. You are the one that can...
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    Should an instructor help a student reach his goals or vice versa?

    As coaches / instructors we are here to serve our students. It's our job to help them reach their goals, we work for them. In doing so they may help up reach certain goals as well, but success in our roll as coaches should be dependent largely on helping others reach their goals That said we...
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    $ Charging black belt students $

    yes, absolutely they should be charged if they are students. The trouble is a lot of schools have pretty shallow curriculums and there is not much after black belt. But if there is, then they should be charged. Unless they are staff, then they definitely should not be. I also think your idea...
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    What does Taekwondo have that Muay Thai does not?

    All this and no one has stated the obvious. It's a Olympic sport, and it's a lot more kid-friendly. That's a pretty big deal. Every area is different, but here even getting Muay Thai competition sanctioned at amateur or professional level is a challenge. On the other hand TKD falls under the...